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The Life of a Princess Pork Chop

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We Love You

November 3rd 2009 5:08 pm
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I am so distraught right now that I am unable to respond to the outpouring of love for myself and my Princess Pork Chop Chloe. Each email and gift makes me cry like a 5 year old. She is resting comfortably and I promise to keep your thoughts close at this most difficult time and I will respond to each and everyone of you. Catster is a beautiful place with many beautiful people and I am humbled by your love. There will never be another Chloe Princess Pork Chop of Woodview!!

((((HUGS)))), Brenda and Chloe and family


My Pork Choppin' Princess.....the one and only Chlo-E-Q

November 3rd 2009 8:32 am
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from Chloe's Mommy, Brenda:

It is with profound and unbelievable sadness that I give you my little girl's diagnosis....she is in complete renal failure, which of course, is irreversable. Dr. Joyce was nearly in tears as she gave me the results. Her levels are so high....most of what she said to me just went over my, we make her comfortable and enjoy each day as a gift. She's been given antibiotics and I will take her in for some more fluids but she will not survive this. Heartbroken.

We feel all of your love and compassion and appreciate it more than words can say. Grief is the price we pay for love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I'm A Sick Little Princess.....Purrs Kneaded!

November 2nd 2009 1:40 pm
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We didn't want to say anything to our Catster furiends until my v-e-t appointment today, but I haven't been feeling so hot. I haven't really eaten in a few days and instead of hanging around my peeps, I've been sleeping on their bed. I even slept through the Eagles party yesterday..and everyone knows that I, unlike Harley, loves me a good party.

(Mom, stop crying....we won't know anything until tomorrow!)

I had a long appointment and the most worrisome issue is that I have lost almost 2 lbs. in one month. Mom knew that I had lost some weight and attributed that to the decline in eating but jeesh, the vet was worried...Mom was hoping that I just had a tooth issue but that doesn't seem to be it, even though I do have some gingivitis. SO, I was poked and prodded. They even squeezed pee out of me (the humility of it all) and the color was way off. It was clear and it should have a little yellow to it. So, the vet is leaning towards kidney problems although we won't know more until tomorrow. I was so upset that I tried to climb inside my Mommy's sweatsuit...I buried my head in her belly and pleaded,"Enough, Damn it! Take me HOME!" The good news is that my lungs are still clear, my heart sounds the same (like sneakers in the dryer) and they couldn't detect any masses by feeling around my belly. I was given a B-12 shot and some fluids and when I got home, I went to my food dish and ate like 4 pieces. Mom was holding her breath and willing me to eat more.

For my Mommy's sake, would you send purrayers my way?? She just lost her Daddy about 5 months ago and she can't lose me yet. Thank you to all my lovebugs in Catster Land. We will let you what the results are after my bloodwork is read.

MEOW (and I didn't pork chop the vet but I did moan and complain a lot. She told me I was too old for temper tantrums...haha! The Princess Pork Chop can do whatever she wants!!) XXOO


"You Gotta Go With The Chlo"

October 28th 2009 5:29 pm
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My Daddy made this saying up....finally my purrants are figuring out that I don't do ANYTHING that I don't want to do! HMMPFFTTttttt....For instance, my Mommy is always picking me up and putting me on the couch. I instantly jump off (cuz it's not my idea) only to turn around literally a second later and hop up on the couch.'s got to be my idea!!! I do these silly things all day long!



I was a GOOD girl!

October 16th 2009 8:25 pm
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First off, my Mommy was unable to log on to Catster for about a week! We have no idea what happened......but here we are!

Can you believe that my purrants had the audacity to leave me and Fatty for 10 whole days?? My grandmew had the task of caring for us and the awesome task of getting those gosh darn pills down my throat. was about 50/50! She was only able to get me about half of the time! My Mommy even put "Chloe Blockers" all around the bed in the master bedroom.....there were about 2o pillows blocking me from getting under the bed. Being the smarty that I am, I was able to get through the blockage a few times!

I have been super duper lovey dovey since my purrants returned. I can't get enough of them. I hope they never ever go away from me again. (And when Mom got home after 15 hours of traveling by van, by train, by plane and by bus to get soon as she saw me, she started crying like a baby. She was just so overwhelmed that I was OK)

XXOO your Chloe Cake


*sheepish grin* PORK CHOPS to Mom, THANKS to Angel Sally

September 17th 2009 4:21 pm
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It took my guardian angel and gal pal Sweet Angel Sally to remind my Mom that I have peeps and chicklets on Catster who care about me and miss me........oops!

