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Ponderings of a Biscuit

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Happy Birthday to My Tiny Angel Brother Pickles!

June 23rd 2011 12:29 pm
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My how time flies!
But here at The Rainbow Bridge we're so busy with things to do and places to go and our friends and family to watch over that we're rarely bored.
Lazy sometimes, yes mol.

My tiny brother Pickles came to us within days of the devastating passing of our Patrick. Mom wasnt even looking for another kitty especially another pure white boycat like Patrick.
Patrick's loss broke her heart. Shattered, even. And there are still pieces forever missing...

But there he was, in a litter of all white babies. So much like Patrick but with blue eyes instead of green. And deaf. For a week mom went and played with him everyday and he helped her with Patricks loss in his own tiny kitten way.

Then, he became a part of our family, got his Catster page and began Blogging with my bro Christopher. Times were fun.
But only a few weeks later he began to have health issues, serious ones, and passed away from an unfixable liver shunt.

And Patrick took him to be with him at The Bridge.

It was heartbreaking but perhaps, like many things, there was a reason. We believe Patrick let us to Pickles. Pickles helped the family through it's grief and knew and felt love himself (he was from a dumped litter a friend was caring for). And when it was time for Pickles to make his very early journey to The Bridge, Patrick was there for him.

They are together.
Me, I'm there too and so is ol Black Jack.

I want to thank the kind kitties who sent tiny Pickles Birthday wishes. He's a Forever Kitten playing at The Bridge and having a fantastic day with all his Angelpals and Angelfamily!

Thank you so much my dear friends.
I love you all!
Remember, if you need any purrrs just drop me a pmail =)

Guardian Angel,


Hi Everyfur!

May 26th 2011 1:14 pm
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Long time no meow!

I just wanted to let everyone know I'm thinking about them. I purrr that everyone is okay with all the bad weather that's been happening. Are U guys and Your families all okay?
I try to watch over all but its been a big job with all the storms and things let me know as I'm worried.

My family and I are doing fine. Its pretty hot where my Earthly family lives but they havent gotten any storm damage yet (and hopefully won't).

My brofur Christopher is on Twitter at ChrisGroove1 and it's easier to load Twitter than Catster for us as we are on dialup at home again.

Feel free to shoot me a message via ChrisGroove1 or send me a pmail here (sometimes my mailbox pops up easy and sometimes not...but I'll do whatever I can to get it because I'll see the notification via my email).

Sometimes I hover down towards a wifi like I am now and when I do I try to say HI!!!

I really miss you all.
Purrrs and Heavenly Headbonks,



December 15th 2010 7:59 pm
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Tomorrow is about the last day to send cards out.

There aren't any old friends who would like to exchange holiday cards again?
Or any new friends?

No one?



Holiday Cards!

December 15th 2010 11:01 am
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I know I'm running last minute with this, but I would like to get the snail mail addresses of my pals I have done the holiday card thing with in the past.
All my holiday card contacts were lost on a broken hard drive.

So if you would like to exchange cards again with me or any of my family (Christopher, Giotto, Tuesday and Mysty, Bedelia, Little Red, Little Bee, Bug, or any of my Angel Brothers Patrick, Black Jack, and Pickles) please send me your snail mail as soon as possible!
I will send my addy in return.

Annnnd, if you are a pal of me or my family and we haven't exchanged cards in the past....then maybe we should start now! =)

So, let me know!



Justice For Taylor at Last

June 11th 2010 10:08 pm
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Maybe some of you who've been here a while remember a kitty named Taylor who's picture was on my profile. He was a kitty murdered in my town.

I asked that he not be forgotten.

You see, Taylor's family had to rehome him and so they put him on Craigslist. To make sure he went to a good home, they interviewed all interested at great length. A young man was finally chosen to be Taylor's new Forever Family.

That young man took Taylor home and tortured and killed Taylor. Then he left him ritually mutilated for someone to find. He made sure to take pictures so he could savor his sickness later.
He did this to two other cats as well. Cats who's peoples believed they were sending them to good new homes...

Taylor's humans were devasted.

When the killer was apprehended, it seemed his father's status as a high-ranking Air Force Officer, his good lawyer, and his own families excuses might get him an easy out. Animal killers often get a slap on the wrist anyway. It took forever it seems, but Taylor finally got some justice.

The Judge gave the murderer eight years.

The murderer cried like the wimp that he is. Boo Hoo.

Cat Killer Gets 8 Years

This is for you, Taylor.

Handsome Taylor




May 30th 2010 5:40 pm
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That's the number of friends on my friend list.
I'm sure some of my other catfamily might have some friends that aren't clicked to my list.
Altogether I guess my catfamily has about 2500 pals.

I just spent an hour and a half (on hi-speed wifi) sending a gift to ALL our friends!
Since there isn't a bulk gift send command, it was done click by click on each beautiful thumbnail of each of you. (Please pardon the cut/paste message...I just couldn't have done it any other way.) As I clicked each of you I thought of you and how some us had been thru thick and thin together while some of us had only exchanged a simple but meaningful meow. Some of you became pals thru your other family members and some of you sought out individual catfamily because of something we had in common.

