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Ponderings of a Biscuit

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March 17th 2009 1:06 pm
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I'm very happy and want to share the love!! Our Patrick is celebrating "his" day with fun and feeling good!
All my catfamily is doing well thanks to the generous purrrs and help that we've been given. We are blessed!

I'll send out some more gifts later tonite when mom gets home from work. If we miss anycat (and I'm sure I will because I have so many wonderful friends that a million zealies wouldn't be enough) please accept my heartfelt purrrrrs instead.

I love you all. My Angel pals. My earthly friends. New friends I have yet to meet! =)

Purrrrs and Happy St Pats Day to all the kitties and to their mommies and daddies who love them!




March 14th 2009 12:44 am
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Tonite mom brought home 2 small steaks. She cooked one and set the other back to use as a soup base. After she ate she got on the computer and lost time.

Tuesday started calling loudly over and over then came into the room with the leftover raw steak in her mouth and walked over and gave it to mommy.

Mom wasn't exactly happy Tuesday had gotten to the steak but she was so impressed with Tuesday's love that she couldn't get mad.
You see, Tuesday could've run off and hidden with the meat and eaten it all. Tuesday loves raw. Instead, she took a few bites then brought the rest of the "kill" to feed mommy.

A dog sure wouldn't have done that.

Cats still retain so much of the nature of the beast yet they choose to share their lives with the lucky cat people.
Mom feels very lucky.

If anyone lives in the Florida area or can arrange a run, a very nice shelter is going out of business due to the bad economy. The kitties will be pts in about 2-3 weeks as there is no place to go. They got all kinds and shy ones and ferals and oldies need the biggest breaks.
Please, anyone who can share their lives with one more kitty, or foster, or who has a nice cozy barn that's in want of some dandy feral mouse-wranglers...please go here: ostering/thread/603032

Purrrs and have a great weekend,


In Dire Need of Purrrs for these Catsters!

March 11th 2009 4:40 pm
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Two of our Catsters have been in a terrible accident. Their people's house EXPLODED on the 7th. The family was inside. Blazer died in her mommy's arms from fire-related injuries the 9th. Tootsie hasn't been found. We think she ran. Please help me get the word out all over to send them purrrs and purrrayers. It's heartbreaking =(

Here are the links:

News story:

Blazer's thread: ls_and_Support/thread/602511

Her page:

Tootsies page:

Please purrr for them and their pawrents,
Send pmails, gifts and rosettes so they know we're thinking of them
after this devastating ordeal.

C'mon let's give em the support Catster's known for!!!


Broken Computer =(

March 5th 2009 2:03 pm
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My family won't be on much because our computer went belly-up. We're hoping it's not something fatal because we can't afford a new compy right now.
We sure do realize how important it is to us now that we raely have one.

Our purrrs are still with you all.
Mommy will try to sneek in a few moments at work and stuff ;)

Many Purrrrs and Love,


Patrick's BIRTHDAY!

March 1st 2009 2:51 pm
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My catfamily memeber Patrick is celebrating his 13th birthday today.
We're all very excited because he wasn't expected to live but a couple months after his CRF diagnoses...and it's been one year and a week since, today !

Anyway, a word from my pal Patrick:

Hi everycat and doggie! I'm really happy to be here well past my original "expiration date" and feeling good and having my birthday!
I'm looking forward to St Patrick's Day now mol!!!

I'd like to thank everyone for the purrrs and purrrayers that have helped me so.
I'd like to thank my pals Winnie and Chester and Taz, Amelia, Rufus, Scooter, Minxy, Hunter and Hazel Lucy for helping me with supplies (and my family as a whole). Thank you anon kitties who sent help to me, too.
Thank you my Guardian Angels Rufus, Minxy and Scooter and my ol pals Biscuit and Black Jack.
Thank you for the cards, toys, gifts and pmails when me and my family were on hard times.
There have been a lot of hard times lately but we'e hanging in there and grateful and don't know how we could've done it without the Catsters.

I literally owe my health to you guys.
I can never find words to express how grateful my family and I are.

I'm here because of YOU.

Thank you =)




And there you are, guys.
We send purrrs to you all for health, comfort, love and friendship.



Today is my Earthly Birthday!

February 26th 2009 9:39 am
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Yes, it's that time of year again!

