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Ponderings of a Biscuit

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September 11th 2009 10:08 am
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The a/c wasn't supposed to be delivered until Monday but it came TODAY!

My catfamily isn't complaining, mol, and mom caught it just as sce was getting ready to go to work!

It's raining here now, in's kinda flooding mol, but south Texas is hot and stuffy all the time and even when it gets cold in winter it doesn't last. And we go right into sumer and skip Spring. So we'll need this a/c and no better time than now.


On a very somber note....please take a moment to reflect on those who lost their lives on this anniversary of 9/11, their families and friends and all of those who were touched directly or indirectly by the loss. Our nation's loss. Our loss.



A/C on the Way and Happy Labor Day!

September 7th 2009 3:23 pm
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Great news!

Mommy got rid of the TV and put the monies in the bank then bought a new A/C off eBay. The local ones are sky-high because where my furmily lives it's still bakin hot summer!

Better than the recent 101-107 + but 94-95 is still hot with no A/C. Mom came home from work the other day almost 9pm and it was still 91 inside the house with fans going full out and windows open. The babies were just so hot =(

It's still hot but knowing we'll be getting a little windy box for the window in a week makes everyone happier. It's not a big windy box but it's enough to get my furmily thru our warm "Autumn".

And please go back a few of my diary entries to this one tis very important on August 1. I would put the link but IE isn't letting me open my own diary to get the address =(

Anyway, it's about two kitties mom got. One she trapped and rescued from being trapped in a ceiling for about 6 days. The other is a stray kitty female left behind by the neighbors. Well, the young mommy cat had her babies, two little girls. Christopher (my blind bro) mentioned the little ones in his blog Christopher's Groove and a nice doggie who reads his blog offered to help get mommy cat spayed thru a neuter/spay organization! This is her blog Shawnee the Shepherd.

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day everyone!

Love and Purrrrs,


One Month Today...

September 4th 2009 10:27 am
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We lost our beloved Patrick.
It's been hard =(

But he couldn't have survived the intense heat here now anyway.
The hottest longest summer on record (and we're still hitting 98-99) and it burned our window a/c out. It just couldn't take the 101-107 for two months straight.
The last few days we've had just fans and a room temp of 91 yesterday.

We're praying for cooler weather.
Mom's sick with headaches too hot to sleep or eat.
The baby Pickles was overheated and lethargic yesterday.
Mysty was throwing up (which may be the heat and humidity OR the fact she eats like a pig.)
Mom's job keeps sending her home early because they aren't busy enough.

Patrick would have suffered doubly.
He's safe and well now and comfortable at The Bridge. That's the only consolation mom has knowing he's not baking with us on top of being ill with CRF.
Still, mommy misses him so so much.

Rest in peace sweet Patrick.



My Blind Bro Christopher....

August 26th 2009 11:01 am
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He's got a blog now. He writes it with the help of our new deaf baby bro Pickles. Between the two of them they hopefully will pull it off.

So please go by and check them out Christopher's Groove.

If you're on Blogger click to follow them and make them happy =)

Somecat told Christopher he needed to get on, um, he's a Tweetin right on his Catster profile or you can go straight to his Twitter page ChrisGroove1.
Follow him and he'll follow you. He likes that.

As a big brother I thought I'd help put the word out for him...

~Purrrrrs and Love,


Meet Pickles!

August 9th 2009 2:04 pm
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Remembering Sharon Tate.

August 9th 2009 10:53 am
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Just a quick note of remembrance for Mrs Sharon Tate Polanski.
Today is the 40th anniversary of the Manson murders and her death.

It is a little known fact that Sharon was a great animal lover and at the time of her death she was caring for 26 kitties and nursing a lost kitten with an eyedropper.

What a caring person.
Bless her.



Patrick's Gift to Us

August 8th 2009 1:56 pm
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As you may know, my brofur Patrick lost his battle with CRF on 8/4/09 (Tuesday).

Mommy thanks you for all of the gifts and rosettes and sweet pmails and will send out purrrsonal thanks very soon. It is still so difficult to come on Catster and see Patrick's picture/page.

Sweet Calvin and Autumn gave Patrick the lovliest set of wings and we will post the picture as soon as Patrick gets more proficient in his flying. It's beautiful and mommy loves it...but it still too soon to see him with his wings everywhere.

