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Ponderings of a Biscuit

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Our Furry Little Doug has passed =(

October 6th 2008 11:10 pm
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Mommy came home tonite to find our little family member Doug passed away. Doug was a Degu and was about 4.5 years old.
He seemed fine and this was quite unexpected.
They often live in pairs (even same-sex pairs) but if given a lot of human interaction they can be happy as an only. Doug's brother passed away about 2 years ago and he didn't really bond with any other Degu. He liked mommy.

Doug seemed to recognize and like Little Bee, too. He pretty much ignored the other kitties (and they him) but he'd call out to Bee just like he used to "talk" to his brother.

He's up here with me now at The Bridge.
RIP, little buddy.



Mean Ol Stinging Bugs!

September 26th 2008 7:45 pm
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Mommy came home tonite, kicked off her shoes on the porch and came inside. It's dark in the living room and she feels the kitties greeting her and a leaf in the front of her hair.
Or so she thinks it's a fall leaf.
Mommy brushes it away and gets a painful sting!

She gets the light on and there's a yellowjacket fluttering on the floor.
The kitties are trying to play with it.
Mysty gets stung before mommy pulls her away. Mom can't exactly step on it cause she's in her socks so she picks up the StarChaser toy and uses the edge to kill the bad bug. (mol)
Mommy takes Mysty in the bathroom to check her paw and sees another wasp fly to the hall ceiling. Then feels something in the back of her hair. She pulls off her shirt and another bad bug flies into the bathroom light fixture and another is under her shirt on her side.

The bad bugs must've attacked mommy on the way up the walkway.
It's dark, which is wierd because don't waspies sleep?
Mommy went and got the broom and started killing the bugs so the kitties wouldn't get hurt. She killed half a dozen.

Mysty's ok, her foot isn't swollen bad. Mommy's hand hurts because those bugs are just plain mean.

Mommy got online and did some research and found this:

"Minimize use of perfumes and other strong scents, wasps are attracted to sweet smells."

Mommy was wearing a sugar apple body spray.

I'd like to tell my kittyfriends to warn their mommies about this especially if you live in warm areas. Wearing sweet/fruity colognes and body sprays can make you get swarmed by bad waspies.

Purrrs and Have a Great Weekend ( w/out bad bugs)


Some Pics finally =)

September 24th 2008 4:30 pm
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We have some new pics on Patricks page of his neat gifts.

There is one on Jet Giotto's page and Little Red's. And two on Tuesday and Mystery's page.

Everycat is so happy!

We will put up the newest pics of the Starchaser and fountain in action soon =)

I don't know if you can see in the pics but we got some cute little toys by Fatcat and a little thing called a Zanies. Bless you whoevercat sent these as all of our catfamily appreciates them.

The Zanies thing was just a little puff of fur.
And there was almost an arguement over it! Mommy will def purchase a few more because they are really fun.

Kitties, if you want a fun toy try a Starchaser (a high-tech turboscratcher) or the little furry thing. Also, Fatcat makes a bunch of cool and fun things too.
In fact, when I was living on Earth, my favorite toy was a Fatcat Teenie Sardini mol!

Heavenly headbonks,


My Mommy's Not the Brightest Bulb Sometimes...

September 22nd 2008 4:30 pm
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So mom's going to take piccys of the newest wonderful gifts from our generous friends. The case of foods for Red and Patrick. The cool water fountain and the Mother of All Turboscratchers....the Star Chaser.
The little digital camera keeps saying it's full after two pics and the flash doesn't work.
The batteries are like 325 years old. Duh.

So mommy goes to get batteries yesterday and forgets to pick them up at the market. (At least she remembered the dry catfood.)

Today she goes after work between bus transfers and gets the batteries. She swore the little bitty camera took the little bitty batteries. She finally gets home and find that the little bitty camera takes the little batteries. NOT the little bitty batteries.

Well, heck.

It's almost 6:30 and mom's beat and feels like ramming the little bitty batteries into her forehead.
(At least they're the little bitty ones, right?)

So after work tomorrow. Again. It's the little AA batteries, mom. Not the little bitty AAAs!


On a happier note: Somekitty sent Patrick some Renal Essential tablets to grind up on his food. They look like a cool idea and are full of good things =) Thank you. Thank you from our family and especially Patrick.

