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Ponderings of a Biscuit

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Good storm news hopefully!

August 20th 2007 7:14 pm
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We saw a new computer model showing the Dean hurricane path boring more south. That would be GREAT news! That would put only the edge on my family! Though we'd have floods still, we wouldn't have 160+mph winds in our bloomers!

We hope this path holds true!

Unfortunately, our Mexican kittyfriends and families have not good news.
But hopefully the mountians slow it down a lot!

Our friend Lucky #216423 lives in Mexico City.

I'm sending purrrs!



Serious Stuff my Friends...

August 20th 2007 9:11 am
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I'm sure most of our south Texas catfriends know that a very big hurricane is
supposed to make landfall here at approx 3pm Wednesday if it continues on course.

It seems to be a very strong storm as well, catagory 4 right now and expected to reach 5.

We have gone thru hurricanes before of course...

The problem is that we've had floods over the past few weeks and the ground is soaked and cannot take more rain.
An average rain last Thursday left three feet of water in our street and crested at 8 feet in some city streets. We don't live in the boonies, either...and mommy had to wade thru knee deep water half a mile to get home. (Thank you the very nice (and cute) fireman that helped in the highway underpass.) Heck mommy had to get home with the CATFOOD!!!

San Antonio is criss-crossed with rivers and creeks but luckily, where my catfamily lives there is no major body of water.
Still, we still were in deep. Super lucky was the fact it didn't get in the house. We have a large spillway behind our back fence. It crested at about 9 feet or so but moves VERY fast and was able to redirect it around.
Sadly, when the water subsided some bodies were found a few miles away.

The problem is the floods that hurricane Dean will bring on top of high wind. Even an indirect hit. (And we are predicted to take the DIRECT hit.) They are already preparing to evacuate people from Houston to our Alamodome set as a huge 65,000 seat shelter as well as people from across the border.
We have not heard them letting in pets.

My catfamily is staying put.

Mommy is taking Wednesday off work so she won't get seperated from the house and cut off again.
Going to get provisions just in case. And extra CATFOOD!

We send purrrrs to our Texas catfriends in south Texas and esp those at the Gulf. I'm purrring that ol hurricane gets weak and not so windy and turns away, and that you guys are safe from the flood that is sure to be.

Stay safe kitties and your families,


I've got a Hug counter MOL!

August 15th 2007 4:12 pm
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Thank you for giving this old kitty lots of lovins =)

Anycat that has a guestbook, let me know and I will fly right over and sign it.
Anycat that would like to sign mine or leave a quick hug, it's much appreciated.

To see the sweet kittyfaces (and doggiefaces) in my guestbook makes it easier for my mommy to go to my page. After 8 months, she still misses me terribly.

We both thank you for your love and support.

And thank you for letting me purrrr for those who need it.
It's an honor to watch over you...


PS, Wouldn't you know it? The rest of my catfamliy had to get hug counters too =O.O=

EDIT: And thank you whoever gave Little Red hugs. Now he can stop complaining about being the only one with no hugs mol!!!


Guestbook Guest #100!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 25th 2007 3:39 pm
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Is my dear and beautiful friend Sparkle!
How cool is that?

If that isn't cool enough, #101 is our very own The Catster Cat!

My very first guest to sign is my pal Arnold P. He must've been waiting in the shadows.. I'd barely saved the code and he was in, mol!

Special thanks to my dear friend Molly, the only doggie brave enough to be surrounded by 100 kitties.

(Edit: Yay! Daisy has just joined the doggie ranks!!!!!)

C'mon doggies, don't be afraid! You are invited to sign my book, too =)

Thank you everyone!
Love and Headbonks and much Bread,


Guestbook! WOW!

July 23rd 2007 9:52 am
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Thank you my friends (and friends-to-be) you have made my guestbook a great success!

It is one of the most fun parts of going online, to see who has signed!
It is so heartwarming when kitties take the time to sign and I love looking at their sweet faces (and in O'Malley's case...his butt mol)!

If anycat has a guestbook and wants me to sign, just pinch my tail and I will be there ASAP mol!

This is so fun, I wish I would have put one up sooner!

Headbonks to everycat!
*your angelfriend*



July 18th 2007 5:31 pm
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A chorus of angels sing a glorious song.
Happy faces and joy.
Stars shine like a million twinkling lights, like the candles lit by our loved ones back home.
Welcoming the new ones, each shining like it's own little star.
The young. The old. The homeless.
Each a miracle.

Welcome, Jules Vern.

*your angelfriend*


An Idea....

July 11th 2007 12:46 pm
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Since I have so many friends and great kitty pals, there's NO WAY I can go to each page and check if they have a guestbook as well. (Plus, I'm on icky dial-up.)
So....if you have a guestbook just let me know and I will fly over as soon as I can.

If I have missed any friends with guestbooks, and I know I have, just pinch my tail and I'll come running right over.

Even newbies....

Love and Purrrrs,


My Guestbook!

July 9th 2007 9:24 pm
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I could not dream of such a great response! I am soooo happy to see my old friends and new friends, too on my page! My mommy had tears just seeing all the sweet kitties pics and words.

We are so very lucky!

Thank you from my heart for taking time to stop by and leave a message.
My wonderful friends...

I'm not sure how many pics the guestbook holds, but if any kitties want to leave a message or pic...or leave more than one...please DO! If we fill it then I will put up a second one mol! There are so many great kitties I've met here, that I don't want to miss a one!
Each is so special to me.
I love meeting new friends as well.

You make this ol Biscuit as happy in the afterlife as you did when I was on earth. I am so grateful.



Today is my BIRTHDAY!

February 26th 2007 12:08 am
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I would have been 24! And I allllmost made it!
Please, my earthly catfriends, have a treat or toy for me today and help me celebrate!

I will certainly write back and tell you what happens here at The Bridge for my birthday. (These angels like to party mol.)

A kiss to everycat *headbonks*


Happy Valentines Day!

February 14th 2007 3:55 pm
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Of course we celebrate Valentine's Day at The Rainbow Bridge! Everycat (and doggie...hamster, birdie, and reptile etc) gets cards, treats, and visits.

And of course we get to be with our humans that have gone on, as well. Just like old times =)

Black Jack and I have met sooo many sweet kitties that we wanted to meet from know, for REAL. Some went before us and some we have welcomed.
And we purrr for those who need some healing vibes on earth and watch over those we love.

Thank you so much everycat...I wish I had the zealies to send a heart to each of my friends. Just click on my rosette and star history and see the wonderful kitties who have given me such nice gifts. I could never repay you all except to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Black Jack feels the same. And I know my earth family does as well.

I wish I had a thousand zealies!
Instead, I will send a thousand twinkling lights to the kitties.

Just look up in the skies and I will be there.

*your guardian angel*

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