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Ponderings of a Biscuit

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I Came Home Today.

December 5th 2006 2:10 pm
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My ashes did, that is.

It's been a week since I and my best pal Black Jack got to The Bridge. It's very nice here. I'm meeting new friends and reunited with familiar faces.

I have found if I concentrate real hard (esp when mommy is thinking of me) it's like a little window. I get glimpses of her and my catfamily at earthhome...and she feels my presence.
It's nice to know that even tho it's so fun here, that I'm not totally cut off from my earthfamily.

Anyhow, mommy got my ashes back today. They are in a polished pine box that looks like a little casket. How my earthly self ever fits in that I'll never know. Ashes must be very tiny.
The vet also had a cast he made of my footprint after my mommy left my body there last week. It was very nice of him. The staff had a card and a letter with the story of The Rainbow Bridge signed by everybody. They knew just where I was going to this nice place.

Black Jack is here with me but his earth body is not with mine. Yet.
You see, the vet was closed when mommy found Jack passes away and there was no place for her to keep his body. It was getting ready to rain that night so she buried him right then and there next to our catfamily girl Misty.
She knows we are together in spirit for sure and that our earthly selves are just the shells for our souls. Cats do have souls for sure. Mommy knows this.
When my girlfriend Sugar died three years ago at 16, I sat in the hallway and meowed to her for a week...looking at something that only I could see. My Sugar.

So Jack and I are together for sure, regardless.
But when mommy is able to really open the box and not get too upset, she will put a pinch of my ashes on Jack's grave just for good measure.

*purrrrrrrrrrr purrrrrrrrrrrrrr*



November 29th 2006 3:43 pm
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Oh my! Look at all, the Rosettes and Forever Stars I have today!

The Rainbow Bridge is all they say and more. In fact, each kitty gets to have little excursions and special perks...little dreams come true just for them.

For example: I was born and lived in hot south Texas. I have only seen a few snowflakes and we didn't have (or need) a fireplace. But I always wanted to have one. And watch it snow outside. For me and my best friend Jack it's snowing at The Bridge for us right now. And we are in a cabin-type home with a big fireplace. There are thick blankets on the couch with little moose pics woven I think they call it "rustic".

It's a people-size home big enough for human grandpas and grandmas not to mention any kitty and doggie guests.

Jack and I were crazy for eggnog and we still are. We have it along with our catnip. Our granddaddy liked eggnog and we are hoping he drops by for the holidays. We haven't seen him since 1997 and it's going to be fun!

Any angel kitties that like winter retreats are invited to drop in.
We're carving the ham in two hours.

*purrrrr purrrrr*


After Almost 24 Years I FINALLY Got My Wings!

November 28th 2006 8:01 pm
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I started feeling down just a couple of days ago. Not pain. Just that I was getting ready to pack my bags for The Bridge...

I am an angel now. My passing was serene and calm and without pain. I was the oldest kitty that my vet sees and everyone came in to meet me (the young kennel techs that didn't know me) and the petted me and I purred a lot and rubbed my nose on them and stuff...

Then it was just me and mommy and the vet and vet tech of 20 years. We talked a lot about old times and laughed and cried and stuff.
The vet gave a thumbs-up when he heard I had so many friends on Catster and said that I lived a great life and went out like a king. Mommy told them I had a girlfriend named Elmo. I wore my sweater with the hood and pompoms =)
Then my body went to sleep softly.

My catspirit watched as they talked and petted my body afterwards. They talked a long time.

I began my journey to The Bridge but my mommy had no idea that I wasn't going alone...
After she made the "arrangements" (I get a cool urn thingie) she went home to feed the other catfamily. She wondered why my best friend Black Jack didn't come when she opened the cans. She went to wake him as he slept in the bed we shared and found him unexpectedly passed on.

Mommy's heart isn't just broken in's shattered. But she understands that Black Jack and I were best friends. Right to the end. And we headed to The Bridge together at about the same time. Both of us leaving, and esp Jack, was unexpected. I was 23 years and one day shy of nine months. Jack was at least 13 and handicapped...but he's running and leaping now =).

We passed three hours ago and are heading towards The Bridge with a short visit in Seattle, where my catspirit will give my ladylove a kiss in catperson and introduce my best buddy. Then Jack and I are off.

We can't wait to meet all the friends and family that have gone on as well as meeting all the angel Catster kitties for REAL. IMAGINE THAT!
And we'll be gaurdian angels looking out for all our friends still on the mortal earth.

THANK YOU for all the best wishes and purrrrs!
It was a very gentle and good crossing.

Give me a couple of days to answer all of your nice pawmails, rosettes and stars...because I want to talk to all of you =)

*purrrrrrrrrrr purrrrrrrrrrr purrrrrrrrrr*


I'm Unexpectedly Looking Towards The Bridge

November 26th 2006 5:03 pm
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I know this sounds like a downer...but I have unexpectedly taken a turn myself.

Saturday I was up jogging around and eating and being my ol self...and when my mommy got home from work 9 hours later, I was laying on the floor beside the couch where I'd collapsed.