We'd take a picture of them today if mommy didn't get the little, you get the idea.

Please don't lose faith kittypals. I will purrrsonally see that our pics are taken and posted because I want everycat to see the cool stuffs that have helped us so!

Love and purrrrs,


Where are the Pictures?

September 21st 2008 11:20 am
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I promised we'd put up the pics of the new wonderful gifts we have gotten...and we're gonna do it =)
Darn, we had to get batteries for the camera and mommy's got stuck between work and a sick grandma (she's doing much better now). But we're gonna post em tonite after mom's work and put them up on Patrick's page.

I'd like to purrrsonally thank my fellow angel Amelia for the lovely card and support that arrived yesterday. Angels seem to know when you need a shoulder and nice words.

Little Red would like to say "MEOW and THANKS" for the get-well wishes and purrrs. They sure have helped. He ate by himself last night and this morning =)

Patrick's doing good and he's active and vocal.

Christopher is having fun and happy as usual.

Bedelia has a little sneeze but she seems to feel fine. She has herpesvirus too, like Red, and every now and then she gets a little flare up. Very mild unlike Red's flare ups.
Her best friend Cassie is right with her =)

Mystery and Tuesday are doing great. How such a gentle kitty like Tuesday gave birth to such a brat like Mysty, I don't know mol!

Jet big. Really big and muscular. And the biggest sissy. Angel Giotto says his nephew Jet is just like him.

Ive always wanted to say "Tune in! Pictures at 11!" mol!

Purrrrrs and Blessings,


Christmas in September!

September 16th 2008 9:29 pm
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My mommy came home tonite to find we had three other boxes waiting. That makes four!

She wishes she felt better (she got a migraine) but she let the kitties look in the boxes and then they can really get in the stuff and take pics tomorrow. (She did let Patrick have his yummy pirate ration.)

We want to thank the Angel Rufus and his catfamily of Bob, Briana, Hamlet and Jack for sending Patrick his box of Hi-Tor Neo. Since he has CRF he must have a low protein, low ash food so as not to burn out his kidneys. Plain and simple, the food from the vet tastes nasty.
This stuff is pretty tasty!!!
He sends his gratitude and doesn't have to choke down that emergency can of N/F again!

Little Red got a case of Hi-Tor Felo (he gets crystals in his urine so has to have a low magnesium food) and he sends manhugs to Chester and says thanks for helping him out even tho it was Patrick's Wish List.

The kitties would like to send cheers for the nice water fountain. Even tho it's primarily to keep Patrick (and also Red) drinking, I know they'll all appreciate the licks.

Thank you Winnie for the Star Chaser toy. It looks like FUN! Tomorrow mommy will put it out and let everycat have some playtime galore.

Now, this is the wierd part:
When mommy got home, she found something else waiting.
A young orange male kitty. Sitting near the Star Chaser box on the porch.

Now, mommy doesn't remember ordering a kitty.
Did someone else send a kitty?
An Angel? Rufus or Taz or Giotto or Amelia or Jesse or Oliver or Jessica or Eddy or any of the many Angels who watch over my Earthly family so well?

He was shy and ran a little and sat a couple of yards from mommy but he meowed to her the whole time. She put out a couple bowls of food for Fuzzy and Squint (the kinda-not stray cats outside) and the orangie came and ate after she went inside.


It's about 11:30pm now and mommy's going to finish doling out the meds (and to herself as well mol) and then everyone will go to bed.
I and Black Jack and our Piper will fly down softly and rest quietly as well with our Earthly family like old times...

Again, our hearts are filled with gratitude and love and we wish many blessings to everycat and their mommys and daddies who love them.

Purrrrs and Sweet Dreams,


Little Red Taken to Vet but Will Be Fine =)

September 16th 2008 11:48 am
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Our Little Red had a terrible herpesvirus flare up in his eyes that went into his nose and sinuses again. (He has damage in the labyrinths of his nose from infection when he was a wee kitty, the vet believes, and makes him pre-disposed for catching bacteria.)

