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My 10th Life

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A heavy sadness....

March 26th 2009 9:01 pm
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This was one of the last photos of Friend while he was alive. Mom did a good job of covering up his injuries.

We love you Friend. We are purring for you and we are heartbroken it took so long for you to make your journey. You are there now, and your kitten body will be like new. You will run and jump and play. And you will fly as soon as your wings grow in.

We promise to never forget you. That is why mom put you on Catster.

Hugging Molly.

Purrs to all kitties like Friend who need help and are too scared to accept it. We love you all!



Ok guys, got all the up to date info!

March 25th 2009 9:55 am
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I checked with USGS, CalTech and the Weather Channel. The earthquakes have diminished. We are still having small ones, but you cant feel them. Whew! The Weather Channel shows a major rain storm soaking the middle of the country, with Denver expecting serious snow...The most serious issue right now is the flooding in the Fargo and surrounding areas. On my previous diary I provided a link to USGS flood info for that area if you have friends or relatives. It is also on Lexi's page for Dogsters. We need to come together as a community and purr, pray, woof and hope that everyone will be ok.

Purr Purr Purr Purr Purr



USGS Website for North Dakota you might find useful

March 25th 2009 9:35 am
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This is the info for the flood in North Dakota.


For our Feline Friends in North Datkota

March 25th 2009 8:39 am
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Piewacket gave me a stellar idea! We have SO MANY FRIENDS in the Fargo, North Datoka area I thought I would place their names in my diary. Lexi is handling the Fargo pups on her diary.

We are purring for all kitties and their families in the Fargo and surrounding areas. We pray no catastrophe comes to your families and that you are all safe.

These names are in order by Catster Search. There are at least 70 cats we need to purr for:

Ratboy, Molly, C.J.,Stinky (2000-2008) Teddy, (adoptable) Shadow, Jasper, Oakley, Buster,Amelia, Shadow, Belle, Allie,Chucky, Oreo, Princess, The Mese, Niles, Gaborik, Scooter,Charlie, Doufass, Mary Jane, Antonia, Lou, Saturn, Weasel,Charlie, Missy (1985-2005), Tucker, Kain, Ginny McBean, Nick, Quinn C, Sage, Pooky, Jack, Bear, Lolatito Morrison Bast, Tigger, Rocket, Ziggy, Remus, Leo (adoptable), Scooter, Charlie, Ida, Harriet, Babe (In Loving Memory), Bert (2005-2007), Buttons, Norton, Milo, Emma, Chalupa, Doofus, Velcro, Louis, Frankie, Cleo, Runt, Bobcat (adoptable), Curtis, Cinnamon!, Miles, Milton MacMurray, and Indianapolis (Indiana)

These were the precious kitties that appeared when I sorted. If you know of others, please pmail me. I will do another diary to have everyone send the power of the paw to these kitties and their families. I gotta give the computer over to Lexi so she can take care of the pups.

Purring for all of you and sending the power of the paw!

Paisan, PAWS Angel


Boy was I mad last night!

March 24th 2009 2:50 pm
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I was right in the middle of my PAWS work, and had just sent a pmail to Piewacket when our internet service decided to "do repairs" I kept getting stuck. Mom did not know it was the internet at first, so she ran every update possible on the computer, just in case. Then the computer told her it was the modem, located at another computer. She went and checked. It was working. She even looked at all the wires and such with a flashlight. Everything was as it should be. I was pacing. How long is this gonna take? I was already waiting 2 hours while she ran update after update. Well at least the computer is fine. She was so mad. There was no warning or notice the internet would be unavailable. So what if it was the middle of the night. I did not get to finish my PAWS work, and I dont know if my Pmails were sent. Mom said she would see what she could find out. Then she will let me back on to finish my PAWS work. I know Reno needed the computer too. Geeeezzzz. Ok, I am gonna let mom do her thing with the computer, lets see what happens.



To all my friends....

March 19th 2009 8:27 am
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Please read Zack's diary posted just recently.

Please purr and pray. I am going to light more candles.

Sad Purrs,


Hazel Lucy!

March 13th 2009 12:25 am
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Hi Hazel Lucy. Can you please send me a pmail. I wish to talk to you.


Why me?

March 8th 2009 9:24 pm
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You all know how much I love food.

Mom got these curly fries the other day. Those are ok. But, this time she had a side order of cheese. Ummm Cheeese! Well, she thought it would be funny to draw on my nose with a curly fry dipped in cheese. The even funnier part is that I allowed it. Mom drew an outline of cheese on my nose and colored it in with cheese. I had a yellow nose and was quite happy about it. The whole time, my eyes never left that curly fry I wanted so bad. I got my curly fry and my cheese too. Ummm. I have been wondering about Pizza, tho. I haven't seen any of that for a while. Ummm yumma Pizza! Maybe soon. Well, let me go see what mom has to snack on. Sometimes, she has cheese and crackers or fun stuff like that.

Have a great week everyone!

Purrs, Paisan


March 4th 2009 Happy Birthday to Miracle!!!!!

March 4th 2009 10:43 pm
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On this day, my sweet Miracle turns 1 year old. We are going to have a party for her, just as soon as she feels up to a party. It should be soon tho!!! We sent her lots of pressies and jammed up her mommy's inbox. heee heee heee. Hey, the 1st Birthday is a big deal!!. For those of you who forgot, pressies still being accepted. MOL. Mira was really excited about her birthday then her tummy started to hurt again. She will be ok. It's just medicine time again. Dang! Mom is kicking me off the computer because it is time for Duke and Lexi to come in for the night.

Happy Birthday Mira!!!!

Love, Paisan and family


Spending nappie time with Duke

February 28th 2009 8:44 pm
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Mom let me into the room where Duke was resting. At first, he was apprehensive. But I walked up to him and let him sniff me. Then we were cool. I jumped up on the bed so he could see me. He went to sleep then I went to sleep. Then Emma joined us. I think he was happy we were there with him. He ate dinner tonite, which made Dad happy. Mom gave him his medicine. Then Buddy came out of the bathroom and Duke was very, very upset. He growled. Mom picked up Buddy and put him on the highest piece of furniture. Buddy's eyes were as big as nickels. All of us cats were watching Duke. We did not know what to expect. Duke and Buddy have a mutual dislike for each other, but Duke loves all the other cats. What can you say? Well, mom has to get off the computer now. She has to put up the barricade to keep Lexi away from Duke tonite and put Lexi's new dog bed down.
Meow at you all later!!


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