All of you are forever in my heart and the hearts of my catfamily. Your sweet we lingered over each of your pics, we remember when we became friends, celebrated birthdays, weddings, rallies and also when we cried together in sadness and loss and were reborn as angels.

I want to thank all of you, as my whole catfamily does, for being our pals.

I picked a hotdog for each of you, hope you like it. Tho the message was cut/paste, when I meant it was specially for YOU I meant it.

If one of our pals didn't get a gift maybe you were added after some of your other family became our friends. Or maybe we just didn't get around to being "official" friends...if so, HEY hit me up with a friend invite =)

Much love,
Remember our Troops and Veterans on Memorial Day,
~Biscuit and Catfamily

PS, Your hotdogs are "Anonymous" yet signed by me for my whole Catfamily. I had to do that because can you imagine my Catfamily's Gift History pages MOL!!


We're Still Here =)

January 9th 2010 9:00 am
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Sorry I haven't been on much =(
I do check who needs purrrs even if I don't post.
I will always be there.

Our holidays were pretty good, times are still a little tough but we're doing ok. We are very grateful for the nice cards and gifties and rosettes and zealies. Thank you. If it wasn't for you we'd have had no holiday.
Mom got a little depressed because peoples get like that sometimes and shes usually pretty strong but I don't know...I guess things catch up. Even the computer wasn't fun anymore an she got out of bed only to go to work...
2010 is just getting off to a slow start I guess, mol.

But she did renew her catster Plus so we won't lose touch with our pals and we kitties hope to be more active again. We want to start making some little toy mice soon, too.

It sure got cold here to be in south Texas! wind chill in single digits! It's funny because we don't have heat just a little space heater and mom doesn't own a winter coat (cause it's usually not too cold) and "coat" means a hoodie sweatshirt and a knit hat down here MOL!!!

My catfamily sure does LOVE our lectric blanket =)
Mol, mom bought it from Sears in the middle of summer off season cheap. It was 104 degrees and mom bought the blanket and told the cashier well you never may get cold someday!

It's gonna be 19 tonite and mom works late an it's gonna be a little chilly ;)

I will let our Christopher tell you about the Blue Cat and Not-So-Stray kitties in his diary if you wanna click it.
Christopher's blog is way out of date and we're gonna try to help him bring it up to speed as well. He hasn't Tweeted in weeks and we don't want it all to be forgotten.

He likes to blog and Tweet and hopefully his typist will stop slacking *hint hint*.

Purrrrs and Headbonks,


To My Dear Friends....

December 21st 2009 6:27 pm
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Thank you ever so much for sending me and my family such nice snail mail cards for the Holidays.

My family and I are very sad that we aren't sending out cards and gifties like we did last year. It is a priviledge to have such great pals to give things to.
To be honest, mom didn't get a Christmas bonus or anything at her current job. In fact, her check Friday looked like a week's pay instead of two. Retail's still taking a hit and seems people are shopping for other things besides aquarium supplies. Mom lost hours this holiday at a time when a business should need to be hiring EXTRA holiday help instead of sending workers home early because it's slow =(

That's the reality of it.
I am so very sad.

Also, most of our holiday card addresses have been lost on a fried hard drive...we have the ones from the recent cards but no more (silly mom didn't keep all of the envelopes from last year).
We have not forgotten you!!

We will also send Blind Cat Rescue a late gift.
We miss not sending them a Christmas package and Christopher is going nuts thinking his girlfriend there, Penny, will think he forgot her.
He didn't!

What I would like to do is send out some cards in The New Year.
Exchanging postcards would be fun but no one is under ANY obligation to reciprocate. It's not about that.

We wish everycat a Very Merry Christmas.
To our old pals and our new friends.
And friends we haven't met yet =)

I will get back to you later,
Love You,



December 16th 2009 3:22 pm
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(Captivated Cat pic)



Hi Everycat! *waves*

December 1st 2009 10:39 am
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Hi! I'm at a public computer cause mine is doa mol! Mom's has a while and then she's gotta hop on the bus and go to work. It's cold and windy and raining there but I'm doing great up here at The Bridge.
It's cool but not too cold. Just right for sweater-weather and Fall =)

Just wanted to let everycat know me and my family are doing fine. We sure miss getting online at's is going to try to get a new compy soon. We've seen some refurbs not bad priced at all. Mom's feels out of the loop and she pays all her bills on line so we sure miss it at hand.

Amelia and mommy, Rufus and mommy, Lola and mommy thank you sooo much for the snail mail and letting us know what's going on at Catster.
Sky, got your snaily address and pmail thanx for sending it again.
I sure need to pick up all my pals snail mails again as they are trapped on a fried hard-drive =(

So sorry to hear about Scarlett, Lola, Skinner and Thomas.

Toulouse, Christopher tells me to say HI and that he loves you.

I will be purrring for all in need whether you see me on the forums or not. You are all in my heart and thoughts.
Poor Boxie Brown and little Sky are just about worn out from all the purrring they do for everycat in the Purrr Thread... my friends, thank you.

My family and I love and miss you all.
We're here and will try to check in when we can.

Thank you everycat who voted for our Bug as Best In Show. She's so thrilled just to be in the finals! Thanks for putting her there =)

Purrrs and Love,

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