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Ponderings from the Manimal of the House

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When your sister is COTD

August 9th 2008 7:29 pm
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Ok now I know you all expect this to be me saying how horrible it is that Winna was COTD, and I thought about saying that, but I have to tell the truth, but no one tell her ok. *talks really quietly*

I think it was pretty cool today that Winna was COTD. She got so many pressies and it made her so happy and when she is happy she doesn't chase me and push me off the chairs as much. *grin*.

It was nice to have everyone tell her how pretty she is and how nice she is, she is a pretty good sister (even if I don't tell her that) and sometimes she gets forgotten on catster cause I have more friends and lets face it I am just more fun.

So thanks for making Winnie feel special today!!! *see's Winnie coming in and changes his voice really fast*...That's right, its HORRIBLE that HQ picked her and not me, silly furball she is *wink...wink*


Brusselball Season is So Short

August 1st 2008 8:11 pm
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It looks like BB rosie season has passed again. It goes so fast. Thank you HQ for letting us have our BB's back for just a little bit. Now we can start looking forward to next years bb season!!!!


I've got my bags packed

July 31st 2008 8:38 pm
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*standing with his luggage* Ok who can I move in with???

What a day, get this..FIRST my mommy puts these HUGE kitty pictures on the wall and they are staring at me (ok they are of me and Winnie but still they are HUGE and scary) *mommy note I had some of my favorite pics of them printed on canvas to hang in my home office* After mommy hung them up she picked up ALL my toys and put them in a basket, SHEESH, how rude. I had them where I wanted them.

THEN as if a picture of Winnie with a foot tall eyeball isnt enough all these LOUD NOISY people came to my house tonight. They even had two squeaky babies with them, there were 100's of people here I tell you *mommy note - more like 20* They were loud and all over my house and I stayed way away from them.

There was one little twofer, Mia, who came and sat on the floor and talked soft to me and I came out for her, she gave me treaties even. She was 3 1/2 and I liked her. But that didnt make up for all the big twofers here tonight.

And get this, one of them saw me and said to mommy "that aint no cat, that is a bobcat". What a doof, doesnt he know beautiful big feeties and spottidies when he sees them????????

I cant live like this! Who wants a housemate????


My feeties are famous, sorta

July 20th 2008 7:23 am
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*runs in and checks the mirror* yup still a cat!!! *giggle*. Make sure everyone reads the Vet Blog today. It is about ME and my horn-y feeties. He answered mommy's question the night she found my bump on my toe (see my pictures).

It would have been really cool to show all my friends he was talking about ME, but he called me a WOOFER!!!! Can you imagine??????? I have always through Dr Eric seemed a little partial to the woofers, but why would he just guess I was a doggie????? We wrote to him from Catster.

Oh well I am still famous and that is really cool. This is more special than being COTD even!!!


My Pal JV's First Yahrzeit!!!

July 17th 2008 7:50 pm
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Jules Vern has it really been a year??????? I miss you my friend. Queenie misses you, Catster HQ even misses you. It was fun having a party tonight to remember and honor you, but there is one more thing I have to do *lights the candle in his main picture*

As a lot of you kits know we are Jewish kitties, and our beliefs dont really talk about an afterlife the way a lot of kitties do. But we are raised to beleive that your afterlife comes from how you changed the world, the impact you had on the world and how you are remembered. So by keeping somecat in our heart and mind they have an eternal life.

To outwardly express that rememberance every year we celebrate their Yahrzeit, the anniversary of their passing. And we burn a special candle of rememberance all day.

So for you my pal my candle is lit (ok its a little early but I knew mommy wouldnt still be up at midnight) and will keep it up for you all day.

We miss you, we remember you, you made the world a better place!!!!

(PS anyone else who would like to put this picture on their page is welcome too)


The History of Brusselball Rosies

July 16th 2008 7:59 am
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Hi everyone *waving*. First of all a HUGE Thank You and hugs to HQ for bringing back the brusselball rosie. We can't thank you enough for helping us remember JV. We can't beleive it has been a year.

Ok now why I posted, we have been getting questions on the meaning of the bb rosie, so I thought a little history lesson might be helpful for the new kitties....

