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Ponderings of a Biscuit

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Today is my BIRTHDAY!

February 26th 2007 12:08 am
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I would have been 24! And I allllmost made it!
Please, my earthly catfriends, have a treat or toy for me today and help me celebrate!

I will certainly write back and tell you what happens here at The Bridge for my birthday. (These angels like to party mol.)

A kiss to everycat *headbonks*


Happy Valentines Day!

February 14th 2007 3:55 pm
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Of course we celebrate Valentine's Day at The Rainbow Bridge! Everycat (and doggie...hamster, birdie, and reptile etc) gets cards, treats, and visits.

And of course we get to be with our humans that have gone on, as well. Just like old times =)

Black Jack and I have met sooo many sweet kitties that we wanted to meet from know, for REAL. Some went before us and some we have welcomed.
And we purrr for those who need some healing vibes on earth and watch over those we love.

Thank you so much everycat...I wish I had the zealies to send a heart to each of my friends. Just click on my rosette and star history and see the wonderful kitties who have given me such nice gifts. I could never repay you all except to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Black Jack feels the same. And I know my earth family does as well.

I wish I had a thousand zealies!
Instead, I will send a thousand twinkling lights to the kitties.

Just look up in the skies and I will be there.

*your guardian angel*


Purrring for Winter!

January 16th 2007 11:39 am
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To understand this entry, everycat must read the entry before mol. Or you won't see why Jack and I are purring winter down to our earthly catfamily =)

When mommy got to work Monday the rains had stopped and the temps began to fall. She closed shop early at five pm when it started to sleet. The retail stores were empty because the city was on alert to close down the major overpasses/bridges because of ice. When they started dumping gravel, mommy beat back home. After stopping for catfood, of course.

For the first time, the kitties broke out the electric blanket. I never got to use it but now that I have a fireplace at The Bridge...
But I know my catfamily really liked the blanket and said a purr for me.

This morning they closed the highways completely. Mommy got the day off work. In anticipation for the cold, she took all the catfamilies beds and blankets to the coin-op laundry on Sunday and fired up a few big quad-load washers to get the cuddling materials ready. (Hmmm, I wonder what the laundry worker thinks when she checks the lint traps after one of mommy's laundry visits MOL MOL!)

Mommy has cat tents under both the covered front porch and covered back patio, complete with electric bed heaters, for any outside kitties that are cold (or travelers passing thru) and catfood in the bowls. Little Red's friends Fuzzy and Squint are curled up asleep in the front tent.
Fuzzy was racing around thru the frost earlier mol.

Jack and I are sending winter to our earthly catfamily. We're purring for snow, even just a few flurries, and we know our catfamily is posted at the windows watching.

It's sleeting heavily and building up in corners.
The trees are shining with ice.
Icicles are hanging everywhere.
The kitties have never seen icicles. Mommy broke some off and took them in and the kitties were licking them and playing with them.

Well, gotta tie this entry up for now. Jack and I have work to do!

*love and icicles*



January 13th 2007 6:10 pm
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If anycat has read my diary, they know that I passed with my best friend forever, Black Jack and that we are having our winter time at The Bridge complete with a rustic cabin and quietly falling snow.

We've had angels we've reunited with and new angels who've just met us here. And we've even welcomed in some ourselves.

The Holidays were fun and the New Years were all colored lights and sparkles without the loud BOOM. We wished our earthly families all the well and rung in the New Year for them...

Jack and I have our dream winter cabin because we lived in south Texas and never saw snow. We have it now. Just as a kitty who lived in the middle of Mid-West farmland might've wanted to see the beach someday. Here, they can. (They can bundle up in a wool blanket and sit atop a cliff and watch waves crash on a cool New England-like coast...or lay out on a Carribean-like beach of sand under a coconut tree.)

Seems that the forcast for south Texas includes a freak winter storm that just may leave a dusting of snow in the next couple of days. If only for a while. This is no chance happening...Black Jack and I are trying our hardest to send our earthly catfamily some snow from The Bridge.

We are purring very hard. We may only kick up a few flurries and some sleet...but we're gonna try!

*your guardian angel*



December 31st 2006 8:05 pm
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Have a wonderful, healthy and happy 2007 everycat and their friends and families.

*sending festive purrs straight from The Bridge*
Biscuit and Black Jack


Do They have New Year's at The Bridge?

December 30th 2006 7:27 pm
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I was wondering this. Since time is not relative here in the same way...

The answer is YES they do celebrate New Years. Even tho time is not measured in quite the same way, we keep the traditions alive. We celebrate a new year not for us but for those of you earthbound. It keeps us close to our families there and we wish them well and purr for their new year.

Kitties from households that celebrated Chinese New Year or Jewish New Year, for example, hold the traditions and teach other kitties about them too.

I don't know of any kitty that likes loud firecrackers, so we take all that is good for us and those of us who like to watch the lights watch them. I hear the colors are even more beautiful than the shimmering lightshows on earth, and fall quietly down without even a pop.

I'm looking forward to it.

Other kitties ring in our earth-families New Year by a song by the fire and meowed stories of the past and purrs and purrrayers for the future.

I'm looking forward to that, too.

