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The Life of a Princess Pork Chop

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8.6 BABY!

December 29th 2009 4:58 pm
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That is my current weight.....8.6 pounds of CHLO-A-TUDE! Mom and Dr. Joyce did a happy dance right there in the exam room. Just a reminder that in the beginning of November when I was so very sick and given a slim chance of recovering, I was 7.2 pounds.

I put some JUNK in my TRUNK! My booty is back to being bodacious!
It is all good!

Dr. Joyce Bendokas is a special and caring woman. She has taken time to talk to Mom on the phone as well as administer fluids without charge. She just took in her 7th stray cat in her own home. It's hard to find vets who really and truly care about their patients. We are profoundly grateful to have found her. OH, and Laura, the vet tech called me Peanut Butter....without even knowing that is one of my bazillion and a half nicknames! AND, my Christmas picture is proudly displayed on their digital picture frame.

I am just like Pink...a funky and fabulous rock star! And I got my game on!

This means, however, that those pork chopped approved red bags will come out and my purrants will be away for a few days. I guess I'll be a good girl for my Grandmew. It was decided that she won't even attempt to give me my pills. I can go 2 days without them, it's better than the stress both of us would feel if she tried to administer them!

Wishing you all a safe New and happiness to ALL!


Presents from Picasso!

December 29th 2009 11:31 am
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Even though my wonderful Cassi was called home to the Bridge way too soon, he still is as thoughtful as ever....he sent me a big box full of Christmas gifties!!!

You should see my crinkle blanket that is decorated like a christmas present! I am laying on it right now, in front of the Vermont stove, thoroughly enjoying the 75 degree weather inside while it is in the teens outside with hawking winds....(feeling sorry for outside animals)
I also got a kitty stocking full of catnip toys....a really cool crinkly santa claus, mousies galore, and a bag of yummy Pounce treats! Mom received a silver cat ornament in which she will place my pretty picture! Thanks so much to Picasso and his thoughtful and wonderful mommy, Barbi! Love ya guys!

This holiday was such a bummer for my Mommy. Since it was her first without her Daddy, she thought that she would take her Mom out to Kansas City, MO to visit relatives. Wouldn't you know it....a huge blizzard hit while they first arrived there and had them stranded! The roads were so bad that they were not able to get around as they had hoped. The silver lining in the whole ordeal is that her Aunt Patti had a calico girl named....Chloe....who kept her company and even slept on her head. No, I am not jealous that my Mommy slept with another Chloe! She loves me the mostest and the bestest ever! AND....My Daddy stayed home and kept a good eye on me. He spoiled me with love and treats, making Mom's absence bearable (but I have been her constant companion since she walked through the front door!)

In a few hours, I am off to see Dr. Joyce for a checkup and for fluids. We are praying for a good report. This is just precautionary, worries...but my purrants are going away for a few days and Mom wants me to get "eyeballed" by my Doc. She is worried about a hunger strike which spurred my kidney failure in November. They were gone for 10 days then....this is only a 2 1/2 day maybe I will be a good girl and not punish them by getting sick again! My Grandmew will be over to check on me and my Fatty !

I can't believe 2009 is coming to a close. It has been a hard year for our family. Ellis "Big E" Steele went to Heaven on June 9, 2009. He is responsible for my mommy's complete love of cats, and all animals, really! The greatest gift my family received is the restoration of my health against so many odds. It is because of YOU, Catster friends, that my Mommy was able to get through that scary time. So so many of you sent purrs and gifts and Finney's mommy even renewed our Catster membership. (*tears of gratitude in Mom's eyes right Cassi, and Lucy and Angel Sally, and Catsty Princess Angel and Edgar and Emily, to Bonnie and Snickey, to EVERYONE!)

You don't have to see the angels to know that they are there....Much love to all!


The Audacity of my Mother

December 19th 2009 7:05 pm
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Are you ready for THIS one, furred furiends???

My wildy and zany mother is off of her rocker. FO SHO!