BB's at JV's party was not actually the start of bb's. That is a kind of funny story. They were actually started by Arnold P. See heres how it went. I went on a little "adventure" (yeah that's what we'll call it) *winnie pipes in* (that means the dufas pushed a screen out and fell out a second story window and was missing for two days) *chessy pushes her away*. Like I said, I went on an adventure. And while I was gone everyone was really worried and put my picture up on their page (this was near the start of that tradition, might have been the first time actually I think. Thanks to my friend Tick for making the picture)

When I was found, my friends at the Samoa detective agency group threw me a great party, and Arnold P brought brusselsprouts. We all thought that was a little weird in the head at first, but we started playing with them and had so much fun. From there they became known as brusselballs (bb's) and we played with them whenever we could.

One of the cool dudes who was part of our group was JV. He was pawsome with a bb. He had been sick for a while but was getting worse, and his mommy said he had to go to the bridge. Before he left we decided to throw him a huge party at Samoa's to send him off right. It was the first Annual JV Brusselball Tourney, held on July 17th, 2007.

Now pardon me for being a little murky on timing, but I think it was the week after that, in rememberance of JV's passing, that we all decided we needed a bb rosie and campaigned HQ for one (we all pmailed and posted and wore bb rosie pictures). Well HQ being as smart as they are thought it was a good idea and for a short while we had bb rosies.

As part of all this a group was also started (so we werent always commandeering Samoa's Agency for our games) where we could play brusselball whenever we wanted, where we could plant a brusselball garden and hang out with our BB friends.

Fast forward to July 2008 and it has been a year since JV went away and is time for the 2nd annual JV bb tourney. And HQ has been gracious enough to help us celebrate by bringing back the bb rosie.

And THAT is the history of the bb ~a~

Oh wait I forgot, one more thing....Dont ever catch a bb with your mouth...they taste like poo!!!! *giggle*

Really hope you will join us tomorrow night for LOTS of fun at the tourney, join the JV picture stroll, wear the bb picture, and send lots of bb rosies!!! Oh and please remember to pmail JV's mommy and let her know we all love her and remember him.

This is JV's page

I miss you dude!!!!


Cuter Nummies

July 14th 2008 8:00 am
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Today I had cuter company, some bunnies were playing in my yard. They look much nummier!!!!!


Nummies can sure be ugly

July 13th 2008 3:28 pm
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So here I was, cute little adorable me, just hanging out in my bedroom looking out the window, when those turkeys on my page walked right up to the window and looked at me. Boy are they UGLY when they are walking around. My bestest Punky said they looked like dinosaurs in my picture and she is right. And their heads are all bald and ugly and a funny color. This is what they looked like, but bigger and uglier, breeders-chicks/wild-turkey-pictures-breeders-chicks/picture s/wild-turkey-0001.jpg

I dont think I want to see any more of my nummy foods walking around, they look better in my tummy.


Up for Adoption

May 28th 2008 8:02 pm
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Over the last two weeks I have worked really hard with all my friends on catster and dogster to get Tessy, Aldo and Noelle new homes. Now I need help.

We need to get the vacuum monster a new home!!!!! I am thinking if someone from the catster railroad would come rescue it, then we could put it on a plane, maybe to that New Mexico place (that sounds good and far away).

Would you be willing to give the vacuum monster a good home so it would stop chasing me??????

Oh and I will throw in one tile guy too if you want (he made a lot of noise here today too).


Thank you pet smart

April 3rd 2008 4:26 pm
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Ok now let me start by saying, I was rather unhappy with Pet Smart. They have decided to stop carrying my treaties (MC Catberry Crunchies). This presents a major problem for me, as those are my absolutely most favoritest ever, and all I have had for treats since I was a little one and my bestest punky told me about them. I found out on my birthday *gasp* that they were discontinuing them. I was so desperate I even asked my Auntie Kaye (Mrs Pooh's mommy) to ask her store if they had them, cause she works for Pet Smart. And nope they are discontinuing too *frown*.

So my mommy, being kinda smart for a twofer, went on line to and ordered me 6 bags of them. So I had a supply. She also ordered 4 boxes of the filters for Winnie's water fountain (borrring).

The box came today and mommy just kept pulling bag after bag of treaties out of the box. Instead of 6 treaties and 4 filters they put in 10 bags of my treaties. Now how is THAT for service.

Thank you pet smart, you really are smart!!!!

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