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Ponderings from the Manimal of the House

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Thank you diary gal!

October 8th 2009 10:33 am
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*brings a diary gal a huge cuppycake* Thank you diary gal *gives patented "cute chessy smile"*

And thank you all for purring for my maybe sistercat-to-be. Her surgery got postponed this morning causes her Pops Twofer forgotted and fed her breakfast. So it will be next week. Twofers...sheesh!


Say purrs for my maybe sister to be Please

October 7th 2009 5:36 pm
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Hey all. My maybe sistercat-to-be Seybah is going to the v-e-t tomorrow to get fixed. I didn't know she was broken but mommy said she has to be fixed before she comes to visit us. So purr that the v-e-t does a good job fixing her so she can come to Mousiapolis and see if she wants to be my new little sistercat. *thinks for a minute* maybe the v-e-t is making her into a brothercat, that would be a great fixing!


Thank you Diary Gal

October 4th 2009 1:57 am
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*runs to diary gal carrying flowers, chocolates and kisses her on the cheek* Thank you diary gal for making me a ddp!!! You do have such great taste.


Your friend,
Chester Jaye Chesseford, the first (of the Eagan Chessefords)
a member of the wet head and horny toed clans


Yom Kippur Kitteh

September 28th 2009 6:13 pm
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Best cheezburger ever....hope you all had a meaningful Yom Kippur and were sealed for a good year.


The day of atonment

September 27th 2009 4:09 pm
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The sun is just about gone down, and that means it is time to start the most important day of being Jewish, Yom Kippur. This is the day we atone for the things we are sorry for for the last year, and that we hope to have a good year from. The "twofers" have to fast (not eat) also, but luckily us "fourfers" don't have to do that part.

So I was thinking what I should say I am sorry for....

1. I'm sorry my sistercat is such a witch
2. I'm sorry my sistercat is so mean to me sometimes
3. I'm sorry I don't have a brothercat to play with
4. I'm sorry I don't have thumbs so I could get my own treaty-treats.

*looks over and sees mommy shaking head and sighing* what??? Those aren't atonements? But I'm sorry for them *innocent chessy grin*. Ok, I'm sorry for all the times I have been mean to the girlcats *mumbles under his breath*...but they deserved it and sorry for anyone I upset this year.

May your twofers not be too grumpy while they are fasting and may you all be sealed for a good year!


PS Yes Newmie you DO have things to 'tone for and you shouldn't skip the holiday!


Spottidy Cuppycake Eating Brothercats

September 27th 2009 9:41 am
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I dont know why everyone is doing Haikus but I dont want to miss out so here are mine.

Cuppycake Haiku

Love my cuppycakes
Frosted, Fluffy, Nummy cakes
They fill my feeties full.


Many cats have stripes
Stripes are nice but not for me
I'm complete with spottidies.


I’m glad to be a
Brothercat supreme, we rule
Not like whiney girls


New Rosies

September 24th 2009 4:56 pm
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Mr. Ted,

THANK YOU. Three new cuppycake rosies. NOTHING is better than cuppycakes. Nope you cant get enough!!! I love my cuppycakes.

Now Mr Ted, I do have to remind you to look around again...what do you see? PURRS. We are cats...we have cat ears, cat tails, we meow (well I squeak but the rest of the meow). We are CATS! Explain to me why the kibble bowl rosies have woofer bones on them!

But don't worry, I'll forgive you for that, cause you brought me cuppycakes!!!!

Love your friend,
Chester Jaye Chesseford, the first
A member of the wet heads and horny-toes clans!



September 24th 2009 4:42 pm
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If you can give anything, please help the houston animal shelter. They rescued OVER ONE THOUSAND animals today from a hoarder. This is a huge undertaking and the more people help the more purrs and woofs and other animals can be saved. st/post/2009/09/largest-animal-rescue-is-made-in-houston/1



September 21st 2009 8:35 pm
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*covering little Miss Biscuity's ears* Pooh dude I think we have a problem. I can't find your mommy. I know she was here earlier but I keep walking to the sunny room where she was staying and she isnt there. Do you think Winnie the Witch poofed her or did I losed her? I am so sorry dude. I didnt mean to losed your mommy!!!!



September 20th 2009 1:33 pm
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OH NO....while Pooh and I were doing "boing...boing...boing" it happened. The losted mommies started congregating. My mommy and Mrs Auntie Kaye escaped Winnie's grasp and headed north. At last report they were with Mrs. Odie and George and Chances Mommy. You KNOW when 3 catster mommies are losted together that is the magical number at which it all goes bad. And get this, this time they pulled in a DADDY PERSON too!!! Mr Odie and Georg and Chances Daddy has become part of the losteds too. How wrong, they turned a boy daddy into one of them.

Lock down the airports, hide their keys. You all recall what happened the last time they hit the magic number of 3 (and if you don't feel free to go back in my diary).

Added: oh no another report just came in. Mrs Odie and George and Chance's mommy is on the phone, she is calling in other losted mommies. THIS WILL NOT END WELL!!!!!

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