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Ponderings of a Biscuit

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Warning! Cuteness Overload!

November 8th 2009 1:07 pm
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Max, 23, bailed out of kill shelter!

November 4th 2009 2:07 pm
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And safe!

Here's the thread! thread/646675/1

Thanks for the purrrs for Max!
Great news!



Like Senior Kitties? Meezer Lover?

November 2nd 2009 7:48 pm
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I know I enjoyed my life as a senior =)
I was just putting around and saw this: a 23 year old Siamese in desperate need to be rescued/adopted from Los Angeles shelter.
What a shame that this handsome and wise boy should now perhaps die in a pound.
If you or anyone you know is in the Los Angeles area...please give this guy a nice home. He's earned it. We seniors are very special!
Pass the word!
Tweet and ReTweet!


~Biscuit (member of the 20+club)


2nd Chance Animal Shelter Burns Down =(

November 2nd 2009 6:22 pm
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No-kill shelter in Killeen Texas burned down last night.
2nd Chance

Tears and Purrrs for our fellow Texas kitties and doggies lost.
Please pray for them.
Please help if you can.



My Brofurs Birthday Today!

October 13th 2009 12:00 pm
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Today my Big n Handsome bro Jet Giotto>/B> is 3!




Pic of Dumped Kittens

October 6th 2009 5:53 pm
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If you want to see a pic of the kittens that were dumped at mom's job as well as ANOTHER kitty who was dumped just a few yards from that today, go to my brofur Christopher's Blog Christopher's Groove.

Feel free to leave a comment. You don't have to be a member of Blogger to leave one~it's open to all.
Christopher likes it when you leave comments.

I wish people wouldn't throw away their babies =(


PS, Yes, mommy's trying to find them good homes now.


Dumped kittens =(

October 4th 2009 7:37 pm
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Yesterday at mom's job, someone had dumped a box. Inside were three little kitties about 5 weeks old. Cute brown tabbies, two girls and a boy. Also with them was an unopened can of catfood.

The babies were very scared. Mommy got them toys and put medicine in the boys eye (it was a little drippy-not bad) and they will be kept at work until homes are found.
They're getting braver already and playing.

Mommy's own stray mommacat (who has been named Summer) will hopefully get into the vet for a spay this week...but not sure as mommy might be working straight thru the week.
Mom desperately needs the hours and since a coworker has like a broke leg or something, mom's picking up the slack. Not good for the coworker, of course...
Mom's ready to find Summer's 2 babies homes. And now the new 3 littles.

Peoples, PLEASE spay/neuter your kitties and doggies and keep them forever and love them!

My little bro Pickles is doing great. Thank you for your miracle purrrs!
Today is the 8 week anniversary of Patrick's passing...we love you and miss you, my brother.



New Update on Pickles

October 2nd 2009 10:01 am
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He's doing much better today.

Still not sure exaclty what happened.
When mom found him stiffened up in a puddle of pee yesterday she started to give him oral glucose immediately...he could have had a blood suger drop and/or fallen from the counter and shocked maybe.
His blood suger looked ok at the vet but then mom had been pumping him full of sugar so the test maybe was tweaked. I know they pop up pretty fast after they get sugar but he was a limp rag for HOURS...that's what makes mom think he fell or something. He gets on the chair and on the counter and was in that vicinity on the floor.

No sign of infection but he's taking a med just to be sure.
Taking a sugar syrupy med three times a day just in case.
(And he LOVES the sweet stuff.)

Knock on wood, he seems to feel much much better. Hopefully we won't ever see that rigid siezure thingie ever again.

Thank you so much for the purrrrs.
It really has worked a miracle. He looked very very bad yesterday.



Update on Pickles

October 1st 2009 7:37 pm
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As you may or may not know, my tiny bro Pickles had a seizure of some sort earlier today. The vet still isn't sure exactly what happened as the tests so far have come back ok.
Pickles was pretty laid out and unresponsive for most of the day and when he seemed to "wake up" he really didn't have control of his legs or balance.

He's very small at 3 months (he looks about a month younger) and born deaf.

The vet closed early and no one is there at night to check up, and really the most that can be done right now is supportive care, so mommy brought him home. He seemed pretty zoned out like he had some brain damage or confusion and weakness.

Mom had to go into work for a four hours tonite, so she put Pickles in a cage (a really nice guinea pig cage actually) with a pee pee pad. She was afraid he'd roll over and drown in water so she syringed some water to him before she left and he was able to swallow. She wrapped him up warm in his Tranquility Blanket and went to work.

Mommy expected Pickles to be passed when she got home, but your purrrs carried him thru.

He still cannot stand but he had his head up and began purrring when he saw her. He ate a heaping tablespoon of ham baby food from a spoon.

But for now it's wait and see.
He has his head up and knows mommy.
He purrred when he saw mommy and as she massaged him.
And he ate on his own and enjoyed it.

If he's crippled or something but otherwise has a quality life, mom will care for him and help him.
If he deteriorates or is in pain, uncontrolled seizure etc, mom will let him go to The Bridge.
We are prepared for the worst but thrilled that he's still hanging in there and could never have dreamed he'd eat.

Thank you for the great outpouring of support in this difficult time.
Mommy thanks you all and believes in the power of the paw.
We love you.



My Sisfur Bedelia

September 20th 2009 1:21 pm
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She turns 2 years old today.
Wow where has the time gone? Seems like only yesterday she was on death's door being fed thru a tube. Now she's strong and healthy and happy. Her eyes are quite scarred but she sees well.
She's still mothering little Pickles. He's staying quite small...maybe because she keeps him licked down like a lollipop, mol! She has her best pal Cassie to play with as well.

Thank you Jessica and Amelia for being such great Guardian Angels.
Thank you Earth Angel Hazel Lucy for making her a healing tranquility Blanket when she was so ill.


~Ol Biscuit

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