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Ponderings of a Biscuit

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One Year Bridge Anniversary

November 28th 2007 8:00 pm
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Thanks everyone for the pmails and rosettes and gifts for me and Black Jack. It doesn't seem a whole year has passed since we both, well, passed.

I am very happy up here with my bestest bud, yet it is bittersweet because mommy misses us terribly. Bittersweet because my girlie pal McKenna came for the anniversary with her brother Buddie...I wasn't expecting her but she suprised me. It's been fun playing with my friends up here but I am quite sad for her family. I know how it feels for the family to lose two babies together...

I purrr that her family finds the comfort my mommy did in knowing that I am with my best friend at The Bridge.

Purrrrs, my friends,


So Sorry My Friends!

November 16th 2007 9:39 am
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First, thank you sooo much for the wonderful gifts for me and my family! =)

We would love to give back and send our pals some goodies, but for some reason, we cannot access the gifts anymore. Not even plain ol rosettes. It may have to do with the new Catster upgrades and our sad ol just isn't working.

But thank you thank you thank you, and we will try to send out pmails to you guys as soon as we can.

Purrrrrs and Headbonks,
Biscuit (and Family)


Mommy's Bittersweet Birthday.

November 9th 2007 4:30 pm
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Today is my Mommy's birthday. This time last year I was alive and Cat of the Day. It happened on her birthday!

This time I am gone and so is Black Jack.
And today Piper's ashes came home. What a bittersweet gift in the little pine casket.

But Piper is home now...

Then she went to the post office to get a parcel that had come yesterday while she was away. It was the blanket that Hazel Lucy sent our fragile tiny black kitten girl. (Her brother passed away 10 days ago.)
Mommy had asked Lucy to pick any colors of her choice for us and she chose a deep hot orchid and lavender, and wow, how did Lucy know that the little kitten's fleece bed is lavender?

The little kitten (who we named Cassie) started eating just knowing the healing blanket was on the way.
She's much plumper now even since Hazel put it in the mail.

We will take a picture later and send it to Hazel (Mommy is just too fatigued right now.) Awww Hazel and her Mommy are very nice, and Hazels business card alone is worth many smiles.

Please go to Hazel Lucy's page or straight to her Tranquility Blankets and Hats site and see what cool stuff she makes and how you can order. Best of all, she makes things for shelter kitties =) so give her some
paws up.

Well, night night my friends,


My friend Piper has passed.

November 4th 2007 6:53 pm
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He slept comfortably with Mommy all Thursday night, then wanted into his bed nearby just before 7am.
He passed in his sleep gently there around 7:30am Friday morning Nov 2.

I am very grateful to my angelfriends helping me carry our Piper to The Bridge. And for purrring him to pass comfortable at home with his loving family.

Black Jack and I missed our pal so.

It happened so fast. He was so healthy and playful...who would think it would be him?

Please kiss and love your kitties everyday.



Today is my First Catster Birthday!!

November 1st 2007 10:08 am
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And HQ gave me a cake!
I have met sooo many wonderful friends here!
In a way it is bittersweet because Mommy had no idea I would pass only 27 days after joining Catster =(
But things happen. And my family is VERY grateful that we were here because of the great outpouring of love and support when Black Jack and I passed together.

An update on our ill catfamily (see previous entry please):

Piper (not on Catster) is resting comfortably at home surrounded by those who love him and who he loves. (If he gets distressed then we will have the vet help him cross.)
We love him dearly.

Our Little Black Kitten went to The Bridge Tuesday afternoon. The vet thinks he had some internal problems he was born with. His bigger brother and sister are fine and will be adopted out in a couple of weeks.
His tiny (runt) sister is smaller than he was and fragile. She just may stay with our family...
She has her own issues but she's a fighter and is determined to live for her brother. Hazel Lucy is making (and testing) a blanket for her, filling it with healing purrrs.

I and my catfamily haven't been on Catster much this past week or so...with syringe feeding sick kitties and stuff, it's been hard. And I am lagging seriously in thanking everycat for the treats and gifts.
But hang onto your whiskers because I will =)

I love you guys (and girls)
Much Purrrrs from my heart,


We Have Been Away....

October 29th 2007 8:23 am
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And we are sooo sorry for not responding to your sweet pmails, rosettes and stars. My whole catfamily thanks you and we have just seen our goodies and headbonked each of you wonderful friends! We will try to respond purrrsonally very soon.

Thank you for the purrs for the Little Black Kitten. He's hanging in there. Not really improving but not getting worse, either. Keep up the purrayers Amelia!

We haven't been online in a week and may not be on much for a bit. One of our kitties not on Catster, Piper, is very ill with liver failure. He's 11 and the best daddy-cat ever. We love our "big-eyed Pipie" very much and he's been with us since he was three weeks old. Mommy bottle fed him and he's never done anything wrong ever in his life. (I got in a few things, I'll admit.)

