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My 10th Life

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I have been mom sitting

May 15th 2009 1:23 am
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Mom and her leg are at odds. So, she decides to lie down and rest the leg. Someone must supervise. I chose myself. I gave her a hair flower. She did not like it. I have to get back to checking on all my Catster friends. I feel like I have done all I can to help mom. She had a better day today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. That means more naptime for me.

Purrs to all my friends!!!


Please remember to purr and pray for all sick friends!

May 11th 2009 12:28 am
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This is a cross post of what I just submitted to PAWS.

First, I would like to give most of the credit here to Hazel Lucy. I check her posts first for information, then visit the page of the friend who needs help. Hazel Lucy already posted these, but some people go to posts, while others are in groups. I will post on my diary as well.

Our Latest Bridge Angels

Sick Kitties
Need POP!

Ludo UK
Annie luvs Simon

Please, lets take a moment to purr for these kitties and all sick kitties and pups and to thank Hazel Lucy for the tireless job she does keeping us informed. Thank you, HL.

Purrs to all!


Hi Everyone!

May 9th 2009 2:26 am
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Sorry I have been absentee! Mom hurt her knee again. She has been owie all week. Which means no diaries were typed. She still has the brace but somehow, it was hurt again. Mom is goofy. She needs to stop getting hurt. I had a great nap today. Mom took a pic of me that I hope never ends up on Catster. I was asleep on my back all sprawled out. I feel like mom took advantage of me!!! MOL. Mom is up right now because she cannot sleep again. She said her knee and ankle hurt. What am I going to do with her? Oh, we got some cat cubes. I have claimed one as my own. When I am in it, leave me alone. Mom still cannot find the boogie mats at any of the pet stores, so I think she is going online to find us some. We have so many toys, we can't possibly play with them all. Even Molly has toys in the back of the truck. We are just too spoiled. MOL. I am going back to sleep now, mom. Just because you are awake does not mean I also have to be awake. Nitey nite!

Purring for everyone everywhere


So Not Funny!

May 2nd 2009 12:08 am
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Buddy, Emma and myself were napping on the bed while mom was on the computer. All of the sudden, the house shook a little, then it got stronger. Mom yelled to Dad "Earthquake"! Mom stayed in the chair, watching us, the fish, the stuff on the wall, then the shaking slowed down. Mom looked at us. Emma was not much affected. I, reporter of earthquakes was a nervous wreck and Buddy was just plain frozen with his eyes as big as they could possibly get. Mom tried to calm us down, but we know better. There would be more. It turned out to be not far from us. It was a 4.4 magnitude centered north east of Downtown Los Angeles in an area called Westlake Village. We felt it here for sure. Mom counted 10 seconds. She does not really panic. She waits to see. Mom was concerned because there were no immediate aftershocks. Finally, we had an aftershock of 3.1 about 10:30 tonite. I pray there are none in the middle of the night. I hate those the worst. Well, now I know how everyone else feels that is in an earthquake or bad storm area....scared out of my mind.

Well, this kitty is going back under the couch. I will check back with you all later. My nerves are shot.



Gimme the phone, mom!

April 28th 2009 7:58 pm
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I was casually napping when the phone rang. It was Prissy Cottontail's mom. Blah blah blah. I just know I could hear PC in the background calling me. Mom would not give up the phone. I bit her 4 times and left the room. You may now talk to the paw, mom.

Purring for everyone, but mad at my mom.



Man, am I tired!

April 27th 2009 9:12 pm
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Mom has not been sleeping. So, I have not been sleeping. She has me doing research for PAWS. I love helping PAWS, but by 3am, this kitty needs to be sleeping and so does mom. She has to go to the doctor tomorrow early, so I know she will go to bed on time. Our weather got cooler here, but our friend Ivan is dying from the icky humid heat like I was. Two words for you...AIR CONDITIONING!. Mol!!!

I would like to thank Jewel for the yummy cupcake and a very familiar looking Mopsey for the world. I love owning my own Earth.

I am purring for all my sick friends and for those who have journeyed to the bridge recently.

Always Purring,


A very early morning hello to my furriends!

April 24th 2009 2:16 am
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I just wanted to say hi to some friends who have been sick or struggling lately.


I hope everyone is doing fine, and have a great weekend!!!!!

Purrs, Paisan


Well, that bums me out!

April 23rd 2009 10:10 am
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I guess no one read my diary last night. That makes me sad. I wasasking for furrs to stop byBLAZER

His mom really misses him and blames herself. Please stop by his page and show Blazer some love.




A furriend of mine has a mom that needs purrs!

April 22nd 2009 9:07 pm
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My furriend, BLAZER has a very sad mom who misses him so much. If you can stop by his page and leave some words of comfort....that would be great.



My mom wants to apologize!!!!

April 22nd 2009 6:48 pm
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And she is using me!!! The other day, mom was checking her emails, and our pmails. Then the phone rang. It was Grandma. She could not breathe!!! OMC. Mom was on the computer when she got the call. Because of our proximity to the hospital (2 blocks) and Grandma not being far away its faster if mom goes to get her than waiting on an ambulance. So, mom threw her shoes on, grabbed the house keys, her purse, turned on the air conditioning for us cats, locked the front door, locked up the dogs, and sped out of here. Mom broke several traffic laws, but got Grandma to the hospital...right when auntie Janine showed up. Mom was gone for a really long time. They got Grandma to breathe better. Grandma has COPD and lung cancer. So when Grandma calls, mom runs. Mom wanted to apologize if she left anyone hanging or did not reply. She was worried about Grandma. I love my Grandma and I want her to be around for a little while longer. It's just really scary for mom and auntie Janine. The both take care of Grandma. Again, mom is very, very sorry. She knows there were a couple of furs/people she was in the process of replying to and just shut everything down. Please forgive us. Hey, I was napping, so I am good. Please forgive mommy. That is why she has been on in the middle of the night. She is afraid to go to sleep. Big hugs to everyone. We are sorry!!!! Purrrs, Paisan and Mommy.

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