Today was our family's get together in lieu of Christmas dinner. For the first time ever, my Mommy won't be home for Christmas this year. (There is not a big enough pork chop for this....) She is being a good daughter and taking her Mommy to Kansas City, MO to visit her ailing Mommy., we had our family Christmas brunch. The house was so beautifully decorated and the food and cocktails were abundantly flowing! The people all fawned over me like the Princess that I am. I took this opportunity to swish and sway my pretty little booty to which I received a boat load of treats. It was all good until...

I meandered over to the Christmas tree and ate it. YUP, I was chomping away. All my relatives were telling me NO (?) and STOP (?) I was like, "What the Paw??"

And then Mom showed me the squirt water bottle and I looked at her as if to say, "Yeah, right....ain't no way you are dousing me as all our relatives watch."

I was wrong.

She laid a stream of water on me like you would not believe. She was just worried that in the midst of all the partying, I would eat half a limb and then need to get my stomach pumped.

I ran out from under the tree and sat next to the slider. For good effect, I started to shiver. (Our heat pump and our snow blower both broke today and we currently have about 16 inches of snow.....we do have a fireplace and a Vermont casting stove so we are trying to stay warm) Mom came right over and scooped me up asking for forgiveness....which I granted after a few good pork choppings!

Happy Holidays! We love you all!


My Mom....the Temptrest

December 11th 2009 5:31 pm
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I live with an evil, evil woman....(who I LOVE more than anything!)

My crib has been transformed into a winter wonderland. Literally, there is no place left untouched. Christmas has arrived! I've already mentioned that I have a little issue with gnawing on the artificial tree. It tastes like chicken!

NOW, Mom has decorated the railing and stairs with artificial roping, beautiful cranberry garland and white lights. It is just hanging there begging for my attention. As Mom put it up this evening, I ran (yes...I am running once again) up and down the stairs, pausing every so often to chomp. It was so bad that Mom had to get the water bottle to give me a quick spritz now and then. Little does she know, the water bottle is no match for me!

Just wait til she goes to sleep tonight. I'm gonna have me a fake tree/roping salad! YUM!

your everloving( and perpetually wet) Chloe Cat
PS. Guess the symathy card I have been playing regarding my kidney disease is now null and void! Still getting my fluids, though.....just in case!


Colors of Three....Don't Mess With Me!!

December 7th 2009 3:07 pm
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In case you missed it in my earlier diary entry, this is the:

"Calico Motto"

...our fun and special v-e-t, Dr. Joyce, taught that to Mommy last week. That is my new mantra......but somehow I have to incorporate pork choppin' into it...any ideas??

Well, furfriends, what I really want everyone to know is that Harley and I have made it to our 4 year and 5 month anniversary in our forever loved and spoiled rotten home. Of course, in light of my recent very serious illness, everyday feels like a gift in my family. I heard what is in my future tonight....gonna get some juice (aka sub-q fluid treatment) Boy, and I gonna use my mantra tonight!

love,Pork Choppin' Momma, Chlo-E-Q


Mom Vs. Cat Hair

December 6th 2009 10:51 am
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And the cat hair wins every single time! Even with the mean machine, Mom is no match for the black, white, and LOTS of orange hair that decorates every single object in our house.

Give it up Mommy...put away that loud sucker machine and pour a glass of wine!

Your Constant Companion, Chloe Cake



December 5th 2009 6:20 pm
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It's snowing felines and canines here!

Just so you all know, tonight I ate a bunch of food, I dabbled in catnip and I pork chopped my orange carrot. I am toasting my paws in front of the Vermont stove. All four tootsies are pointed up in the 78 degree air in our gathering room.....

Life is good.

Please read my brofur Harley's diary. Mom talks about her trip with my Grandmew to the no kill shelter today. She was very moved by it. We pray that all 50+ kitties find their way to their forever home like Harley and I did 4 years and 5 months ago (tomorrow!) Their website is:

Your ever lovin' pork choppin' calico,
Chloe Cake


8 Pounds of CHLO-A-TUDE!!

December 4th 2009 4:19 pm
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My Daddy has gone to the mountains to hunt with his buddies. I miss him a lot and I sleep sprawled out on his pillow. I am telling you this because that meant that Mommy had to bring me in to the v-e-t's office for my sub-Q treatment. (No way in Hades that I would let my Mom do that solo....)