He's slowly making the journey. There is no date for PTS, but we are watching.
He seems comfortable. Mommy syringe feeds him and moves him around. He doesn't throw up or have bad poops/pees and doesn't seem in pain. He's just slowly going away =( and will be gone in a couple of days perhaps...

Mommy is very sad. Sad to the heart about Piper. Sad about the Little Black Kitten (who gets syringe fed too).

Sad that this Thursday (Nov 1) will be my one year anniversary on Catster. She never thought I'd be at The Bridge 27 days later.

Sad that we have lost so many dear friends here.
We have made great friends, too, but at this time it is especially sad to go to Catster and see our friends sick or passed.

Black Jack and I will continue to purr for those who need it (of course).
We will purrr for those in Southern CA fires. (We have family in San Diego Co. and Poway.)

Little Bee and Giotto and Little Red and Black Jack and I thank you guys for the tags even if we haven't been on to really play.

Tuesday and Mysty thank their special friend Lucky for all the pretty pics and promise to get them up on their pages.

Jack and I will get our Angel Squad badges up as soon as Mommy feels better.
Promise =)

My beautiful Elmo! I love you!



Please Purrray for Stray Kitty's Babies.

October 20th 2007 8:58 am
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Two of Stray Kitty's babies are very sick.
The two boys.

Seems that SK had coccidia in her system (that didn't bother her because she's a big kitty) but made two babies sick.
They have only been exposed to her and the vet says that this is about the time that kittens pick it up from mommycat if it's there.

The girls seem fine but they are all on meds to make sure, and they have been seperated from mommy while she's being treated.

Please help me purrr and purrray for them. They are only 35 days old and they want to have their first Halloween and grow up.

Thank you my friends,


Man Adopts Cats to Murder =(

September 18th 2007 2:33 pm
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This was in our local news:


He posed as a nice person and adopted a 3 year old kitty named Taylor that a family could no longer keep. The family gave him an hour interview to make sure the kitty would have a loving home on 9/15.
On 9/17 morning a man found Taylor and two other cats murdered and mutilated.

The guy is being held on three counts of State felony animal cruelty charges...

Please read the story. Please remember Taylor.
And do not forget the murderers name or face.

I am putting a picture of beautiful Taylor on my page. Do not forget him.



Stray Kitty Gave Birth Today!!! Baby Pic!

September 14th 2007 9:49 pm
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Stray Kitty didn't seem about to have her babies besides being really BIG. (She's been really big for quite a while.) She was up and about and relaxed and playing. But just as Mommy got ready to go to work, Stray Kitty came up and stretched up and put her paws up on Mommy and looked into her eyes...big belly hanging down.

And Mommy knew. Even tho she wasn't in labor or looking for a nest. Because Stray Kitty told her it would be soon.

So Mommy went and put a catbed in the den with some toys, a water bowl, food bowl and litter box (all new just for the occasion). Then Mommy left for work at 2pm.

When when she got home at 10pm BABIES!

Stray Kitty looked big enough to be carrying 6+ (Mommy thought she had felt three before the tummy got so huge and tight and was beginning to think she was WAY off-Stray Kitty grew so big.)
But she had four. Mommy was relieved because It will be much easier to find homes for four than a hamster-size litter.

There are three black and one grey stripey like mommycat. We think the grey is the only girl but there is a black one that looks different each time Mommy looks at its tooshie mol. Stray Kitty is loaded with milk. Mommy has never seen such a milkfilled-kitty and joked that if she runs out of coffee creamer...she knows where to go!

Mommy's trying to decide on a name for Stray Kitty because it looks like she's gonna stay.



Babies are Almost Ready...

September 6th 2007 9:47 pm
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My family is caring for a pregnant stray kitty (there is a link in my last diary entry with her picture) and I'm pretty sure the babies are going to be born soon. I'm hanging round best I can, with my Guardian Angel duties and all, to watch out for her.

We are pretty sure we've seen her here and there for a while outside but she was scared and wild. In fact, she'd come eat at the back porch when I was still on Earth and so I had the pleasure of knowing her in life. I told her she had a place here when if she decided to leave where ever she was staying at, if anyplace at all. Sometimes it was weeks and months we didn't see her.

Anyway, with the last floods, she decided to stay and did not leave. She was in late pregnancy and knew my family would help her. Mommy says Stray Kitty "fell in love" with our family. She did. She's very sweet and loving now.

She doesn't even fuss at the other kitties and loves for my mommy to rub her big pregnant belly.

Tonite her tummy is hanging lower. The babies are turning and kicking. Mommy thinks she feels three. (We hope she doesn't hit the jackpot and deliver more than that as mommy will be finding homes for the little ones.)
Regardless, I'm purrring that they are healthy no matter how many or few, and Stray Kitty will do great as a mommy. I think she will =)
I just LOVE kittens and I'm soooo excited!

We really need to get her a better name than Stray Kitty, tho...


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