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The Tess Mess

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A Secret Admirer???

July 5th 2008 7:30 am
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I have a Secret Admirer!!!!!!!!!!

*chases tail* *runs in circles* *bounces off walls*

Me? I have a secret admirer? OMC OMC OMC! Who could it be?

*bounces off walls again*

And my Secret Admirer sent me a beach ball to play with! Woohoo! I gotta go knock that all over the place!!!

*giddy wall bouncing*

Tackle you later,


I'm a DDP!

July 2nd 2008 5:27 am
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Woohoo! I'm a Daily Diary Pick today! Me! Yippee!

Thank you so much Catster! This helps me feel lots better!

I think I'll celebrate by...playing!!!

Have a pawsome day, everykitty!

Tackle you later,

**UPDATE** Oh this is so pawsome! I'm getting goodies and congrats like crazy!

Thank you purry much for the concatulation Rosettes Samoa's family, Diego, Mercedes' family, Mittens and Sally, who is today's DOTD!!!

And thank you Squirrel for the sweet pawmail concatulating me! And to the kitties who have left me treats!

You kitties are the greatest! You've totally made my day! I am feeling super duper now!


I'd Hiss, but I'm too Tired!

July 1st 2008 9:27 am
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Yesterday, I had to go to the V-E-T! It was just for my check up.

It surprises my mom and human sister how good I am when I go to the vet. For some reason, they think the fact I run around like the Tasmanian Devil at home means I'll do it there. My mommy even took pictures of me with my vet, which I'll post as soon as I can. But the vet was holding me, and my mommy figured I'd smack her like I do my mom and any other human trying to hold me. But I didn't!

Hey, I'm not stupid. I know she has evil needles and things!!!

The vet said I'm the poster child for healthy kitties! Despite my easily irritated eyeballs and tendency to play instead of eating. Yaah, me!

But today, I feel terrible! I am so tired and can't respond to anything. I just want to sleep on our Boogers bed all day long. This is super weird for me, so my mommy's really worried.

Hopefully it was just the shot and I'll sleep it off and be back to tackling Sawyer ASAP.

Tackle you when I feel better,


Lucky Boo

June 17th 2008 8:01 am
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Oh no! We're so sad to hear our friend *Lucky Boo* had to leave his mom for the Bridge last night.

We are purring hard for his mommy.


Stroll and Nap

May 28th 2008 8:24 am
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Guess where one of my new favorite nap spots is?

In the stroller! I love sleeping in there! And I refuse to get out after I go strolling. Murphy doesn't need to stroll, and she doesn't need to nap in MY nap spot, either.

Meanwhile, can you believe I'm the only kitty in my family who knows how to avoid a bath? I squirm and flip around so much nobody can hold me long enough to get me near the tub! I'm not getting in water! Or getting sprayed with water! Or having anything whatsoever to do with water!

The other kitties in the fam, though...they got scrubbed! MOL MOL MOL


Hope you're having a playful day, everycat!

Tackle you later,


Glompity Glomp

May 21st 2008 9:36 am
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We're so purry sad to hear about our friend *Simba* . She's amazing--I hope I'm still playing when I'm 20.

We'll miss you and are purring for your mom!


Catch Me if You Can

May 7th 2008 9:56 am
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And truth is, you can't. MOL

My mommy tried to catch me to take me strolling the other day.

Uh-uh, no way. I wasn't having any of that. She couldn't get near me with a ten foot pole no matter how many times she tried.

But later, when she'd given up, she came out on our porch, and I was asleep in the stroller.

Tackle you later,


I Got Picked Again?

April 21st 2008 11:58 am
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Alriiiiggghhhhtt! Woooohooooo!

I was a Daily Diary Pick on Saturday! *bounces off walls and rolls in circles*

Thank you so much for the honor, Catster!

And thanks to the beautiful Isis for the concats Rosette! I really appreciate it!

Off to pose for pics in the stroller!

Tackle you later,


Strollers Aren't Just for Strolling

April 17th 2008 1:02 pm
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Yesterday, as usual, Sawyer stuck his ginormous head in my food dish.

Normally, I take off and let him finish my food. But this time, I kept eating it!

He wouldn't move his ginormous head, so I finally smacked him up side it.

And he left!

Well! It is MY food after all! Sheesh.

Anyway, I haven't been strolling that much. Not too sure about it, yet, although I do love seeing my brothers riding around in a pink baby buggy. *slaps paw on table laughing*

But the thing makes a WONDERFUL nap spot. I've been sawing some serious logs in it! Multi-purpose cat stuff. You gotta love that!

Tackle you later,


So What's In That Big Box?

April 13th 2008 4:25 pm
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We got a Furminator this weekend. I love it, but...we also got something else. There's this humongous box with a picture of a pink thing with wheels on it, and I'm much more curious about that. That looks like something I could play in! Can't wait 'til it's put together tomorrow!

Tackle you soon,

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