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Ponderings of a Biscuit

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A Few Meows From Patrick

August 3rd 2009 11:40 am
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I'm writing this in Biscuit's diary because he has the biggest friend list and I need to meow to you all.

Where do I start?

First, I would like to thank everycat and their mommies and daddies who helped me and my family when we got down. (Which has certainly been more than once.)

The response to my Medical Wish List was more than we could have ever hoped or dreamed. You all literally saved my life and turned three months into a almost a year and a half!

My sweet CRF buddies....some of you have gone ahead of me to The Bridge and it was with your continued purrrs and concern that I was able to keep going. When you could not use your supplies sent them to me. How can I ever ever thank you enough?

The pmails, rosettes and gifts. Real packages thru the snailmail and sweet cards. And hope.

I will be leaving this mortal Earth soon. Probably by this time tomorrow I will have slipped the bonds of CRF and flown to freedom. (My Angelfriends...see you soon!)

It's been a good life. Quality life. Because of you all.

I just wanted to meow out this thank you in case I don't get to meow to you individually before. It's so very difficult for mommy.
I am her last family from the time when she had a family. A mom and daddy and stuff. I was there.

From my heart and soul.
Thank you.
I love you all.



Wild Kitty Drama

August 2nd 2009 8:33 pm
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Mom's been going into the den and checking on the wild kitty.

She even put her hand into the kennel for the kitty to sniff. The kitty hissed then bit mom's finger. More of a hard pinch and it didn't break the skin. Mom let kitty sniff again and kitty hissed but didn't bite.

A couple hours later mom went to check if kitty had food/water for the nite. She put her hand in again and kitty growled and hissed. Didn't bite. And it let mom grudgingly rub behind the ear. Stiff. Ears back a bit.
Then mom rubbed lightly under the neck a bit...kitty relaxed and mom rubbed along the neck and kitty stretched out the neck.

Then suddenly the kitty leaned into the scritches making bread hard, turned tail straight up (it's a BOY) and on tip toes then came full into moms arms and collapsed into a heap of rumbling purrrs.

Well I guess this means he isn't wild.

He's shy he ducks if you reach towards his head like he's been punched before and he's jumpy at loud sounds....but he wants to be loved.



Kitty is Caught.

August 2nd 2009 12:17 pm
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Mom went and found the trap sprung and a kitty about 4-5 months inside. Very scared hissing and growling. May be a female but mom hasn't gotten to see that end...just the hissing and growling end.
The kitty looks very much like a young Angel Amelia.

Mom used gloves and a towel to put the kitty in a carrier and brought it home. Now it's in a bigger kennel, draped with a towel for privacy.
The kitty looks pretty good inspite of being in a ceiling for 5 days without food and is eating and drinking now. Slightly slim but ok.

Mom was thinking maybe...maybe in the future getting a pure white male kitten. She wasn't in the market for a wild grey teenage cat.
Not sure if it'll ever be socialized enough to find it a home.

Anyway, the kitty is safe and fed and resting now.

Thank you so much for your kind meows and purrrs of encouragement. It sure helped a lot and led the kitty to the trap.

Many purrrrs,


Mom's PrettyTired...

August 1st 2009 10:20 pm
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You know, mom gets tired of hearing neighbors complain about stray cats yet they will NOT do anything about it.

Like the next door neighbor who complains because the other neighbors moved out during the nite and left their cat to roam. It's not mom's cat, but mom has to hear the complaining, so mom offered to go half for a spay surgery if complaining neighbor would throw in the other half.

Why, no. She'll complain but she won't even try to help. After all, it's not her cat.
Well, it isn't mom's either, but mom believes if you aren't part of the solution then you're part of the problem.
Put up or shut up.

Then mom hears from someone at her job that there's a CAT in the ceiling. That a customer carried it in only to let the terrified cat go, who ran into the backroom and apparently up into the ceiling thru an open panel. And is still up there. Maybe.
Mom had no idea and asked when this happened.
Five days ago.


Mom was shocked! Did anyone go up? What about the woman who brought it in? She didn't even come back! Has anyone put out food/water? Has anyone looked for it????

Well, they gave a look in the back room and found what appeared to be a poop a couple days ago...but other than that. ZERO.

Mom almost flipped. It's been 102 degrees plus everyday and a kitty is up there frying with no food and no water (unless it came down to drink from a toilet ) and no one does anything?
Besides being cruel...what if it dies up there and smells up the place would they care?

So last nite mom brought catfood and water and put it in the store room and this morning sure enough half the water and all the food was gone.

Mom searched all over and found nothing so it is probably up in the ceiling and came down to eat.

So tonite mom left a humane trap baited with cheapo stinky fish catfood.

Mom has no idea what shape this cat is in. Or how big it is or what it looks like. Or if it's tame or can be tamed.