They make such a fuss over me at Dr. Joyce's office! The first thing they did was to put me on that scale...and *happy turkey toes* I GAINED .6 POUNDS! in just under two weeks. I am 8 POUNDS! Oh, Dr. Joyce and the tech Laura gave Mommy a big hug (prompting her eyes to leak again!)

I sat purrfectly still for my fluid treatment. Mom went on and on about my huge chlo-a-tude that I give my purrants at home. Do I have multiple purrsonalities?? And then Dr. Joyce made a funny that Mom laughed out loud about (but I didn't think it was quite funny......HHMMPPffttt.....) She said to remember:

Colors of three, don't F*** with me!!!

Yep, she said the F bomb!!! But that does accurately describe most calico girlies, don't you think?????


I am NOT a piece of meat!!! HHHMMMPPPFFFttttt.....

November 28th 2009 5:42 pm
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I put up with a lot. But a girl can only handle so much.

Chloe Cake, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, Cotton Candy Chloe....these are just a few of the sweet nicknames that Mommy calls me. They all infer, rightfully so, that I am nothing but sweet.

But, Turkey Toes??? that is where I draw the line. I was given this name because I actually like to eat turkey whereas I turn my nose up at all other human food.

And I am eating the Christmas tree and getting yelled at. I just look at my purrants quizzingly like...don't they know I am the Princess and the Princess is NOT to be yelled at???

I am eating the K/D kidney food only because Mom mixed it with my Science Diet Active Longevity food. I snacked quite a bit today. Mom and Dad had all sorts of plans to decorate the outside of our house for Christmas. They go all out for the holiday, inside and out. My human bro jokes that Mom spews Christmas decorations all over the house! But, instead, they had a cat kind of day. Slept VERY late, ate and napped and then repeat! They are still in their jammies, for meowing out loud! I love it, I went from one lap to the other and received my just loving.....purr purr purr....

Do turkeys even HAVE toes????

from Chloe's Mom: Chloe has bounced back to almost normal. She still needs to gain some weight back but her cattitude is back in full swing. I didn't realize how quiet she had become while sick. She is meowing and purring and I swear, when I look into her eyes, she is thanking me.My husband has been the best through this whole ordeal. He knows that I am still in mourning from losing my beloved Daddy and that I would not have handled Chloe' know...very well. God must have known I need her here.
Humble thank you once again, Brenda


2 Poopies in 2 days! And....the results are in!

November 24th 2009 5:50 pm
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(Pretty pathetic attempt to get a DDP----mention Poop!) But it is true, I have dropped 2 dooties in the same amount of days! What goes in must go out, and I have a fairly good amount going through the ole digestive system!

Mom waited all day for the vet to call with my bloodwork results. Patiently....patiently...patiently, until she couldn't stand it any longer and called her! Dr. Joyce called back very apologetically and asked Mom, "Are you ready for Chloe's report card?" Mom was in the middle of food shopping after work (yep, in the crazy Thanksgiving crowd) and felt a lump in her throat....

It is all a blur, the actual numbers, but most everything is back within normal range....yep, you read that right. I was brought back from the brink once again. My kidney level is still elevated (like 2.4, compared to 9 on November 3) but the white blood count is normal! Mom could hear the the joy in Dr. Joyce's voice as she delivered the good news. Of course, Mom started to leak from her eyes and thought that this news was delivered right in time for Thanksgiving. She is a little nervous about the upcoming holiday as it is the first without her Daddy. This news alleviates some of the stress she has been feeling.
Yippee Yah-Who!

I am to continue with my sub-Q treatment at home every 3rd day or more, if needed. My purrants gave my my dose tonight and since I am feeling much better, I fought and squirmed and otherwise was a bee-otch. Both Mom and Dad were grinning because, yep.....I am back to "normal??!!"

I pounded with both paws to go downstairs. I meticulously groomed by boosom. I kicked my brofur out of my bed in front of the Vermont in point....back to normalcy!! It is because of YOU, constant furiends, that my recovery was possible.

Thank you.

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