Last week mommy found out she'll start working 35 hours a week at a retail shop. She starts next Friday. Still min wage (which has gone up a bit) and we will still be poor, mol, but it's a step up. I didn't post about it here because I didn't want to jinx it and because Patrick was so ill and in his last days...nothing else mattered but the time with Patrick.
That was what was on my mind most.

Then something odd happened.

The day after Patrick passed (Wed) mom was off work but left her phone so she dropped by to pick it up. A few doors down someone had dumped a box of kittens. The shop-owner was nice and took the kittens in and there they will stay until she finds them homes.
Mommy would like another white kitten someday...she will NEVER replace Patrick or even get close...but in the future, perhaps another white boy.

Anyway, mom has to go look at the kittens just because. And there in the middle is a white kitten, male. And obviously meezer mix. Like Patrick. But where Patrick had green eyes, the little kitten had blue eyes, not that kitten blue/grey that changes, but pale clear sky blue with a red shine behind the pupils.
And he was deaf.

It didn't help that he acted like he already knew mommy all his life.

Mom started crying and held him and played with him for over an hour and almost forgot to go get her phone.
But, it was just too soon after Patrick's death. One day after.

So she left the kitten behind. But not before putting a big X in his ear with a black marker. Just in case...of....well...until she decided...something.
She wasn't even sure why. But she had to mark him so he wouldn't get taken yet.
The next day she left for work early just to play with him.

Annnnd she did the same yesterday.
And during a snack-break.
And today he broke away from his five littermates as soon as he saw her and ran to her meowing extra loud (because he's deaf).

Mommy gave the lady $20 because that's all she had, to help with food/litter while she finds homes for the little ones.

Tomorrow mommy will pick up the kitten (he's about 7-8 weeks old)
and bring him home.

Yes, it is soon. Much sooner than mom would have ever guessed.

But it feels right.

It feels like a gift from Patrick.




August 5th 2009 4:07 pm
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Something is happening and maybe Patrick is behind it.

Do kitties have souls? Do they live beyond the realm and are they capable of looking down on their peoples and sending comfort and contact?

I think we know the answer...things we cannot explain.


This is a very difficult time for my mommy regardless and we want to thank everyone for your caring for our dearest Patrick. You are truely our family.
Mommy will send out thank-you's in the next day or so. (It's difficult to come on Catster right now.)
But she, and I, will certainly send our heartfelt thank you to each and everykitty and their sweet mommies and daddies.

I love you and Patrick loves you.



A Few Meows From Patrick

August 3rd 2009 11:40 am
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I'm writing this in Biscuit's diary because he has the biggest friend list and I need to meow to you all.

Where do I start?

First, I would like to thank everycat and their mommies and daddies who helped me and my family when we got down. (Which has certainly been more than once.)

The response to my Medical Wish List was more than we could have ever hoped or dreamed. You all literally saved my life and turned three months into a almost a year and a half!

My sweet CRF buddies....some of you have gone ahead of me to The Bridge and it was with your continued purrrs and concern that I was able to keep going. When you could not use your supplies sent them to me. How can I ever ever thank you enough?

The pmails, rosettes and gifts. Real packages thru the snailmail and sweet cards. And hope.

I will be leaving this mortal Earth soon. Probably by this time tomorrow I will have slipped the bonds of CRF and flown to freedom. (My Angelfriends...see you soon!)

It's been a good life. Quality life. Because of you all.

I just wanted to meow out this thank you in case I don't get to meow to you individually before. It's so very difficult for mommy.
I am her last family from the time when she had a family. A mom and daddy and stuff. I was there.

From my heart and soul.
Thank you.
I love you all.



Wild Kitty Drama

August 2nd 2009 8:33 pm
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Mom's been going into the den and checking on the wild kitty.

She even put her hand into the kennel for the kitty to sniff. The kitty hissed then bit mom's finger. More of a hard pinch and it didn't break the skin. Mom let kitty sniff again and kitty hissed but didn't bite.

A couple hours later mom went to check if kitty had food/water for the nite. She put her hand in again and kitty growled and hissed. Didn't bite. And it let mom grudgingly rub behind the ear. Stiff. Ears back a bit.
Then mom rubbed lightly under the neck a bit...kitty relaxed and mom rubbed along the neck and kitty stretched out the neck.

Then suddenly the kitty leaned into the scritches making bread hard, turned tail straight up (it's a BOY) and on tip toes then came full into moms arms and collapsed into a heap of rumbling purrrs.

Well I guess this means he isn't wild.

He's shy he ducks if you reach towards his head like he's been punched before and he's jumpy at loud sounds....but he wants to be loved.


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