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I am frustrating mom right now.

November 7th 2008 8:45 pm
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I have been hiding under the bed for hours. I refuse to come out. Mom has been looking under the bed with the flashlight. I am just gonna hang out here as long as I can, or until daddy comes in here. Heee Heee Heee!


Hey! Don't talk about me that way!

October 28th 2008 12:16 pm
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Rumor: I drank beer.

Truth: I did NOT drink beer.

Story: Daddy had a can of beer. I get intrigued by soda because it bubbles. Since I cannot read english, I thought daddy had a soda.
I went to see if it was bubbly. Yeesh! I did not like the smell and I turned and left. That was a funny smelling soda. Then, I found out it was beer. Just say No!!!!


Spying on mom

August 16th 2008 11:05 pm
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The whole time mom has been on Catster tonite, I have been staring at her. She told me she is going to take my photo and put it on Catster. Meow Meow Meow. Taking a nap to the paw.


Mom keeps trying to pet me

June 10th 2008 12:04 am
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I only like to be petted when I am in the bathroom. That is it. I only feel safe in that room. Mom keeps trying to pet me when they sit on the couch. No way! Sorry.


I scored last night!

June 2nd 2008 10:20 pm
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This big moth came into the house. I was the lucky cat that caught him. Then Buddy took over. I am still happy that I caught him cuz they never let me catch anything. I am very proud of myself.


Birthday time!

April 24th 2008 7:35 pm
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Wow. I can't believe I am 4. I gotta go think about this.


Diary of the Day!

April 8th 2008 10:57 am
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What an honor for me! I am hiding as you read this, being as I am a shy girl.


Yeah Dad the laser pointer was funny...not

April 3rd 2008 10:06 pm
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You had us all running. Poor Raven was trying to figure out what it was while the rest of us tried to catch it. Thanks.


New cat furniture? I am so there!

March 18th 2008 11:40 pm
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We broke the other stuff. We have cool stuff. I have tried out everything and my favorite is the Surf's Up beachouse. I like smacking the fake palm tree, just to see what will happen. Sasha and I play on this thing because it is multi level. Fun. Raven kicks back in the very bottom. She has not figured out the palm tree yet.


I am glad Raven is here..

February 11th 2008 9:49 pm
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I now have some one to hide under the couch with. Raven is 100% friendly. I am a scardy cat. What a combo!

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