He was spiking a fever and feeling slow and not wanting to eat yesterday so the vet gave him Zeniquin which is pricier than Amoxicillin but he said it's better (and it sure is~it's working real fast). The vet is letting us pay the bill off later =)

Mommy gave Red his half-pill, syringe fed him 3oz of A/D (the size of a Fancy Feast can) and put him to bed.
Tuesday went and laid with him as she is his nurse and seemed to know he didn't feel well. Then mommy went to work.
When she got home, mommy went to check on Red and found the nurse all sprawled out in his bed and Red curled up asleep beside it.
Some nurse! mol!

Red seemed a lot cooler and after his second med dose that nite, he seemed to feel a lot better already.
Today he ate a bit by himself (Mommy then syringe fed him his full portion) and he was up and about and being annoying to Mysty...while his nurse has taken over his hospital bed mol!

Red's an easy piller and an easy assisted-feeder, and he's feeling better. His nurse is seriously slacking off, tho...


Today they delivered a package! Mommy was running late and had to hurry and catch her bus, so she just locked the package up behind our gates on the front porch and dashed off to work...

I wonder what it could be?

The Earthly kitties will have to wait until she gets home around 10pm or so to see.

Patrick can see it from the front window.
Red sees it too.
Tuesday thinks it's for HER because it was delivered on a Tuesday.
Mysty and Jet Giotto are rabbit-kicking each other and haven't noticed yet.
Little Bee wonders what could be in a box that looks, oh, maybe 14inches or so across but only about four inches deep...
Bedelia wonders if it could be...a book?
Christopher says he hopes it isn't a book for HIM because he's blind, darnnit!

Ooo what could it be???



Ike. We're Fine =)

September 14th 2008 11:06 am
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We're having storms today from the edges of Ike but we're fine.
Thanks for the concern and please remember to purr for our friends in Houston, Port Arthur, Corpus and nearby areas.

Don't hesitate to send aid to the kitties (and other animals) and their peoples who have lost their homes due to the hurricane.


Yesterday we got Potassium suppliment and Epatikin for Patrick.
Thank You Chester!!!!
Epatikin is what binds the phosphorus in food. Phosphorus is what destroys the CRF kidneys we don't like that phos stuff!
The potassium suppliment is GREAT! The last one was a gel and tasted horrible. This is a powder and Patrick can't even taste it in his food!

Thanks from Patrick and from all of us =)



Received a Another Great Gift!

September 12th 2008 7:43 pm
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Patrick received his bottle of Liqui-tinic today.

This is probably one of the most important things he needed.
Thank you whoevercat sent it.
Patrick is very grateful!

Honestly, he said it tastes a little crappeh mol, but he remembers that grandma used to say the worse the medicine tastes the better it is for you!!!!!

The plan is to baby and coddle his kidneys and take stress from them so they will be able to continue to produce the hormone epo (and hopefully produce even more). Epo is what signals the bone marrow to make blood cells. In CRF cats the kidneys wear out and forget to produce it. Hence, anemia.
This non-regenerative anemia is what kills.
A human hormone replacement called Epogen is begun at that point.

This is pricey and risky but does stimulate the bone marrow and can be a lifesaver.

The best thing to do is try to be conservative and push back or eliminate the use of the Epogen if possible.

So that's what we're trying.
To help him make his own hormone (by babying is kidneys) and boost his "blood food".

The tonic he got today is the nourishment for his blood.

Thank you for giving him that ammunition to help fight this disease.

Patrick is LIVING with CRF and not dying with it.

Bless you,


Oo A Mystery!

September 11th 2008 7:16 pm
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Today the Postwoman tried to deliver a package and because mommy wasn't home, she left a note to come pick it up at the post office. (To be honest, the Postwoman is kind of lazy and doesnt even come up and ring the doorbell with packages. Mommy's been off work and seen her put the note in the mailbox then speed off, w/out ever leaving the truck.)

So, we don't know if she actually tried to deliver it or just didn't want to get out of the mailtruck mol.

We wonder what it could be.

Tomorrow mommy will go by before work and pick it up.
Mommy's sworn to ride the bus everywhere and she's sticking to it.
Tomorrow it's going to thunderstorm (a giant hurricane coming into the Gulf of Mexico) and she's hoping the package isn't too big mol.

It's going to be an adventure =)

*gets umbrella ready*

Meows and Mols,

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