Please forgive my distracted Mommy. She means well, but just gets herself in to all sorts of stuff. But, don't be worried....she is sufficiently and superbly spoiling yours truly. I get whatever I want, whenever I want. I even get carried to my litter box before she carries me to bed. How's that, guys??

I overhear my Mommy making me a V-E-T appointment for Monday. I need more medicine! Mom is a little worried because she and Dad are headed on vacation for 10 days and Grandmom will be "trying" to give me my pills. Last time they went away for just a few days, I hid under the bed and would not come out for I didn't get my pills. I think Mom is going to put up what she calls "Chloe Blockers" so that I can't get under the bed!

Thanks again Sweet Sally and Hello to my loving fiancee at the Bridge, Picasso!


2 Year Anniversary of HCM diagnosis

August 28th 2009 2:54 pm
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Right about now, 2 years ago, there was wet stuff coming out of Mommy's eyes. Lots and Lots of wet stuff.....

We had just come from my first cat cardiologist appt. where I received the nasty diagnosis of severe feline hypotrophic cardiomyopathy and was given "a few weeks...maybe a couple of months." My whole family was completely stunned and saddened. We had worked so hard to overcome my anxiety and I was finally, not only comfortable, but the girl cat in charge in my house!

So, here we are, 2 years into this and....paws crossed...and with gratitude, I still don't have any major symptoms. I love to run around the house, pork chop my favorite carrot and my fatboy brother, I beg for treats, I assist my Mommy in any activity and follow her around as her little shadow. I take my daily heart meds with just a few grumbles, but I only let my Mommy dispense them. Anyone else, I bite....or pork chop...or both!

We do not take my time here for granted at all. My loving fiancee was taken very quickly by the same disease, he now resides at the Rainbow Bridge as our angel.

If love can keep a girl cat alive, I will be here forever! XXOO


Staring is Good!

July 20th 2009 5:00 pm
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I am doing it right now as my Mommy is on the computer. I am standing next to my EMPTY treat dish and I am staring so hard at her that her head is starting to burn. Staring...staring....staring... OK, she can't take it any you hear the beautiful sound of Good Life treats hitting the bowl??!!

We had a great Monday. If you consider doing absolutely nothing at all great..well, this one has been spectacular! Mom decided to just stay put all day and read a good book. She didn't really even go outside to awful much because she saw a rabid groundhog this morning and got really scared. The beast looked like it was an alien from outer space. Dad's gonna take care of it. He always takes care of us.

On the last paw, Mom came home yesterday with Fancy Feast Appetizers for Cats. Each little container costs $1.19! It promises to captivate any cat's palate! Mine is finicky! So, with bated breath, Mom opened one for me and patiently awaited my reaction. Lick, Lick Lick, Scrape, Scrape, Scrape (me burying it!) Mom even let Fatty have some and he ate it with wild abandon.

Meowy Monday, Y'All!


That is PRINCESS Dingleberry to You!

July 15th 2009 5:18 pm
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It cost Harley DEARLY when he exposed my most private situation regarding a certain dingleberry.....pork chops on the nose! I boxed him around a bit but I don't think there is too much upstairs, if you know what I mean, to hurt!

Hey, it is a fact of like that everyone poops. I do believe there is a book out there with the same title. So I got a little on my area and I needed Mom's help.....SO WHAT??!!??!! I wasn't very nice about it, though, cuz I did hiss at her when the scissors appeared. I was afraid that she may cut the wrong part, if ya know what I mean.....

With my dignity now in tact....I am off for a beauty slumber!

The one and only Chlo-E-Q


But.... I AM THE LAP....TOP!!

July 8th 2009 5:04 pm
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Momma's 42nd birthday was 1 1/2 weeks ago and for it, Dad did a BIG surprise! See, my purrants are going on a big trip in October to Denver and to Vail so Mom told presents! He doesn't listen very well (like most men..... MEROWAL!!)

So Dad got her this awesome laptop. She loves it. I HATE IT! I loved it when she was on the regular ole stinkin desktop computer cuz I loved to jump on the computer table and "assist" with any task she was doing. I laid right down on that keyboard and looked at her with my big golden eyes. She was putty in my paw, as it should be given my princess power. Now, she is out on the patio, typing away as I peer at her through the slider. Oh, woe is me. I need to be her lap top cat once again. Oh well, maybe I'll go find Fatty and pork chop him just for the hell of it.

Your everloving Chloe Cake

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