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Ponderings from the Manimal of the House

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Oh No Not Again

May 3rd 2009 9:27 am
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*falls over in despair* POOH, DUDE, there are 12 of you there, TWELVE!!!!! 12 of you couldnt keep track of two mommies????? How could you losted them again? *sigh* You know I think it is good to have one of those daddy things.....(which I dont have and punky doesnt have) cause if you mommy gets losted you have a daddy to find her and to take care of you while she is missed.

Atlanta again you think they really went there or should Aldo be watching for them on their reloop.

*lays down exhausted on a map* really wish I knew how to read this thing!!!!


I have an idea

May 2nd 2009 6:07 pm
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Ok so we have all these losted mommies and I just realized what we need to do...

1) Microchip the mommies....that way when they get losted they can be scanned and returned

2) Get them Together Tags....Mr Ted can you help us out with this.

Pooh thinks we can train then, I dont think so, I think they are WAY past that, but if we cant train them. At least lets mark them so we can get them back!!!!!!


North Carolina?

May 2nd 2009 5:16 pm
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Pooh, man, you are kidding right. My mommy is in North Carolina...Again??????????????????? What the catnip? How did THAT happen. *sigh* NOW what are we going to do????? Are they driving to Nuk again? Did they forgetted they already did this cycle once and are trying it again? Will Nuk end up with TWO sisters. OH MY!!!!!!!!

Did they get hitted on the head and forget they are our mommies and where they live????????????????????? *paces worriedly*

If any other cats see the losted mommies please let us know.


Mrs Punky's Mommy

April 25th 2009 8:18 am
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Guess what, guess what. Mrs Punky's mommy is here visiting ME!!!! She came all the way from South Africa to see ME!!!!!!!! How cool is that?

And Nuk...I want you to know that when she came in I was big and brave and said hi and let her pet me and everything (then I went under the bed).

She is pretty cool...she gave me lots of petties last night and treaties and everything. I think we'll keep her!!!

There are only 2 problems....1) she talks funny!!!! 2) She keeps saying it is cold is NOT cold here today, it is like 90 degrees warmer than it was when Mrs Pooh's mommy came to visit me.

Ok off to get more petties!!!!!!!!!!!!


He Got a Sister Cat and Now All Sanity Seems Gone

April 20th 2009 11:40 am
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Ok my bromantic Nuk really seems to be losing it, telling us how pretty his sister is (ok she is, but STILL she is a girlcat and a sister at that).

For the record nuk, I know about boas, and spa stuff and HK because I spend time trying to dodge those things over at the brusselball. Frankie's spa likes to try to put them on me while I am riding the poohbull or other manly things.

Btw Nuk *hands him an envelope* here is a nice gift certificate for a flowery bubble bath and a facial......with your new girlie life you may want to pretty up *rolling around laughing*

*grabs Pooh and heads off the man cave to hang out*


Fight Like a Girl

April 19th 2009 5:59 am
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*walks in carrying a boa, high heels and a pink HK purse and puts them on Nuk* awwww dude you look so swweeeeeeettttt *rolls over laughing* Now you can have a nice tea party with your new sisifur!!!! *slaps Nuk upside the head* WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MAN. Hiding under the bed is cool, I do that, but when the girlcat joins you you dont stay!!!!!!! You beeline for somewhere else. And what is this crap you were following HER around and if you got close SHE hissed at you???? Dude you have gotten sissified....soon you will be asking Frankie for a facial and pawicure over in the spa.

*putting up a sign that reads...BROMANTIC NEEDED* looks like I need a new guy pal, Nuk has gone to the girlie side *giggles*

*winnie walks in and whispers to Nuk* dont worry, next weekend Mrs Punky's mommy is coming here, she can share all the dirt on the doof and you can get even *cackles hysterically* take that Chester Gump!!!!!!!


I'm sorry Bro...

April 17th 2009 8:41 pm
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*hanging head in shame* if you have read the diary of my best bromantic pal Nuk you have heard about the chaos and stress in his life, a new sister. And I sadly have to admit my mommy is involved....the twofers are WAY out of control!! I'm sorry man!!!!! But hey when my mommy gets there make her give you the great pressies I sent, hopefully that makes it a little better.



April 15th 2009 7:43 pm
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Ok....I think there needs to be some talking to with some GIRLCATS here on Catster. A few days ago when my look alike Nuk and I were sending kissiling rosies (we were making fun of our mommies to be exact) we got teased and picked on for kissing boys. But today RA is going around kissiling girls and everyone is all excited....SHEESH girlcats!!!

Now I would like to point out that even if Nuk and I had been kissiling for what? I learned a new word today on the news BROMANCE!!!! If you don't know what it means cnn can explain x.html

I am happy to have my bromantic pals...Nuk, Pooh, Aldo and little Newmie! I love you men!!!!!!!!!!!!

So take THAT girlcats...sheesh.

PS ...on a sad side note, it look like little Miss Muppie is very sick and all the money in her bucket might not save her. That stinks!!!!!


The True Reason for a Holiday Today

April 12th 2009 3:11 pm
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For some kitties, this week is Passover....this celebrates the Exodus from Egypt and the freeing of the Jewish kitties from those mean Egyptian kitties. The Red Litter Box parted and out we marched with our tails held high! Go Jewish Kitties!!!!

For others this is Easter...this celebrates the rising of Jesus from his death. Also it is the birthday of the Easter Bunny I think.

Those are both really nice, but they are not the REAL holiday today. The real holiday is the Annual Migration of the Williams (see my photos).

If you don't know what a William is, it is my mostest favoritest toy in the whole world. It was one of the first toys mommy got me when I found her, and I still have that original one. But I also have some my friends sent me and some extras mommy bought.

They come in a few color combinations, but I only like the pink faced green/blue one...this is a REAL William. They also make "fake william" he has a purple face...and "scary william" he is yellow and green but I dont like those.

Today I was sitting in the living room and all the williams walked by on their way to their summer beach!!!! It was PAWSOME. What a sight. GOOOOO WILLIAMS!!!!!!!!!!!

PS..... If you need a William, this is where we get mine,1635.html


Dog Food Poll

March 24th 2009 7:30 pm
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Mr Ted....dude.....let's talk. *shows Mr Ted his whiskers* do these look like woofer whiskers.....noooooooooooooooo. *shows mr ted his tail* does this look like a woofer tail..................nooooooooooooo. *lets out a squeak for Mr Ted*....does that sound like a woofer bark......noooooooooooooooooo.

I am a cat....look around *turns Mr Ted's head to see all the PURRS on catster* do they look like woofers *all the cats shake their heads noooooooooo*.

Then WHY Mr Ted, would you ask us a poll about when we would switch our woofer food?????????? And then not give us a choice of "when I have a species change operation*


OH and for the 81 purrs who have answered the poll so far...repeat after me "I am a purr, not a dog, I do not eat woofer food!!!"

*shaking head* and they call ME shortbus...shhheeeeshhh

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