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My 10th Life

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April 7th 2009 11:09 pm
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Please visit my page to see the memorial slide mom made for Italy.


Praying for Italy and my friends.

April 6th 2009 3:25 pm
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Hi everyfur!!! Mom FINALLY got my page up again. 99% operator error, 1% computer. Hmmph.

There is a slide mom made with pics from Italy. No worries, it is rated "G".

Please view my page. Pray for those affected by many large earthquakes in Italy. It is not even close to being over for these guys. Pray for the people, the animals, the rescuers and the rescue dogs.
Pray all the souls, and the missing, and the injured.

I love you guys. I have to support the mother country, as I am an Italian cat.

I have listened to the music so much I feel like I went to Mass 20 times. Ah, I am going to heaven anyway.

Hooch, St. Francis is praying for you. He is the Patron Saint of animals. Peace be with you, my friend.

Zack I will check on you later. Always in my thoughts!

To all my friends and those who are not my friends yet, I am purring for all.

Hugs and Purrs,


Hey now!

April 5th 2009 12:30 am
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I am still on the catputer. Mommy cant sleep. She just got back from the movies.She went to see the Fast and the Furious. She sent Mira's mommy too. Even tho we are in Cali and Mira is in OK, they saw it at basically the same time. So, then there was all the "blah blah blah* about the movie. They both want to go back and see it again. Crazy humans.

I wanted to say Hi to Zack, Hooch, Patchez, Blazer,Shadow, and all the other kitties Ivisited tonite.

Also, concatulations to Eva's beloved Trucker.He is a DDP.Adding to the DDP list are Sonny Bunny Bono, Rockstar of the bridge and beyond, and Pepper. She lost a close friend today, it you would like to visit her. Wait, I am in Cali, so that would have been yesterday.

Timezones! Sheesh. Everyone have a great day and hope your weather is good and your ground steady. MOL.

Big hugs to all!


Thanks you guys!

April 4th 2009 8:03 am
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Thanks to all my Catster friends for the kind words and congrats for me being selected as a DDP. I am still in shock!. Mom was up so late running updates on the catputer, trying to find anything to make it run faster and not freeze up. Mom now thinks it might just need to be thrown in the river and sent out to the pacific ocean for the dolphins to play catch with. Mom and Dad are going looking again today. This catputer is about 6 years old and making alot of noise so mom thinks it is just done. She has started copying everything to CD's so dad can wipe the hard drive clean. What ever that means. It is working ok for now. Mom is dead tired,but got up to help me thank my wonderful friends.

Ivan! P mail Sasha....she wants to make a date for next friday.
Trucker...Eva is doing her best to keep up, it is this catputer.
Reno too, whe are posting things, and they disappear. Not only on Catster~so it is not a Catster problem. We will be working on this so mom does not get arrested for dumping "toxic waste".Blah Blah Blah.

Thanks again everyone!
Meow at you later
Technology allowing!


Glad I was not napping when that happened!!!

April 4th 2009 12:28 am
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Thank you HQ for choosing me as one of your Daily Diary Pick selections. Wow! I am stunned.

I am a very friendly fur and I truly care about other furs. I try to get my message across, whether it be one of peace among cats, or if something really bad is happening somewhere, I try to find out as much as I can and let others know.

I truly care about everyfur, on Catster/Dogster or not. I was once homeless, sick and starving and my life looked pretty bleak. Now, I have a forever home and get treated like the royalty I am. (kidding-not royalty)

Thanks again, and furs...lets take care of each other. Sometimes, like in "Friend's" case that is all we have.

I love you all!



Blah Blah Blah

April 2nd 2009 10:01 pm
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Mom is still watching drag racing. But, she turned the volume down to type my diary. She is not paying full attention to me. She keeps looking at the tv. *sigh*

It does not matter. Not much has been going on with me. I have been reporting the Earthquakes, Volcanos, Floods for all our PAWS Angels so they can purr for the animals that live in these areas. I have been checking on my pals, Zack and Hooch.

It is so easy to forget about other areas where your friends are when your weather is so nice, like it is out here. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain. But, I like letting others know. Then I try to find out how many Catsters and Dogsters are in that area. And there are so many other animals not on here that need purrs. I try to be the voice for everycat.

Molly is being so silly. I think she is really bored. She plays paw with us under the screen. Mom took some toys to the truck for her but she is not interested. She wants to be social. Mom has been spending alot of time with her. Molly hides during the day.Mostly because she is not fond of running, yelling kids. She does not know how to act around them.

I am purring for everyfur, even those who are not on Catster or Dogster. It is getting weird in our world and we animals need help too. More homeless or shelter animals now than ever. Purr Purr Purr.

Just let out a few purrs for another cat every so often.

Also, I wanted to add my sincere condolences to the family of the Triplets. Marvin was escorted to the bridge today by his Angel brofur Trucker after a courageous battle. He was only a month old. *purrs for Marvin*.