The doctor says my heart has just about gave out. My heart is old. I guess it was years of babying all those kittens. It takes a lot of heart. I'm home and the vet has made me comfortable so I can spend my time with my mommy. I know her heart is breaking in two.
I have maybe a few days. I'm not afraid because I have many catfamily at The Bridge to welcome me.

I'd like to send my thanks to everyone who's been so kind to me here, I just regret I didn't get on Catster a long time ago. You guys have made me a very happy kitty! COTD on my mommy's birthday was really fun.
The friends I made from all over the world from China to my own backyard. All the stars, rosettes and TREATS!

*I'm purring right at this moment*

I will try to post when I can. It's very difficult for mommy. 23 years and 8 months is pretty good and I'm going to enjoy every last moment.

Elmo, I love you.
*purrrrrr purrrrrr*


The Bath & The Fly (Combined stories)

November 10th 2006 6:41 pm
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Nov 19, 2006

I like to sit in the little window in the bathroom.
I jump on the toilet lid and up on the back of the tank then up on the sill.

Mommy heard a big splash and passed me as I was jogging back down the hallway. She didn't remember not closing the toilet lid but saw a large puddle of water beside the pot.

Honestly, I did not fall into the crapper.

I gave myself a bath in the tub and then drained it and dried it out.
I put the cap back on the shampoo and hug the towel back up.
I might have left a little water on the floor.

But I did NOT fall into the crapper.
Not me.

*purrrr purrrr*


My mommy opened the windows for some fresh air. Unfortunately, being in south Texas it's warm and humid right now...and about 500 flies must've come inside the house.

Mommy said it looked like Amityville Horror.
Personally, I thought it was pretty cool stuff.

Anyhow, since we can't use poison, mom bought some "old fashioned fly paper". It was working pretty good. Lil buzzers stuck all over it.

When mommy got up this morning she found me also stuck to it (or it to me).
It was mainly wrapped around my back end. Since it said FLY paper I didn't think I had anything to worry about. I walked around with it during the night and picked up some dust bunnies, blanket fuzz, the wrapper from some Halloween candy, and a few flies flying under the radar.

Mommy didn't think the idea of greasing me up to break the sticky was an appealing idea and neither did I.
Then she told me that people pay big bucks for a bikini wax and I was going to get a swanky spa job for FREE!


I don't care of she DOES tell me I look Brazilian now.
I don't even care if she sings "Girl From Ipanema" to me.
And I don't care if I AM thong-ready.
Flypaper being ripped off your hiney s*cks.




November 9th 2006 8:50 pm
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Thank you, each and every kitty (and their human mommies and daddies who love them), for being so kind to a deaf ol southern gent like me.

Being Cat of the Day has been a hoot. I'll enjoy it down to the last second and remember it forever.

The Rosettes and Stars (and Turkeys lol) have been supersweet.
Over 1200 treats WOW!

But it's my friends here that mean the most.
The baby kittens. The seniors. The sweet spirits that have passed on.
And a special lady named Elmo.

I'm a very happy guy. I'm still a goofball.
Tonite I had slices of New York Strip steak.
And baked potato (I LOVE taters).
Now I'm relaxing and watching Dracula (I used to have fangs too, you know).

All is well.


OMG! Cat of The Day!

November 9th 2006 12:06 am
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I just noticed I'm Cat of the Day!




November 8th 2006 9:24 pm
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Tomorrow is my mommy's birthday. (She's even older than me!)
I don't know what to get her. She says my love and companionship is enough...and she doesn't like that birthday fuss...but I really think I should give her something, you know?

I thought about it all day. They say that gifts that are handmade mean the most to humans.
So thought about it a lot.
Then I got to work.

I was able to regurgitate one of my best hairballs ever. I'd been working on it for a while and this seemed like a good time to launch it.
I hid it wrapped in my mommy's fleece throw blanket.

I bet she'll be surprised!
I hope she doesn't find it before Thursday. (I hid it real good.)

Man, she's gonna LOVE it!!!


My Sore.

November 4th 2006 9:01 pm
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A little while back, mommy found a little bump on my leg/heel. Because I am a "senior" I have more of a cancer risk. It didn't look like much but I guess I had to have it looked at. Mommy was really scared.

The vet said it's just a little irritation on my heel where I have a callus. And of course I picked it. Because that's my job.
Then it tried to heal and my hair stuck to the scab. So I picked it again. Until I made a little hardish feeling bump on my skin under the hair/scab. I had to pick it on general principal after we got back from the vet and mommy put the medicine on it.

When it was almost gone, I had to pick it one last time just to see if it was still pickable. Which it was. So mommy put some really really crappy tasting stuff on it.

Now the last final bit of scab is coming off. The skin underneath is really nice.

I really miss my sore. (I want to pick it.)


What a Way to Start on Catster!

November 2nd 2006 9:10 pm
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Wowie! I've only been here a day and I have over 60 friends! I've been corralled three times...I have some little ribbons and a turkey...treats...emails and pawmails!

I've got to say that I've never seen so many pretty girlcats in one place!
One especially has caught my eye...

The guys are great, too, and I've found some cool buds.

Catfriends from all over the world!
And one's even a pirate.

All the kitties here (and their human mommies and daddies who love them) are so nice.


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