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Ponderings from the Manimal of the House

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I have met their leader...

December 18th 2008 8:06 am
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*shaking as he types* I thought we had trained "the machine whose name can not be spoken" it seemed to be in check and only comes out once in a great while...but today *shudders* I met their leader and OMC was is scary.....a man pulled up in a van...... with a hose coming out of it and started sucking out the walls of my house *shaking head* yes it is true. The whole van was a "machine whose name can not be spoken". I cant believe I lived through it, I tell you, it was the scariest thing ever!!! It was their mothership, I just know it was!!!!!! I would have killed it but mommy trapped us in ths sunroom, probably to protect us from its evil reach!!!! We are being the Men in Black!!!!!!!!!!!

(mommy here...we had the vents cleaned, no biggie but according to Chessy's reaction, this was the apocolypse)


Catster Chanukah Brunch

December 17th 2008 7:31 pm
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Wow...its been a year since our first Catster Chanukah party......that went fast....

Please come join me at our Second Annual Catster Chanukah Party....Sunday, Dec 21st at 10am EST, in the Matzos Kitties Chevarim Group.

We are going to have the party during our weekly brunch. There will be latkes, Sufganiyot (fried Jelly donuts), Dreidels to play with, and lighting of menorahs.

EVERY cat (and dog) is welcome, you do not have to be Jewish.

See you there


I live in the best place in the world...

December 16th 2008 5:50 pm
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All my friends, and especially my bestest Punky, think it is silly to live where I do, where it is cold and snowy. Why would I want to live somewhere hot? Life is perfect here. We like the cold so much here that we give away degrees, and we gave away so many today it is now MINUS degrees outside. And the sky has been falling all day so everything is white and shiny (icy).

I love it cause it is too cold for mommy to go anywhere, her birdies stop flying and she stays home in her snuggly clothes. Tonight mommy and Winnie Bea and William and me are all cuddled up in front of the fireplace. Mommy has hot chocolate, Winnie has treaty treats and I have my awesome "stinky fish crap" (Kitty Kaviar) from Mr O'Malley.

What a perfect life...all my favorite things, my furmily and my nummies and none of them are going anywhere!!!!

I LOVE winter and MN weather!!! *snuggles up next to mommy for more petties*. Sorry you kitties in hot places miss out on this!



December 11th 2008 3:10 pm
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For my main mini-man Newmie....

Noshes - snacks, treaty-treats!!!!

Chevarim - Friends

Havah Nagila - literally means "let us rejoice" but most people know it as a Hebrew Folk Song we dance to when we are celebrating.

Why is Chanukah (or as it is now known ChaNewKah *giggle*) spelled differently for lot of people? Chanukah is a hebrew word and the first letter in it is a Chaf...this word does not have an equal letter in English, so different people spell it different ways to try to make the same thing.

A chaf is a sound a lot like a kitty having a hairball btw *giggle*



December 11th 2008 7:06 am
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Ted have to help me here. Stop picking the Winster as ddp, my ego is taking a real bruising here. Us men have to stick together dude.

*gives Diary Girl his flirty Chester look* Hi Diary girl!!!!! *rolls over showing his cute spotties to her.

*winks at Ted* hey a boy has to use his best assets, now help me out man, I don't need to be picked but stop picking my sisifur. She is hard enough to live with without you guys telling her how great she is.

*ducks waiting for winnie to read this and thunk him*



December 2nd 2008 8:25 pm
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I'm a muppethead!


Another way to help Muppet

November 24th 2008 1:48 pm
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Muppet's Bucket is about 2/3 full...but we have a long way to go. To help out an auction has been started (Samoa of the Great Detective Agency Fame is coordinating through her website).

And here is the best item in the auction AUTOGRAPHED Catster T-shirts are being donated to the auction by catster. They should be added shortly.

You can have these collector's items *giggle*

Thank you HQ, thank you all the muppetheads and thank you everyone who is purring and praying for Muppie!!


