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The Life of a Princess Pork Chop

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Holy Hotpies!!!

November 21st 2009 6:52 pm
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Hotpies=Hairballs, Cat Yak, Puke Puddles

You get the idea. My purrants have strange names for my up-chucks. I've had a few of these ickies in the last couple of days but I have been eating like Porky Pig after a long and complicated hunger strike...............

I am REALLY good *crosses paws and eyes* I am finished all those stinkin' meds and just get my IV drip every other day. Oh, I moan and groan when that needle goes in and I refuse to be a quiet patient for the 15 minutes to finish the procedure. I am a strong willed girl. My purrants sings "You are my sunshine" to calm me down but, dudes, you should hear their off key singing. Don't they know that I struggle to get AWAY from their horrible duet????

I have an appointment on Monday to reevaluate my kidney levels. It is with cautious optimism that we approach this appointment. Do you realize that this will be the 3rd time my parents saved me know....a trip to the Bridge? *crosses paws and eyes*

Our love to you and sincere wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!
The Chlo-2-the-Q


Bright Eyed Girl

November 19th 2009 7:16 pm
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*exhaling just a little bit more*

Mom cried pretty hard tonight. But, they weren't scared or sad tears like 2 weeks ago when I got the really bad news about my kidneys. No, these tears burned of gratitude and wonderment. We think all of those purr engines out in Catster land really have worked and God has decided that my time for the Bridge is NOT now.

NOT now.

Here is why: I've been waking my Mommy up at 4 AM to give her biscuits...again. Then, I went on a pretty intense search mission for a pony tail holder in Mommy's hair ( Mom got 8 inches cut from her hair and no longer wears her hair in a pony tail....I'm just checking!)
I bounded down the stairs when Mom got home from work, marched to my treat dish, and squeaked for treats. I ate all of them, minus the crumbs, of course. I still am Chloe, the Crumbinator, damn it.

I am eating poop fuel (aka Food) but Mom is not sure if I left a little dainty dooty recently. Usually, she can tell the difference between my pretty poopies and Harley's monsterous mound. Size does matter.

Mom went downstairs to do some laundry and she heard the distinctive pounding of my little legs going down the stairs. Next thing she knew, she looked down to see my bright eyes staring up at her. I am her little shadow, once again.

So, as Mom made dinner and thought back to the original prognosis, she started to blubber. Two weeks ago, she was preparing herself to be gracious in my journey to the Bridge when in fact, she wanted to wail like a 5 year old. Dad gave her a big comforting hug and assured her that she was the best Mommy ever. Well, Dad is pretty darn awesome, too. He was supposed to go to a "men's night" but came home instead to assist with my pills. Talk about having them wrapped around my wittle paw.

I am gussing myself up right this very minute with a good cleaning and a pedicure. I feel better. I have my purr engine on. I am a Bright Eyed Girl, once again.

From Brenda: I hope I didn't jinx Chloe's remarkable recovery by writing this entry. She is an amazing spirit. And if possible, she is even more beautiful in the inside than her outer beauty. How many times can I say thank you to all of you??? It just doesn't seem to be enough.

Thank you.


I Drew First Blood

November 17th 2009 3:53 pm
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Combined, my purrants weigh over 300 lbs....WELL over (don't even ask how much my Mom weighs....she hit 40 and well, that is another story!) You would think that together they could easily handle my 7.4 lbs of fiesty furbabyness....but you would be thinking wrong!

Even though I don't have much junk in my trunk anymore, I got spunk! You know, cat furiends, last night I had just had it with pills being rammed down my throat and white chaulky liquid being squirted that I decided to ramp it up a bit (remember how I pork chopped Daddy and made the syringe fly, spraying white yuck abundantly over the black appliances???!!!) Well, this time I incorporated a reverse pork chop with my hind legs....what has come to be called the Jack Rabbit Jig.I engaged my gnarly nails to their fullest, found a soft spot of skin on Mom's forearm.....and I KICKED! Not once, but twice. I saw red liquid gushing from her arm.

OOPS! I really really love both purrants and wouldn't want to hurt them on purpose but my alter ego took possession of my body for one split second.

