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Ponderings of a Biscuit

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My Brofur Patrick

June 6th 2009 9:05 am
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We thank you for your purrrs of kindness from the bottoms of our hearts and the tips of our whiskers.



Patrick in the Hospital

June 5th 2009 9:14 pm
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I am relaying a message from my dear brofur Patrick:

"Mommy just got her computer part so I'm back online!

But I am also in the hospital.

This (Friday) morning my infected face (that seemed to be getting better) just blew up huge. It was in my face/jaw/system and I needed to have emergency surgery.

Unfortunately my CRF makes deep anesthesia impossible and I would die on the table.
But I would die of the infection anyway.

At that point if my CRF was making me real sick as well then we would have elected to go to The Bridge...but I've been hanging in there with my CRF enjoying the catio and my the vet asked if we wanted to risk a less stressful gas anesthesia and he'd get in and out as fast as possible.

So I went for it.

And I woke right up afterwards!!! I'm still here and the vet got all kinds of pus and bloody stuffs and pulled two old teeth just so I wouldn't have to worry about that later.

After any stress like this I still run the risk of my kidneys crashing so the next few days are very important. I'm resting at the hospital tonite and will hopefully come home in the morning =)

You all have been so kind and I hate to ask for more purrrs and prayers but if you have some to spare I could use them.


We are purring for a fast recovery and hope he's around for a long while to enjoy things. He loves our mommy and she loves him and she's hopeful but very worried as well. His kidneys are fragile. Please purrrr for strength and health for my brofur.



We're Going Offline!

May 30th 2009 7:56 pm
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Mom's laptop compy cord just broke. We have only 30% battery left and it's going off. We just ordered a cheepy ac adaptor from eBay.

See you kitties in a few days!

Purrrs and I love you and will be watching over you all regardless!



Patrick and Stuff

May 27th 2009 9:51 pm
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He had to go to the vet a couple days ago. Luckily it seems he will be feeling better very soon.

A few weeks ago he was sick with a high white blood count from an infection we didn't know exactly where. He has CRF so we were thinking maybe a UTI or kidney thing but wasn't sure. He took antibiotics for 10 days and seemed to feel better.
He'd been really down and we didn't know if he had much time left.
With your purrrs and purrayers and our nice vet, Patrick recovered.

But then he started feeling warm again and when mommy got up te other day, she found Patrick with one side of his face all swollen and drool and a tear in that eye.

Seems he has an infection/inflammation in his face. He probably had that in the first place when he had the high white count, just the seed of it deep inside, and the antibiotics didn't kill all of the germ. So it flared back up in a big way.
It hurts, too.
But the swelling is slowly going down with his new meds.
He's resting and taking a little pain med so he won't stop eating or get some pain aversion to his foods.

We love him lots.

The feral kittens are very fluffy and cute and are hitting the litterbox like experts now.
Little Red has stopped mutilating himself and his fur is grown back and looking good.
Everycat else is doing good, too.

The catio is on hold at the moment but we have cabana lights and a few pics to post soon =)

Thank you for you purrrs and purrrayers and kindness.
You are our family.

Purrrs from the bottom of my Heart,



May 15th 2009 9:18 am
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My family and I love you from the bottom of our hearts endlessly.

Yes, YOU!

We are so grateful for the purrrs and purrrayers and helping paws and smiles and hope.




Its so difficult...

May 8th 2009 1:34 pm
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Mom lost her job yesterday.

Why again?

Her mommy died four weeks ago, Patrick is in the final stages of CRF...and now this. Mom feels beaten.

I just don;t know what else to meow.
I hope mommy gets to feeling better soon.



Feral Kitten Part III

May 6th 2009 9:17 pm
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Today mom was frying herself building a catio outside.
When she was going to the garage, she saw feral mommacat zip out...but one of the babies didn't zip as fast and mommy tackled it!

Only one kitten left to go!