All mom knows is that she's sick and tired of being the fixer of situations like this (or at least trying) and she feels like there is no hope anymore. Mom doesn't have money or transportation or much resources yet she feels if she doesn't do it it won't get done.
No one would even call around to see if a vet would loan/rent a trap.
Or even put out a handful of food.
For five days.

But of course, she can't let the kitty suffer up there.
She'd like to just ignore it like everyone else has been doing but as soon as she found out...she had to do something. Or at least try.

Mom's slightly POed about the whole deal.
Mom's no saint, but darn, who could let a kitty fry and starve up there and not even care?

I'm sure there are quite a few Catsters who run into apathetic people who don't care in their day to day lives.
Does it bum you out, too?


Anyway, please purrr that mom can catch the kitty and it has a happy outcome.



Coolest Cat Furniture. Ever.

July 15th 2009 1:49 pm
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Scroll all the way thru.




Gotta Check This Out Kitties!

July 6th 2009 7:29 pm
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A kitty names Atrus just turned me onto this in the Furniture and Fashion thread in the Forum:

Turbo Track

OMC! We love the TurboScratcher and StarChaser and we never knew they make this now!

Check it out, kitties =)



It's Monday!

June 15th 2009 11:13 am
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Today was mom's first day of her new job. (Cleaning.)
Mom's fairly tired. In fact, she needs to mop HER floors but the last thing she wants to see right now is a mop.

She'll do it tonite =)

Patrick is being a hater, mol. Mom ran out of his tonic and gave him something called "nutri-cal" which is supposed to have an irresistable flavor. Patrick wasn't crazy about the taste of his Liqui-tinic but it's thin and goes right down. THIS new stuff is thick and sticky and smells like yeast and molasses. Mom likes molasses...but this is gross.
Patrick gagged it and had to swallow twice. It discolored his fur and his breath still smells of it sometime later. The smell is on mom's hands.

Since the stuff also has phosphorus, mom has to mix a phosphorus binder into it as well.

Maybe dogs like this stuff but none of the cats will even look at it. Giotto actually fled the room.

And we're having a fleas in the humid hot Texas summer. They may have come in the house on mom's shoes from the yard. (The neighbors have dogs.) Mom's vacuuming and powdering the kitties. Mom's going to get some more Frontline when she gets her check. (Christopher even has buttworms because of eating a flea.)


Oh my, I guess I'd better stop while I'm ahead, mol!



Mom's going to make a little headway!

June 13th 2009 7:08 pm
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My mommy will be going in to clean a store. She starts Monday.
She got her schedule and she works for about 3 hours a day and it's alllll the way back to minimum wage for her...but a little something is better than a big nothing.

It's sure not retail management, it's more like doing floors and stuffs, but it's a step up from the present situation.

Of course mom's still looking for a job that helps pay the bills mol but it's something until then ;)

Thank you everycat who's purrred for us kitties and my mommy.
It sure has helped.
Patrick's cheek looks great and there is no more draining from it. It hasn't filled again at all in 12+ hours. He's still getting his "facials" (his warm compresses) he likes them so.
His face is kinda hairless and pink over there mol.

So it's good news tonite =)

Purrrs and Bless,


Patrick's Doing a Lot Better.

June 8th 2009 4:22 pm
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Wow my brofur Patrick is doing so much better today. That ol potassium must've been really unbalanced and the stress of his emergency surgery really knocked him over the weekend...but Monday brings much better news.

NO more crooked stiff neck and front legs and weaky backlegs.
He's more alert and even jogging where he goes. And eating good. Really good. His infection was SO much better with the surgery but the stress of the surgery itself really made him feel bad.
Real bad.
Now he's getting strength back and we're very happy.
He still has his CRF, of course, and it's one day at a time, but he's enjoying his day =)
We aren't going to try to analyze it, just be happy and embrace it!

Gosh, we can never express how grateful we are for the purrrs and support. Patrick would like me to thank everycat.
There are no meows to express how we feel and how much we appreciate all you guys and girls have done.

Bless you all and Purrrs to each and every one of you and to the mommies and daddies who love you!



My Brofur isn't feeling well...

June 6th 2009 8:54 pm
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I'm worried about Patrick, tonite he doesn't feel right. He seems kind of off-balance...a slight head tilt maybe? And just weakish.

Mommy is very worried that this is his decline.

But he has been thru a lot so maybe he just needs to recharge or just needs to shake off that anesthesia. Mom has heard of kitties coming out with vestibular head-tilts for a while, some permanent.
We just don't know.
But we're doing all we can do and hoping for the best.

And he DID just scarf down a bowl of food. So that's good.
Now he's sleeping.

Just wanted to keep all of our pals updated.
You have all been so kind to him.

Bless you all.
My family and I appreciate it so much.

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