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Ponderings from the Manimal of the House

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Suggestion 2 from a brothercat

November 10th 2009 2:41 pm
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Hi again. I got so much support from my friends on the size comment *sigh* I figured I would now talk about age.....

Don't get a younger sistercat, they make you look older. Mommy keeps telling me how she used to look at me and see a kitten, now looking at me watching Seybah she sees and old man.

So lets recap shall 48 hours of new brothercatdom I have been called an old ton weighing moose. This has been helpful. Pooh I hope you are looking younger and thinner now that you sent me Seybah.

The good news, she washed my ear for like a second today. I like that part.



Suggestion from a big brothercat

November 9th 2009 7:20 pm
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Now that I have officially been a big brothercat for 24 hours I have some advice for any purr thinking about doing this. I'll share over the next few days things to take into account when picking your new sibling cat. Today, size.

If you are a manly man like me, or have a chunk a bunk sister like Winnie you should pick your new sibling based on size. Get one BIGGER than you. Seybah is very little compared to me and now mommy keeps pointing out how BIG I am, and what a MOOSE I am. And when she picks me up she groans and says I weigh a ton. What's that about? Five days ago I got called sweet things like her little baby boy, now I am a ton weighing moose? I should have gotten a sistercat bigger than me so I would look tiny!



I think I have a new sistercat...

November 8th 2009 5:18 pm
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I am kinda confused, my auntie Kaye was here, now she isn't. This little bouncy kitten wasn't here and now she is. But mommy said tonight she was my sistercat and didn't say "maybe" anymore. So I think Seybah is officially my sistercat.

Please make sure you ask her to be friends, she is very little and needs all of the friends she can have.

Thanks a big brothercat!


Why isn't it tomorrow yet

November 4th 2009 4:25 pm
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It takes FOREVER to get a sistercat! I know now why a lot of cats dont have one. But FINALLY tomorrow she gets on the birdie with Mrs Pooh's mommy and comes to my house to do my interviewing.

Do you think she will like me *pacing back and forth*


Sistercat and the birdie

November 1st 2009 10:18 am
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Ok Mrs Auntie Kaye and all your notes calmed mommy down, some. And she let me book the big birdie ride for Seybah and Auntie Kaye. They come on Thursday morning.


Help, mommy is having a melt down

November 1st 2009 8:15 am
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and second thinking letting me get a sistercat (man twofers are weird). She has herself convinced all the "oopses" that have delayed it...

Seybah's pops feeing her breaky so she couldnt get fixeded, then her getting sick so she couldn't get fixeded, then her mommy being busy so that she can only come for 2 days....

are fate saying this is a mistake and is making her scared.

She also has convinced herself again that 3 cats is one more than she has hands for......

Please purr that my mommy finds her mind again and gets over this!!! I want a sistercat.


I guess she is fixeded

October 31st 2009 10:19 am
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I am still VERY confused on what was brokened on Seybah, but she is all fixeded, so thank you for all the purrings!!! I am sure that is why she is fixeded.

Now she can come do my interview and see if she wants to be my sistercat. I have been practicing VERY hard for my interview, cause I never had one of those before!

Boy getting a sistercat is a lot of work!


Please Purr

October 29th 2009 6:37 am
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My maybe sistercat to be Seybah is FINALLY getting fixeded today. She tried to talk her pops into more breakfast again but this time she didnt win. I still dont know what is brokened on her, but she is getting fixeded anyway.

Please purr her v-e-t is a smart twofer!


I am NOT sharing my litterbox with a goat!

October 22nd 2009 10:20 pm
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Mommy is on another one of her adventures. She is back in Israel again. And yesterday there was a really sad story about some therapy pets that were stolen. pdates/Highlights/Archive/2009/oct22.htm?variety=hp

So mommy helped chip in to replace them...she boughted a goat!!!!! Please tell me I dont have to share my litterbox with it!!!!!


The Sky is Falling Already

October 10th 2009 10:50 am
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*comes in with his hat and scarf on and his mittens clipped to his paws* THE SKY FALLINGS HAVE STARTED! Yeah!!!! The sky fallings are on my grass, and on my bushes and on my rocks outside my window!!!!! Sky fallings are so cool. I cant wait for Seybah to see them (she is one of those southern type kitties that don't know what they are, but I'll teach her good about them). Gotta go watch the sky fall and make sure all is well!

*Winnie holding up a sign behind a babbling Chessy which reads...."Chicken Shortbus is trying to tell you all it snowed here last night*

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