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April 14th 2013 7:29 pm
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Whiskers just bit me on the back. What a grouch.


I am a Happy Cat

April 14th 2013 7:28 pm
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Meowzers! My nails were so long!! I kept hiding my paws from Meowmie. I now know that was not such a good idea. My nails kept growing, even tho Meowmie tried every trick in the book to cut my nails. Today, she brought in Daddy. That's not fair!!! Two against one!!!! Two of my nails were so long they curled so far they were on top of my paw pads. It took a long time for Meowmie and Daddy to cut those two nails. I am glad now that they held me down and cut them. One nail had poked a little hole in my paw pad. After they cut the nail away, my paw was bleeding a little. They put some magic stuff on my paw and I felt ok. They said we are going to cut a little every week until my nails are under control. Daddy said that because I was so brave, he will pay for our Catster Plus next week!!!! Yay for us!!!!! Everybody got their nails cut today. Now Whiskers can paw slap meowmie in the face and she wont scream and bleed. Pawsome.



Why me?

June 26th 2012 10:34 pm
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Well, I am just going to cut to the to speak. The oldest furless kid adopted a puppy. Not just any puppy...he got the energizer bunny edition. Buddy and I pop the puppy on the head cuz he bites our tails. We don't like it when dogs bite our tails. We plan ways of retaliation. And I hate stepping in dog pee. It's gross. It's ok, I just rinse off my paw in the puppy's water. MOL. I found a cool place to hid from the puppy. Inside the loveseat that Buddy made a hole in. Very nice for hiding in, and not hearing the boom of thunder. Also works when mom is looking for me. I mainly hide from that crazy puppy. Buddy and I are bigger than him, but he tries to take us on. Buddy constantly inspects him, then hisses and leaves. I try my best to ignore him or he will chase me. I am doing great on my glucosimine/condroitin therapy. I can jump and walk alot better. Not so stiff know...old bones and all that.

In dog years, I would be dead. MOL

Ok, I gotta go. Time to hide for the puppy-saurus. mol


Always the babysitter.

June 10th 2012 7:29 pm
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The youngest furless child is feeling icky from a sinus infection. So he had to take Benedryl and Meclizine..something like that...and the medicine makes him sleepy. He is asleep on meowmies bed next to me. I feel sorry for him. He is always nice to me, and he plays with me. So, right now I am keeping his feet warm. So, how are you gonna pay me for babysitting, meowmie? Catnip? Treats? Toys? At least he does not snore. mol.


Another day as a spoiled rotten house cat....

June 9th 2012 1:28 am
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I am one pampered cat. Let me explain...Meowmie moved into the really big house. Meowmie's bedroom is as big as the living room at the old house. I have the bed all to myself. My food and water is right here in the room. And, cuz I am a senior citizen...There is a wooden box at the end of the bed I use as a step between the floor and the bed. When I feel like venturing off the bed, I go lie in the doorway and look down the long hallway. If I see Buddy...I give him a chirpy purr letting him know that I want to play. We run and chase each other all over. Sometimes, I get stealthy and sneak into the living room where the furless children hang out. One night, I almost had a piece of pizza off the oldest child's plate. I had my claw in the pizza and was slowly pulling it off his plate. But, I got busted. I just acted like it was no big deal and walked down the hall. I don't like looking out the front door. Too much noise. I am not used to hearing traffic. Buddy always hangs out at the front door. Buddy is alot younger than me, so he jumps onto the center island and then jumps over to the sink counter..once there he gets into the kitchen window. We live near a Wendy's and Buddy loves the smell. I can't believe that meowmie is leaving in a week to go to California. She is bringing back Bella, Sasha, Heidi, and Whiskers...and Lexi the dog. She is stopping in Oklahoma City to pick up a rescue cat. Meow meow meow. Well, this place is big enough for that many cats. I hope they are as happy here as I am. I am really glad that I moved. My eyes are bright, my fur is soft and I am walking a little better. I am well taken care of. Back in was hard for meowmie to take care of us the way she wanted to. Now, she can take care of us, take us to the vet and get our shots, and stuff like that. I feel better, and my new vet here in Memphis said I was extremely healthy for a 16 year old. cat. What can I say?? I rock. mol


Getting old means you get pampered.

