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My 10th Life

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A furriend of mine has a mom that needs purrs!

April 22nd 2009 9:07 pm
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My furriend, BLAZER has a very sad mom who misses him so much. If you can stop by his page and leave some words of comfort....that would be great.



My mom wants to apologize!!!!

April 22nd 2009 6:48 pm
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And she is using me!!! The other day, mom was checking her emails, and our pmails. Then the phone rang. It was Grandma. She could not breathe!!! OMC. Mom was on the computer when she got the call. Because of our proximity to the hospital (2 blocks) and Grandma not being far away its faster if mom goes to get her than waiting on an ambulance. So, mom threw her shoes on, grabbed the house keys, her purse, turned on the air conditioning for us cats, locked the front door, locked up the dogs, and sped out of here. Mom broke several traffic laws, but got Grandma to the hospital...right when auntie Janine showed up. Mom was gone for a really long time. They got Grandma to breathe better. Grandma has COPD and lung cancer. So when Grandma calls, mom runs. Mom wanted to apologize if she left anyone hanging or did not reply. She was worried about Grandma. I love my Grandma and I want her to be around for a little while longer. It's just really scary for mom and auntie Janine. The both take care of Grandma. Again, mom is very, very sorry. She knows there were a couple of furs/people she was in the process of replying to and just shut everything down. Please forgive us. Hey, I was napping, so I am good. Please forgive mommy. That is why she has been on in the middle of the night. She is afraid to go to sleep. Big hugs to everyone. We are sorry!!!! Purrrs, Paisan and Mommy.


I am bummed.

April 21st 2009 11:24 pm
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The phone rang, mom answered, said "ok, I'll be right there!". Put on her shoes, locked the dogs up, turned on the air conditioner for us. I tried to get into the bedroom for my nappie, but mom told me that she had to leave and wasn't sure when she would be back. Grandma had to go to the emergency room because she couldn't breathe. What? Again? Didn't this just happen? Mom dashed out the door, I heard the door lock click and the truck start and she was gone. Daddy got home before mom. By then, the room was hot and no way was I going in there. I am done melting. So, I went back to my spot on the couch and laid back down. Mom promised tomorrow we could do nappies. Right after she gets up first thing and calls grandma's doctor. I don't like it when Grandma gets sick. Everything gets messed up and I love my Grandma. She has known me all my life and still can't say my name right. I love it. MOL. Looking forward to a better day tomorrow. Nappies and no sick grandma.



Oh brother!

April 21st 2009 7:21 pm
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(dramatically) Paisan pulls himself to kitchen "Must...have...water!"
Flops onto floor. Places paw in fountain, gets water on paw, licks paw. Finds strength to pull himself all the way to fountain to drink.

(Sasha, who is a drama queen watches in fascination and shakes head)

"He is doing it all wrong!"

"He should have thrown himself onto the floor, not flopped. What a lazy cat"

"I better show him the right way to do it...." be continued


Man, Is it ever gonna cool off?

April 20th 2009 11:41 pm
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I mean, seriously I could not even handle a pizza right now! It's that hot. Me, Paisan, willing to pass up a pizza for some cooler weather. It's true. Sorry Guido! MOL. I went and laid on the kitchen floor and then dad turned the A/C back on cuz it was way too hot still. Then I got in the cat cube and it was really cool in there. I stayed in there, even after Lexi and Duke came inside. Lexi looked at me, but I was not moving. I was finally somewhere cool. So, it is now 11:30 at night and we give up. Dad left the front door open but locked the security screen. Molly came to get food for her friends. Mom told dad that when she went outside the cement was still warm. Poor Molly. I think she hides most of the day when it is hot. We feel heat on our feet too. Some people don't realize that. Mom put a clean sheet on Duke's bed. She said if her knee is doing good, she is giving Lexi a major haircut. The weather is supposed to get cooler, but this is only April....or is it? I am starting to wonder. Well, be safe my friends, wherever you are. Mom will take good care of all of us in this extreme heat. We will be ok. I wish all my friends the same.

