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Second Chances

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Ahoy! Ye Maties!!

June 14th 2009 5:38 am
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Well, that Pansy is up to something, according to her latest diary entry. Sounds like she's been bitten by the green-eyed monster!! So I set out in my piratey ship, picked up my Oly-Pie and her little Felina, and we have set sail to a secret location. I have to protect my Oly and Felina!!!! I can't let any danger come to them. My sweet Oly-Pie was just in tears when I picked them up, because she she was so afraid that Pansy will do something to Felina.

You leave them alone, Pansy!!!!! You hear me?


I Don't Play With Either of Them

May 20th 2009 4:47 pm
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Recently, Gimme and Ele' are bickering so much that I don't play with them. I'm just hanging with my doggie and mama.

But I gotta say, this has been good entertainment. Mama and I just sit and watch, and then we look at each other, shake our heads and roll our eyes at them. MOL


Yo Ho Ho is the Way to Go!!!

May 17th 2009 5:14 pm
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All of you know how cool it is to be a pirate, right? And many of you heard me raving about the piratey ship that Santy Claws brought to me for Christmas (mama STILL has not posted the pics...**sigh**). Well, maybe you would like to have your own piratey ship...

In the AUCTION FOR ALDO, there is a piratey ship just like mine that is up for bidding!!

Just think about it: life on the high seas, treasures, nip rum, and the warm sunshine. What more could a really cool kitty ask for?


More Popcorn, Please

May 15th 2009 10:57 pm
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The fun just never ends around here. Gimme and Ele' are still going at it.

Calvin, I know you say you aren't afraid, but srsly dude...Ele' is plotting against you for calling out her hidey spot. She seems all cute and sweet and angelic here around Catster, but you have no idea what she's really like. She can be a real spitfire, man. Watch your back, is all I'm sayin'.

Anyway, Ele' is now trying to convince mama that she (Ele', not mama) has a shopping addiction and she needs to attend an exclusive retreat to seek help for her problem. Gimme is actually going along with this, cuz he just wants Ele' gone for a while since he's mad at her.

Maybe I should suggest to mama that Gimme needs to go to a retreat to seek help for his "anger management". MOL

(Note to Phoebe: Just kidding...Gimme is a very kewl dude and does not have anger management issues. He DOES have sister management issues, but that's entirely different)


Where's The Popcorn?

May 14th 2009 8:16 pm
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This is meowlarious!!! MOL

Gimme is tearing this house apart looking for Ele'. She's hiding in the closet...HIS closet, because she knows he won't look there!!

Dang, he's mad!!! I guess Ele' "borrowed" some shopping money from Gimme's bank, and he wanted to keep bidding on something in THE AUCTION FOR ALDO.

I could watch this all night long!!


What a Weekend!!

May 10th 2009 8:48 pm
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Wow!! A lot happened around here this weekend! Furst of all, mama got up very early yesterday morning. Now, that just doesn't happen on a Saturday. But mama got up, got herself dressed, and left. For a looooooong time. The sitter stopped by to check on us and take my doggie out for a bit. Then mama returns late in the afternoon...with kitties. ????????????????????????????? So she rushes around moving litter boxes and such, and next thing I know I'm shut out of my play room. Mama explained to us that we were going to have guests for the night and we were to be on our best behavior. So we were. Gimme didn't even try to open the door to the play room, which he easily could have! This told me that mama probably meant business.

Then today, SEVIE'S MOM came to get the guest kitties. I liked her a lot. And she thought I was very handsome!! She was quite taken with my facial markings. (Not to worry, Oly. You're still the only girl for me!)

Sevie's mom and my mama were chatting for a bit, and talking about how they've met so many pawsome humans through Catster. It made mama think about how Catster has really been a life changing thing for her. (And it was a life SAVING thing for me!!) And she just never, EVER expected that out of this funny website community for people who like their cats. HQ humans must sit back in amazement sometimes, looking at what they created.

Anyway, after Sevie's mom left, mama was going to do her usual Sunday yardwork. She was a bit tired from Saturday's long drive and being up late with our guests. And she just stood there looking at all of us, because of course we were all gathered in the kitchen wondering "what next" (that's where we usually have these family meetings, over coffee and snackies). And mama says, "The yard will still be there tomorrow. It's Mother's Day. That means that today is for you." We helped mama set a few things back to normal with our litter boxes and fountains and such, and then we spent the rest of the day playing and napping.

We hope that all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day, too.


My Public Service Announcement

April 30th 2009 7:16 pm
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Tuesday night I wrote about my mama's friend and work colleague. Today it was confirmed that he took his own life. Mama's face has been raining a lot today.

Times are very tough right now, and we even see hardship around Catster and among our Catster friends. Mama and I ask that if you feel really blue, please talk to someone. Even if it seems like a useless thing to do, please find someone to talk to. And no matter what, try to remember that even the worst of times will pass.


For Michael

April 28th 2009 5:52 pm
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Mama is very sad tonight. Today she found out that one of her friends and work colleagues passed away very unexpectedly. Mama still doesn't know what happened; details have not been forthcoming, so she is mystified. Michael was younger than mama; too young to be taken.

Mama says that he was always one of the most positive people in her company. He could always make mama laugh or smile, even when she was having a very frustrating day. If he knew mama was having a tough day with work, he would email her a little joke or funny picture. Mama tried to let him know how much he was appreciated by everyone in the company; she hopes that he knew, because he was a beloved colleague. People in mama's company are just torn apart tonight upon hearing this tragic news.

Mama says Michael is the kind of person who would be found at the Bridge, because he was very kind. We don't know if he had any furry kids at home, but he does leave behind a family, and our hearts go out to them.

Thanks for always being so kind and helpful to my mama, Michael. She will miss you tremendously. Godspeed.


My Sweetheart

April 6th 2009 6:12 pm
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Wow...My Oly-Pie has been doing her part to help the Catster economy!! MOL We recently cellybrated our Two Year Annifursary, and that girl has been shopping!!!

She got me a wonderful piratey tie from Cat in the Clover. She also got mama the cutest tissue pocket. The gifties came tied up with a Hello Kitty ribbon, so of course Ele' was happy. And Gimme ate the catnip pillow that came in that package. **shakes head and rolls eyes**

Then today I got another package from her!! She got me two piratey collar bandanas from Morgan's, and they were packaged in a piratey bag with curly toys and catnip toy...which Gimme promptly ate. There was also a chirpy bird toy in this package...we are all just mystified by this little nip creature!! And then from Jake and Micah there was a catnip fortune cookie with skulls and crossbones on it, which I hid from Gimme. MOL She had a pretty card in the package for me, and a nice little note for my mama.

Does my girl know how to shop, or what?!?!?!?!? She is just the most amazing thing, honestly. I am a lucky, lucky guy!!!!!


What the Litter?

April 1st 2009 6:25 am
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Did all of you kitties see your newsletter today from Catster HQ? MOL Had me and mama going for a minute!!!!! ROTFM

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