I miss my mommy and my catfamily on earth. So does Jack. But time is different here and we know that we'll all be together before we know it.
This makes me feel content. It's not "goodbye". It's simply "see you later".




December 25th 2006 12:31 pm
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I'm sure that most humans know about the story of the Prophet Mohammed:
The Prophet Mohammed had a cat named Muezza. Legend has it that she once fell asleep on the sleeve of his robe. Having to go to prayer but not wishing to wake her, he cut the sleeve so she could continue snoozing.
This is very true!

But not many people know about another story (which is common knowledge among us kitties):
That a kitty crawled into the manger with the infant Jesus to keep the baby warm and to lull him to sleep with it's purrrrs.

Merry Christmas, everycat and everyone!

Biscuit and Black Jack


Holidays at the Bridge!

December 21st 2006 11:25 am
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I had no doubt that I'd be with my earthfamily for the holidays...but things can change so fast. Life is fragile.

But The Bridge is a very very nice place. There are holidays and fun all around as well as lazy days with nothing pending but a long happy nap.
"Whatever floats your boat" s the human term, I think.
Since The Bridge is a place of love, there isn't all that earthly conflict. Oh, sure, there are a few hisses and attitudes here and there (I mean, we're CATS) but there's no suffering and human-wrought cruelty. And there's no "us and them" even between doggies and kitties...which brings us to the holidays.

Did you know that Black Jack and I have our Christmas tree as well as our Menorrah? We have started lighing the candles. Starting Dec 26, we will also have Kwanzaa stories that are told around our fireplace at night. We will hang the red and green streamers.
Before Jack and I got here, I was told they held a Ramadan dinner for all kitties.

Here, kitties from Jewish, Gentile, Muslim, Buddhist, and every other household you can imagine sit down together. This isn't a phenomenon that only happens at The happens on earth as well between kitties.
If the humans let us.

There is no known example of a Christain-household kitty not liking a Muslim-household kitty just because of that. (Or a black cat not liking a white cat just because of fur color.) The Pagan-household kitties run in the moonlight of the Harvest Moon along with the Jewish-household kitties.
Kitties can't think of any reason why it should not be this way. And so it is here at The Bridge.

There is a light snow outside. Something is smelling good in the kitchen!
We send love and purrrrs and purrrayers to our earthbound families. We send purrrs to any other kitties (and doggies) in need. (My friends in Colorado please stay warm and safe in the blizzard!)
Thank you catster kitties for opening your paws to my catfamily here. Thankies to Jet and Co. for the early and generous Christmas gift =)
Love to my girly Elmo.

*more reports from The Bridge Holidays later*


Diary of The Day

December 9th 2006 11:31 pm
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I'm very happy to have gotten the Diary of The Day for Friday the 8th.
Thanks for the congrats esp all the fuss The Olde Furts made lol.

Unfortunately, my mommy was sick with a headache and offline and didn't get to see me win that day. But she sure was happy when she did find out.
She's very thankful for the nice pawmails and congrats I got, too.

Being on Catster has been very good for me. It made me feel very special while I was on this earth and helped in the very difficult time of my sudden passing to The Bridge. And now you have made me feel special, again.

Thank you everykitty and your mommies and daddies who love you.

*Purrrrrr Purrrrrrrrrrrr*


A Secret.

December 6th 2006 5:37 pm
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Mommy went to see grandma today but did not tell her that I (or Jack) have crossed The Bridge.

Grandma really loved us a lot and she should know the truth...but it didn't seem right in the situation. Mommy was thinking very hard of me and it opened a window and she knows that I agree with the little white lie.

We will call it our secret.

Grandma doesn't really recognize mommy much anymore. But she does respond when you ask for a hug. And she responds when mommy says "ol Biscuit Kitty". The doctor says it's one of her last memories for some reason.
Except for mommy, I was the last of the family when we had a family (like moms and dads and stuff).
So we chose not to tell her I'm not in the house anymore.

The delta society will bring a therapy kitty next week and she probably won't know the difference. (Hey, I have a stunt double!)


For my 21st birthday mommy got me a kitten. We hadn't had a kitten in the house for a while and what do you get a cat who has everything on his 21st birthday? Her name is Tuesday. She was a little grey/white shorthair.
Tuesday grew up but for some reason never went into heat and mommy for got and...about five months ago Tuesday ran out the door. And came home all sexxy after two days.
My foster-daughter was a hoochie lol.
Tuesday got really really fat and mommy was thinking she was going to have 6-8 kittens. She told Tuesday we'd find good homes for them all because it would be too hard to choose just one to keep...and we couldn't keep them all.
On 6/5/6 Tuesday went into labor and had one kitten on 6/6/6.

And it was little. A calico. Ooh I LOVE kittens! There was only one so I got a grandbaby to keep and help bring up.
They miss me.
Today Tuesday went to my vet and got spayed. She was so scared until she sensed me there with her. I was with her when she drifted off to sleep. She asked if she was going with me to The Bridge but I said "no" that she would wake right back up before she knew it and go home later to be with baby Mystery.

While Jack and I curl up and wash each other in front of our fireplace in our cabin at The Bridge, we close our eyes and know that Tuesday and Mystery are napping in front of the heater at their earthhome safe and sound.

Tomorrow we will bring in our Christmas tree at The Bridge.


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