Goodnite everyfur!


Well thats just great!

April 2nd 2009 5:12 pm
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When It's my turn for the computer....Pass Time and Pinks All Out is on. (Speed Channel) For those who do not know, my mom is heavily into drag racing and has a race car. Blah Blah. What this means to me is that I will not get to be on the computer for the next hour. She practically glues her face to the tv, has to make comments, freaks when they crash or come close to it.....yeah yeah yeah. Reno was the race car kitty, not me.

Well, looks like a nap is overdue, if I can find a quiet spot where I wont be hearing burn outs and roaring engines. I am just glad I cant smell the tire rubber and the racing gas.

Nappies..................see ya!

Purrs of boredom,


This Italian has something to say!

March 31st 2009 12:40 pm
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You know what all my friends....I totally love Catster. This place gives us a place to play, make friends, have fun...etc... Catster was not always here. I have been on Earth quite a while and trust me, having Catster is a blessing to us friendly type cats. And I love and care about my friends and everyfur on Catster. Thats why I am so active in PAWS.

Now, with that said her comes the Italian Paisan....Please everyfur put the claws away!!! No hissing either!!!! If bad stuff keeps happening, there will be no Catster for us. Please realize this!

Cats don't always get along. Everyone knows that. But here on Catster, this place is huge! If someone is bugging you, play somewhere else for a while. Don't leave Catster. If it is a very serious issue, let HQ know. HQ cares about all the kitties on Catster.

I am a peacemaker. Please, please put away the claws, and zip the lips. You don't have to be friends, just please do not fight. Lets keep Catster a place that we can all enjoy!!!

Love to everyone on Catster. I am sending out soothing purrs to all so fur is not ruffled. ~Friends make the Catster world go 'round~

Purrs for all Catsters!!!



March 30th 2009 12:09 pm
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Paisan here from PNN (Paisan News Network).

I am hearing that some cats are being bad, by spreading rumors and stuff. No, no, no, no. We do not do that here on Catster!

I love ALL my friends no matter what. I don't know who is fighting with who, but I always find out. Please be nice to each other!

If a kitty is bugging you, just ignore that kitty. If someone has hurt your feelings, ask why. It could have just been a big misunderstanding.

Catster is a place of friendship and caring. Please don't fight!!! It bums me out, then I have to chase you and see whats up.

Big hugs and loves to all my friends, and to all the kitties and pups on Catster. I love you all. Let's please play nice!

Mwah! (kitty kiss)


Hello everyone!

March 28th 2009 8:07 am
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Not, that I went anywhere. We were and still are mourning the unfortunate and totally unnecessary passing of Friend, our Angel Baby. Where we live in Los Angeles County, it is considered a "toxic waste violation" if you bury your pet in your own yard. Oh, so now I am toxic waste. Good to know..Anyway. That meant mom had to keep Friend unexposed and safe. She wrapped him, put him in the locked carrier on top of the washer in the garage. The next morning, first thing she took him to our vet. She wanted to know as best as could be determined how he was injured. The vet said it was definitely an animal bite, most likely a large dog. Nice. So, now mom is mad and sad. Mad because whoever had the mama cat to Friend did not take care of him, or find him a home but just left it up to the streets. Molly found him too late. He had already been bitten, but it was not as bad. It became infected even tho mom snuck antibiotics into his food and made sure he ate. That is probably why he lived as long as he did. When the vet did the assessment, it turned out Friend was 10 months old. What a horribly short, painful life. Mom asked the vet to please give him the respect in death he did not get in life. She had him properly cremated, instead of just "dropping his body off at the pound". She was able to pet Friend on the nose one more time and said goodbye. He looked so much like a kitten lying on that table. A sweet, beautiful kitten that never had a chance.

I wish people would get with it. Spay and Neuter your pets. If you cant keep them, find them a good forever home. It's not that hard. Don't just boot them out and let "street justice" take it's course. For people like my mom and about a hundered other people on Catster that rescue, this is the most heartbreaking part. A beautiful, adoptable cat left to the streets. That is no life for any animal, cat or dog. Us Catsters know this, but the rest of the world needs to wake up.
One person + one cat or dog would make such a huge impact.

Ok. I am off my soapbox now. But seriously....this did not have to happen. Now there is one more angel at the bridge, One devasted cat who loved this kitty, and my mom who is heartbroken. All could have been avoided.

Thank you for the purrs and prayers and pressies for Molly and Friend. Mom will be thanking everyone later. She only had 4 hours of sleep.

Special prayers to Trucker/Gabby/Pumpkin/Charlie....their momcat broke her leg. This is major because she has many animals to take care of. Lets all purr that she gets better quickly. This is painful and frustrating for her!!!!

Purring for all my Catster friends, and friends I have yet to make and their families.

Purr Purr Purr

Purrs to all!

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