Here is my medical update: I continue to eat just a bit. I seem to have more energy (see previous story) and I have been getting out of bed to greet Mom when she gets home from work. I have cuddled and purred. I have not gained any weight. I do my peeps on Mom's rugs and once, I even peeped right on the bed.....sssshhhh, we didn't tell Dad. Two weeks ago today, Mom got the call from Dr. Joyce that my bloodwork was so bad and that she should spend "quality time" with me, since my time on Earth seemed short. We have held our breaths, and let out just a little air lately since I am doing some of my Chloeisms. Next Tuesday is another appointment for complete bloodwork to see if all of these meds have had an impact.

If my Jack Rabbit Jig is any indication of progress, then I think we may be heading in the right direction. As many of you know and have experienced, though, this kind of yucky kidney failure can resurface rather quickly so we continue to heed Dr. Joyce's advice:

To enjoy each other to the fullest.

Sorry Mommy, I didn't mean to draw first blood. (((((HUGS)))))

PS. Thanks to everyone who sent me zealies and messages about being DDP!! Poop really is the Scoop!


Fecal Update

November 14th 2009 5:14 pm
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TEE HEE....I knew that would get every cat's attention! What is our obsession with the turd??? I wonder if Freud had any explanation for that.....

My Catster Crew, here is the scoop: I haven't had another pretty dooty but I have been all the places that I shouldn't. I don't get scolded for this indescretion. Heck, my purrants are so grateful that I am breathing that I can do anything and they may even think it is cute. I am eating, some...not much. I DO NOT like the $22 bag of K/D food but I am eating my Science Diet and of course, some treats. Mom offers me a bunch of moist food at which I lick a few times and then furiously try to bury it.

Last night was my purrants first attempt at the IV fluid dealy at home. They had just returned all wet and weary from a high school football game (YEAH...AG DEVILS!) Mom was extra nervous but Dad got the needle in and Mom was holding me....well, they THOUGHT they got the needle under my skin...but it didn't get in and the saline was flowing all over the place but my purrants didn't see it until I was purry wet. It looked easier at the vet's office! But, on the second attempt, they were successful and I felt better.

Now, about that nasty liquid...Alternagel...that tastes like mint rather than tuna...I had about enough of it!!! Last night, I landed a mother of all pork chops to my Dad as Mom held me and he squirted that liquid down my throat. I hit him hard enough to knock the syringe clear across the kitchen....all the while nasty white liquid was landing on EVERYTHING. TEE FREAKING HEE>>>> Got them!!!

Tomorrow is another Eagles party at our house and my Mom is cooking up a storm. I am prepared to partake in this party....or so my purrants hope.

A song came on the radio today as Mom drove home from her haircut and errands and, of course, she teared up and this line really rings true for all of our Catster furiends:

And I thank the Lord that there are people out there like you.....
MUWAH!!! (kitty kisses)



November 12th 2009 4:00 pm
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Catster...we have poop.

I laid a very beautifully formed dainty little dooty right now. Mom hopped up and down and clapped like a lunatic.

She has a silly school board meeting tonight so this will be like me, short and sweet. We are cautiously optimistic that I am making a turn for the better. When Mom got home from work tonight, I slowly made my way down the stairs to greet her. I haven't done that in 2 weeks. I also am eating some, not much....but some is better than none. I went without eating for about a week.

My Mom was spooning me and I wrapped both arms and legs around her forearm and just PURRED. And then as a gesture of gratitude for all that has been down for me, I placed my paw around her finger and squeezed and I held on to her finger for dear life. If I could, I would wrap my paw around each and every single one of you that purred, prayed, sent gifts, gave me zealies. FINNEY would get an extra loving gesture cuz his Mommy paid for our expired Catster Plus membership.....Can you believe that? Mom was having trouble with PayPal and then she got an email that our membership was renewed. Vivien, you are the kindest soul....

Once I was an abandoned adult cat in a cold metal SPCA cage. I now have cats from around the world purring for me.

And it is working. THANK GOD.


Fluids At Home....

November 10th 2009 6:09 pm
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Real quick, Mom and Dad are now trained to give me my fluid therapy at home....let's see how THAT goes! I was a good girl at my vet appointment and nice Dr. Joyce said I looked good and my weight hasn't changed one way or the other....still 7.4 lbs down from nearly 9 lbs. (my 4th appointment in 8 days....)