Momma put the spitting kitten with his brother Bob so she could finish working. The new kitten is the exact twin brother of Bob (except Bob's fatter~he eats a huge amount) and much wilder than Bob was.

So now we have Wild Bob and Mild Bob.

We're hoping Mild Bob shows Wild Bob some manners.

I think they remember they're brothers.
The Bobs have been quiet tonite and are sleeping together

Mom needs to get the last wild kitty. May be a female. Mom thought she saw an orangish patch in the grey fur as it sped by.



Little Red was hurt in a Chair...

May 5th 2009 1:10 pm
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This is a warning for anycat who sleeps/walks/jumps on a chair with slats on the seat:

This afternoon our Little Red was in the kitchen and mom heard him screaming like she's never heard a cat scream. She ran into the kitchen to find Red with his back leg thru the slats up to the knee and his body hanging over the side of the chair upside down with his leg twisted.

Mom tried to pull his weight up and remove his twisted leg and he really bit and scratched her. He didn't mean to, he was flailing around and in a lot of pain.

His leg/knee isn't broken but he's limping and it hurts a lot.
It really scared him a lot, too.

What would've happened if mommy hadn't been home? He couldn't pull his weight back up to get free...

PLEASE if you have furniture with slats on the seat please put a seatcover on it (one that ties secure). And remember outdoor furniture, too. Please don't let a kitty get hurt like Little Red.



Feral Kitten , Part II

April 27th 2009 2:24 pm
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Ok, so the little feral kitten has a name. Bob. Baby Bob.

This morning mom was wakened by the sound of baby Bob squeeling (mom calls it "bobbing"). He was hungry.
He's drinking his formula out of a little salsa bowl and eating Iams kitten in a can.

Anyway, mom goes in there with his fresh breakfast and instead of running back and hiding behind his bed, he's right on the front gate of the carrier (its a big can crawl into it mol) and when mommy opens the door and gets him and puts him against her, he started to purrr.

While mom was cleaning his litter box (that he spilled then layed the poop on his bedcover instead) Bob was crawling all over her and playing.

Just a couple days ago he was hissing and scratched mom pretty good.
Now he's Mr Social.

Whats really odd is that even tho he's still toddling and can't run across the room without doing a face-plant, he can easily (and frequently) sit up like a prairie dog.



Little Feral Kitten

April 24th 2009 7:30 pm
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There's a wild female kitty in the neigborhood. Mom saw her a couple times then didn't see her for quite a while. No luck in catching her and she appeared fairly round.

Today mom got home from work and saw the female hightail it from the side of the yard thru the back tru some shrubbery. Mom went round the other way to see momcat and two little ones scurry thru the back fence and into a ditch/lot.
Mom started the grill and went to get some bbq tongs from the storage room and noticed a little fuzzy thing huddled beside the store room down in the grass...and the little thing dashed under the edge of the store room.

Back and forth they went until mom snuck up on it, reached under and nabbed it,
It hissed, tried to scratch, yelled a little then curled up into a ball.
Mom held the fluffy ball while she cooked and sat down with it and massaged it. It didn't do much else but be a ball and try to go in reverse a few times. It got to go to his first fish-grill., as well.

After dinner, mom took it inside in a very large dog carrier and put it in a room alone from the other cats. Then she sat down and took it out and held it close. Then it started to want to nurse.
It looks about 4 weeks old. Really stocky little thing. He has his little teeth but hes still a baby. Mom fixed him a bottle (FYI keep a can of formula in hand at all never know when you'll need it.) and he took right to it. The she made him some gruel with a little wet food and he ate it.
He's very shy and wild but he was hungry enough to compromise and give it a chance.

He's a gorgeous kitten! Very long hair in a soft blotched tabby pattern...a fuzzball deluxe!

With all the loss and difficult times lately, mom didn't expect to find such a little gem.

Mom's not sure what to do with him right now but she's enjoying having another fuzzy around since I left =)

The little guy is asleep now.
Sweet dreams little fuzzer =)

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