Purrs to all!

(glamour photo...ha ha very funny mom)


Whew its hot in here!

April 20th 2009 1:17 pm
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Current conditions as of 12:53 pm PDT Downey, California

Partly Cloudy
Feels Like:98°
Barometer:29.95 in and falling
Visibility:10 mi
Wind:VAR 5 mph
Sunrise:6:15 am
Sunset:7:28 pm

Whew!!! And we are lucky!!! Some neighboring cities are at 105 degrees and higher. Mom turned on the A/C for us cats because the thermometer said 86 in the house. I get heat sick and so does Whiskers.

Mom brought Duke and Lexi in long ago. They each have their own water bowl. Lexi is having fun jumping into the open bedroom window and barking at everyone. The funny part is that the Molly Bush covers the windows, so you can't tell where the barking is coming from.

Mom told the lady next door with all the dogs to load them up and go to a friend's house that has A/C because her daughter is disabled and it is too hot in their house.

K, I am going nappies now cuz it is getting nice and cool in here! Be safe everyone who is having crazy weather. Hot or Cold, us animals need to be safe. Purrs!


Weather check for Molly

April 20th 2009 1:46 am
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Monday, April 20 2 am 67° F
Partly Cloudy 67°F 0% 45%
From E 9 mph

That is what is going on Molly, the humidity! It is gonna start to get warm at 7 am. I let mom know to feed you early so you could hide. Mom is gonna get the water bottle and spray down Lexi a little and try to go to sleep. This humidity is what is making us miserable. Sorry guys. We will get thru it.


Purring and Praying for Muppet.

Hey Molly I can hear the night birds up in the big tree!!!!



April 18th 2009 4:50 pm
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Boy, are we lucky or what? I am in the bedroom and I can hear the chirping of birds. I know, big deal but guess what? They are nesting in our attic, and the opening is right above the bedroom window. So, I can lie happily on this nice soft bed and watch birds come and go and not even move a whisker. How cool is that? I know, I am spoiled. But, ya gotta love me!!! Mom is mean. She put that new pic on my profile and told me it was a mugshot. I was not awake! No fair! And I look....fat. Wonder who I should speak to about that? Nah, nevermind~I am just too happy lying here looking at birds.

Purring and Praying for Muppet!



My mom is taking way too long to get back on the computer.

April 17th 2009 3:11 am
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I got things to say, friends to check on, you know Catster stuff. Mom fell down last week in the yard taking the dogs out. At first she thought she got caught up in Lexi's leash, but actually her knee gave out, causing her to fall....weird. So, the whole week has been a wash! No computer time for any of us!!!

Well, now mom is up in the middle of the night, because she can't sleep, that means no one gets to sleep! I am no night owl...wait, it's morning by now isn't it?

But, now she is going to get off the computer....because now she is feeling sleepy, or her meds are kicking in. Turn out the lights already!!! Me sweepy!!!! I like to sleeeeeep as much as possible.

Oddly, Duke and Lexi are also awake. Everyone goes nappies!

Talk to you all at a NORMAL hour!
( daytime, mom...)

OK, Purrs and nite from grouchy



Hello to all of my friends.....

April 12th 2009 8:58 pm
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Iwish all of my friends had a Happy Easter and Passover.

My diary will be short because mom's leg still hurts. She does not blame Lexi. She blames herself. Lexi did not know mom was hurt.
Everything should be back to normal in a few days.

Phanto!!! I knew you would win if there was a contest. Phanto looks so much like a bunny, it is scary. Concats! to Phanto!!!

I am still purring and praying for my sick friends, Hooch, Zack, and babies at Pumpkin's house. So much to purray for!!!

Everyone is still in our thoughts, even if out typist cannot sit up for long.

Have a great day efuuryone!!!

Loves and Hugs,

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