I got my fluids and a B-12 shot and when I got back home, I ran to my treat dish and I actually ate a few. Then Mom gave me some tuna juice (lapped it up) and some Fancy Feast hard food (ate more than I have in a long time) and now Mom is just monitoring my *AHEM* poop habits, or lack thereof. Hey, Dr. Joyce said if it doesn't go in, it ain't coming out! I just haven't had a dooty in a LONG time. So, pray for poop, seems like all my furiends with their purr engines going for me, it is helping. And WE LOVE YOU beyond meows.....




November 9th 2009 12:18 pm
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Please forgive this very brief update...I'll write more later when Mom has more time. She went back to work today after being out sick for 3 days last week (snuggle time with the girl!) and she said something about having to go for a boob sandwich this afternoon. Doesn't sound appealing.....

DDP today!!!! Thanks Catster....I was purring a lot today but still....NO food, lots of pills.

I also want to shout out VERY loudly that there are very kind and generous people here on Catster. Several of my furiends bought me zealies since I was completely out and my silly Mommy didn't know you could buy them! She let our Catster Plus membership expire (not on purpose...that was when her Daddy was purry ill) and didn't realize that was how you got zealies. Forgive her, she is Catster stupid...haha, just kidding. SO, Catsy Princess Angel and Family gave me 120!!!! Edgar and Emily Felicity and family gave me 30! AND my precious guardian angel Sally, Lucy, the silly boys Charlie and Leo and Family also gave me 30!! I now have 180!!! XXOOXXXOOOXXXOOOXXXOOO
I love you from the bottom of my HCM heart!

Chloe, Keeper of the Heart


She Who Must Be Obeyed.....

November 7th 2009 3:33 pm
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Of course, that would be it is with all my furry friends out there! Our purrants really think that they are in charge. We will just appease them but between YOU and ME...we know who is in charge!The FELINE!!!!

(Right now, Mom is at the kitchen island pretending not to stare at me as I eat just a few bites of Fancy Feast hard food. The $22 dollar bag of Hills K/D, special food for kidney patients, remains untouched. At this point, Dr. Joyce said to feed me whatever the heck I will eat....)

Getting back to being obeyed, I have given my Mommy lots and lots of flack today for all the pills and liquids that she is trying to get in my belly (and over $100 worth....Mom keeps joking that I need to get a job! My JOB is being the Princess Pork Chop....hhhmmpptt,,,,....)
Twice a day I am supposed to just let her throw this horse pill down my is the size of an caplet of icky brown antibiotic is big and round, the liquid is MINT flavored....why can't it be TUNA flavor....bbblllaaacccckkkkk....I have to take a pill the my Grandpaw (rest in peace, Big E) used to take for his upset belly.....a pepcid. This on top of my enalapril (heart pill).

So, here is what happened at the V-E-T yesterday.....Nice Dr. Joyce liked the way I looked. I did moan and groan in the car on the way over, an indication that I was feeling better....I weigh 7.4 lbs, way down from the almost 9 lbs..and at one point 10 lbs. My eyes are bright and my cat-itude is big...but my bloodwork numbers suck. (Sorry to say that bad word, but sometimes you just have to say it...)
My creatitine (sp?) number is off the is almost 9 whereas a normal one is around 1. (We don't really know what this means but it is important....) I got another Sub-Q treatment with potassium added and I was a really really good girl. I just sat there as a little 5 week old abandoned kitty really cried. SSSSHHH..don't tell anyone, but that poor sound made my wimpy Mommy cry. She is 42 years old!!!
I go back on Tuesday for another treatment and this time Big Daddy is coming too. They are going to teach my purrants how to do the Sub-Q at home, play it by ear...and hopefully in 3 weeks do another bloodtest. We are aware that this is incurable but my purrants are dedicated to doing whatever is best for ME, not them. If that means that I must journey to the Bridge, then so be it. They just don't want me to suffer in any way at all.

Now, I am doing a pedicure on my gnarly nails and I am basking in 75 degree heat in front of the Vermont Stove. It is a wonderful life, after all.