A Challenge to Our Challenge

November 22nd 2008 3:34 pm
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Catster is the most amazing community ever!!! HL just posted the following in the Muppet's Bucket group...

"Ele' would also like to match donations made between now and Wednesday, up to $500. Her mommy's heartstrings got tugged on really hard - not just by Muppet's story, but when she read the mention of sweet Tess."

Ele' was instrumental in helping rescue Aldo and Noelle!!! She has more than given to Catster and to be partnered with her to match your donations is very honoring!!!!!

Please help us spend ours and Ele's mommy's money and TRIPLE YOUR DONATION

Please donate!!!!


Help Us Help Muppet

November 22nd 2008 12:44 pm
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We saw the Hazel Lucy smoke signal in the sky this morning and made mommy log on, a catster or dogster MUST be in trouble. HL only rallies the troops for the most important of problems. When we logged on it looked kinda familiar…HL was manning Central Catmand, a new group had been set up “Muppet’s Bucket” ( draiser-15216) and everyone was rallying. This must be serious…we haven’t done this since we lost Laurel………

We spent some time reading and learned that this time little Muppet ( ) needed our help. Here is a great summary of Muppie’s situation (Ele hope you don’t mind we copied what you wrote).

Muppet was rescued by Best Friends Society from a horrific hoarding situation. Muppet and almost 700 other cats were rescued from what was supposed to be an animal sanctuary that went by the name of F.L.O.C.K. (For the Love of Cats and Kittens). Almost half of the cats did not survive, and many of those that have - like Muppet - need ongoing care. Muppet is in a loving forever home, and has been fortunate to now have a family who will provide her with whatever she needs. And she has needed quite a bit in the way of vet care. Now Muppet needs an ear surgery if she is going to continue living, because without it the pain that she experiences due to an ear trauma will become so great that she would need to be put down. Otherwise, Muppet is a healthy and beautiful girl. She has already survived so much, that it would be tragedy for her family to have to let her go now, but they simply can not afford the surgery. Catster HQ has been incredibly helpful and done all the legwork to make sure the situation is as reported (Thanks Head Cat) and it is, and is full supporting this effort to help save Muppet.

Needless to say we HAD to help (well duh that is what Catster’s do). So we went and found mommy’s special credit card (the one we stashed away after we helped Noelle and Tessie and Aldo) and we were about make a donation, when mommy stopped us. She reminded us we needed to do more than just make a donation, we needed to get others to do the same….so we came up with a plan…

We are going to MATCH all the donations made between now and Wednesday night (up to a total of $1000). For every donation that comes in we will send that much. That means how much every you all donate will be twice as much now!!!!!

Please donate, no matter how little or much you can give, please help us help Muppie have even more to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

In addition to donating, you can help by…

1) Soliciting donations from your friends and family. Challenge them to give, match theirs and I’ll match yours, we can triple the donations
2) Join the Muppet’s bucket group
3) Get Muppie’s story out to the media in your area

Please help us help Muppet!!!

Some of you might wonder why we are going to this extent, while we could say we are doing it just cause it is the right thing to do (which it is), but truth, we are still sad we couldn’t save Tessie, when we saved Aldo and Noelle….we will NOT let this effort fail!! We couldn’t help Tessie but we can help Muppie….now lets see the power of the Purr in action….

READY SET DONATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We dare you to make us give our full $1000!!!!!


The Sky is Falling...The Sky is Falling

November 7th 2008 12:10 pm
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*runs around all excited* The sky is falling, this is my most favoritest time of year. Everything is all white and pretty cause the sky is falling *gets thumped by Winnie*

Winnie here.....Chicken Little do you REALIZE they may not know what that means??? *gives Chessy a duh look* For those of you who don't live with Mr. Shortbus, he is trying to tell you it is snowing here in MN.

*Chessy pushes Winnie out of the way* That is what I told them...the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!!!!!

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