November 9th 2011 2:21 pm
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Hey everyone! Paisan here. I am now a very proud 15 years old. Mom relocated me to a comfy cat apartment. (aka dog kennel). Its so cool. I have MY OWN food and water bowls, bed(s) and litter box. The maid service is awesome, and I love the room service. I have full view of everything that goes on, and a couple of times a day, mom takes my old self out of the apartment and snuggles with me. I was getting beat up by Whiskers so mom put me in a safe place where I could be alone. I always wanted my own room and now I have one. I am very happy with this situation. I can relax and have no worries. All is good.


My Kansas City cousin Smokey.

April 6th 2011 10:13 am
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I was thinking about my cousin, Smokey. He lived in Kansas City. It was pretty awesome where he lived. Lots of trees and free space to play in. All the kids knew him. He was much loved and he was crazy about snow. It's like the cold never bothered him. But he sure did love cuddling. I like it right here in warm and sunny California.

But, the reason I wanted to write about Smokey is because he is at the bridge way too soon. Can I tell you his story? It is not a happy ending. I am sorry, but I feel it is a story that must be heard.

Smokey's human had been noticing that his neighbor's pets-mostly cats had been turning up missing. The neighbors started investigating, and they found out that the corner house had cat hater humans. They set out lots of traps at night to catch all the cats. Then, they would turn them in to animal control.

How stupid.

One night, Smokey-who happened to be a pretty savvy dude got into a tussle with another neighborhood cat. Unwittingly, Smokey ran into the trap. The other cat who was chasing him also made it inside the trap. They were both in the trap, fighting. Smokey did not win. The other cat eventually died too.

Smokey's human was furious. He called the police and animal control. He reported the people with the traps. The police cited them for animal cruelty and the animal control took all the traps, broke them up and threw them inside the truck. They took all the traps away from these people.

They bought more traps.

Smokey's human worked nights. One night, on the way to work, he saw the traps set out again. He called the police. The traps were taken away and the people were told if they trapped one more animal, even if it was a squirrel, they would go to jail.

Guess they did not want to go to jail. They did not set out any more traps. There are not many neighborhood cats left. What those people did was wrong. These cats were not strays. They lived in a neighborhood where it was ok to run the street. Its a quiet neighborhood.

Animal cruelty is bad. Smokey should not have died the horrible way that he did. He is now a handsome angel and no one can ever hurt him again.


Looking back on my almost 15 years......

March 15th 2011 12:22 am
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No, don't panic! I am not going anywhere....I just wanted to reflect on some things in my life. After all, I have been on this earth for 15 years. I came into this world to a mama who would soon abandon me. Meowmie said that my fur mama did not leave me on purrpose. Meowmie found hungry little me when I was 3 weeks old. She took me to the vet the same day she found me. The vet said to take me back to my mama. Meowmie said that Paisan does not have a fur mama. I was too little for shots. Meowmie bought me some baby food and I went to my new home. I have lived all of my life with Meowmie. My first fur-brother was Buddy. He was 8 years older than me. He taught me cool stuff. Then, meowmie started to rescue other cats. My closest friend was Chasie...she just went to the bridge not too long ago. I have seen so many kittens born, grow up and find new homes. I love kittens. Well, I am quite a bit older now, but I love to play with Bella. She is the only cat I will play with. Meowmie trained me to walk on a leash when I was a kitten because I thought I was a dog. (Meowmie had 2 small dogs, and I thought I was one of them). She would take me for walks with the dogs. I have lived a crazy life and would not trade any of it. I have been pampered, loved, and treated like a king. My life is pawsome!


Photos of ME

March 14th 2011 11:56 pm
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Meowmie took a whole bunch of photos of me. Why they are not up on my page is anyone's guess. Hmmph.



February 9th 2011 10:13 pm
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One small word can hardly describle this small orange and white force to be reckoned with. Mom says even I act like a kitten around her. Bella will smack, slap, bite, pop me in the face, trip me, until I agree to play. She does this to Whiskers, Raven, and Eva too. Her and Sasha are at thinks Sasha is jealous, and spends alot of time with her to make up for the time she spends chasing Bella. Mom said that I was just like Bella when I was a kitten, beating up my big brother Buddy all the time. Buddy was orange and white like Bella. Maybe I just like orange and white.

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