No words can thank you. (But, I don't have any zealies anymore?? I'd love to give all my furiends a thank you gifty....what is up wit dat???)

Chloe, sweeter than Cotton Candy (another weirdo title from my Mommy)


Chloe: 1 Stupid Kidney Disease: 0

November 6th 2009 9:50 am
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I wish my Mommy would give me more credit. Doesn't she know that I am not going to let this kidney failure crap get to me without a pork choppin' fight???

Ok, Ok...for the last couple of days I have not been myself. I've slept a great deal and haven't really vocalized like I usually do. Mom has been real sick and we've been kinda vegging together. She has thrown A LOT of pills and liquids down my throat and I let her know that I am not happy about it....but, it appears that yucky stuff may be the reason I have a little more pep in my step.

I've eaten just a little hard food...which is better than none at all. You should see my Mommy hold her breath like she is willing me to eat more. I do lap up tuna juice with much gusto but I do not like the baby food (thanks for the suggestion from some of my friends) and I have licked just a little wet food. I heard Mom on the phone with Dr. Joyce and I have to go in later today for a fluid treatment. PORK CHOPS....but, if it makes me feel better....

I've chased leaves this morning and I sat on Dad's head while he slept (until I woke him up with my purring and meowing!) I did wipe out on the hardwood floors while I thought I could run. We all ignored this little episode and I walked away like I meant to do that. See, I am still weak at times and we know I am purry sick but to have a glimmer of the old me makes my mom water about the eyes.

Love to all and thanks for taking care of my Mommy with your thoughts and words. I am sure she will update you tonight after my V-E-T appointment.

loving pork chops and kitty kisses, Chloe


Chloe, the Comforter

November 4th 2009 10:05 am
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When it pours.

I was assuming that my killer headache yesterday was as a result of our devastating news. I never get headaches. That said, as I woke in the early hours, I had the full fledge flu symptoms....and there was my girl cat, purring at my head. What will I ever do without my precious Chloe?? In her dark hours, she is still comforting me.....

She is certainly not her pork chopping self but she appears to be in no pain. She is growing weaker as she hasn't really eaten but a few bits of hard food in the last few days. The medicine that she is on will hopefully make her feel alittle better which we hope will encourage her to eat a little. She has classic kidney failure symptoms: she wants to eat, but then shakes her head like it is distasteful. Her breath (don't tell the princess I told this...she remains a lady until the end!) can be used as a weapon of mass destruction (hey, gotta joke a little).

She has been put on a ton of meds which worry me because she has nothing in her system to absorb it. Dr. Joyce, who we trust, assures that this may jump start her eating but also did not give any false hope. She said that this kidney disease will kill her and that every day should be treated as a gift. (I'm starting to be able to think about that without having a complete crying fit....which does not feel fun coupled with the flu....ugh!)

Here is her meds: 2 ml alternagel (liquid...that is always fun) 2 x daily
Tumil-K (big white pill) 2 x daily
Enrofloxacin 22.7 mg (big brown pill) with food! 1x
Pepcid 5 mg 1 x

She also discontinued her lasix and baby aspirin but ordered her to continue with the enalapril. Chloe's lungs are clear, her heart...although very still beating strong.

I never imagined that we would be dealing with this kidney disease after all the worrying our family did about her heart disease. But, after much reading and info from our friends (Old Furts), we realize that this is pervasive disease for our fur babies.

Remember, we have no idea how old Princess Pork Chop is. Some person dumped her at the SPCA where we fell in love with her the moment we laid eyes on her. That love affair has continued for 4 years and 4 months (this Saturday) and will continue even as she makes her furever home at the Rainbow Bridge.

What our family is debating now is Chloe's quality of life. We have decided that when it appears that she is too weak and depressed and if she continues not to eat, then we will grace her life by making the most selfless decision to help her to the Bridge. As I type this, racked with body aches and a cough, she is snuggled by the Vermont stove wrapped in our Phillies blanket.....(go Phillies, BTW!)

Your comments and love have been amazing. Complete strangers, and yet not, bound by the love of a feline. XXOO

Chloe's Mommy forever, Brenda

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