I would be 26 today!
And I almost made it...I got close. Almost 24. IOf I hadn't had that lil stroke I know I'd be right on Earth right now. I was never sick...ol Biscuit just kept on ticking =)

But here I am at The Bridge. It's nice, actually. I met up with old pals and met tons of new ones. Many Catster friends of me and my catfamily I've met in purrrrson here...

I'm still very close to my Earthly family and I'm still a very strong presence. I always will be.
I have lots of great kitties I look after both on Earth and here.
(Some don't even know it mol.)
I have my bestie with me, Black Jack.
And my lovely girlfriend Elmo.

Bridge life is good.

Purrrs, my friends and thank you soooo much for the gifts.
Mommy and I appreciate it so =)

*watching over you*




January 18th 2009 8:43 pm
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Arnold P Arnold P
Just how cool can Arnold be?
He always has the best DIARYYYYYY!
I wish I could be half as cool as he!

*chant along*

Arnold Arnold Arnold P.
Arnold Arnold Arnold P.

*do some high-kicks*

Arnold P Arnold P
Just how handsome can he be?
His pics should be hangin in a GALLERYYYYY!
I wish I could be as good lookin as he!

Arnold Arnold Arnold P.
Arnold Arnold Arnold P.

Now go by his page and take a look
He's so cute you wanna take him home!
Leave him some treats, pmails and rosettes
Call him up and breathe on the phone (no maybe not).

*sing it again*

Arnold Arnold Arnold P.
Arnold Arnold Arnold P.




January 18th 2009 5:14 pm
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We've been off Catster for a couple of days because mom got sick. Again.

She got the flu and it hung on like two weeks...then she finally got over it but was still a little tired. So she figured it would be healthier to drink some fruit juice instead of coffee like usual and bought a guava drink at a local Mexican market.

And got food poisoning.

Well, that's NOT the way to get better!

She's feeling better now and eating some soup for dinner, but she's feeling more tired than she was.
Luckily she's not at her work yet and the kitties took care of her.

Sorry if we took a bit longer to get back to our pmails.
Mama used to like guavas but doesn't like them anymore...

Heavenly Headbonks,


Good News!

January 16th 2009 1:07 pm
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Mommy got a temporary job!
It's just a few hours each day and around 175 a week but it gives us something for the next 6 weeks or so, and room to run.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your purrrs and words of encouragement! It's really helped!
=) =) =)
I'm purrring for all those kitties in the north, northeast and midwest stay WARM. Cause it's sure cold!

We thought we're cold at 25-35 at nite mol but it's nothing compared to those other temps.
We purrrr that there are no power outages and that you all have plenty of power and fireplaces and blankets and stuffs!

Much love and Purrrs,

PS, I am warm in my rustic cabin here at the Bridge with my gf Elmo.
Our besties Black Jack and Amelia and Bill and McKenna and Buddy and Minxy and Patches, and Whilton and Freddy and Buster and...oh my, I'd better put our some more cushions and blankets...and Catfish, and Picasso, and Maggie, and Tiger and Ollie, and...oh my, we'd better send out for some more dinners...Cleo and Platypus and Typhon and Bigfoot and Eddie and Giotto...and...on and on (you know who you are and we love you allll) and Mr Sister and Morey, and Tc and Miss Dback and Simba and Baby and Tiny Krazy and....etc etc...


The Guest.

January 12th 2009 4:29 pm
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In September when Patrick's generously donated medical supplies were arriving, mom noticed a big orange tom sitting beside one of the boxes the UPS left. (I wrote about this in my diary.)

I don't believe anyone sent us a kitty. And we don't rememeber ordering one along with Patrick's meds.
Did someone send us a kitty?

Anyway, we was wild and would run out of the yard wen mom went out. However, he seemed to be pals with our two kinda-stray kinda-not outside guys Fuzzy and Squint.

Over the months he's gotten brave enough to sit a few yards away while mom put out food for F and S. He sleeps in the heated cathouse on the gated front porch at night.

Tonite when mom took the bowl of crunchies out for the guys, big orange tom ran up and started eating as mom stood on he porch. She reached down and petted him. He looked up and hissed then started eating again.
She petted him all along his back and scratched his tail root while he ate. Then she went inside.

Four months.

He's all orange, brigher than Little Red. But not yellow. And his eyes are the same color. He's intact but mom doesn't have money to get the snip-snip until she finds a new job. He's a handsome guy.
No one ever claimed him or put up a sign or ad.
No one seems to have missed the big guy at all.

He's still very shy but got all petted tonite.

I guess he should have a name.
I don't know what would be a good name for him...


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