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Second Chances

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Tag Game

May 28th 2007 1:54 pm
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Wow!!! We're all trying to get caught up on the Tag Game....we're playing it half-way like some other kitties that ot behind!!

Here are my seven facts:

1) I totally live up to the Torti Hype: I like to bite n' chomp when you least expect it!! MOL
2) I can clear the whole house when Iuse the litterbox!!! MOL
3) I have really "filled out" since I came to live with my new family last fall. No food is wasted when I'm around!
4) I really love my new mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to hang out with her.
5) I don't like to have my paws touched. I'm just beginning to let mama hold paws with me sometimes.
6) Despite #1, I am a really sweet kitty and I like to love on everyone...even the doggie.
7) I love tennis balls!!!!
Bonus fact: I have the sweetest, most beautiful girlfriend on Catster: Oly!!!!!

I was tagged by:

Sampson Silver Dollar
Turtle (she's such a cute little torti)
Arnold P.
I think that's it!!


Purrs Needed

April 30th 2007 7:32 am
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My beautiful girlfriend, OLY, is not feeling well and has to go to the v-e-t. Please send some purrs her way.

**resumes worried pacing**


Oh My Stars!!!!

March 19th 2007 5:28 pm
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Wowza!!!!! I got an anonymous STAR today!!!!!!! The message said "A secret star for you. Secret Star Donor"

Who in the world could it be from??????

Thank you, Secret Star Donor!!


YouTube.Com Should Not be Allowed to Profit From Animal- Abuse!

March 18th 2007 4:44 pm
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Kitties, several days ago it was discovered that there was a video on YouTube, showing a 16 year old boy violently abusing his cat, in order to make his kitty "sing". The video was titled "Singing Cat- my cat 4 american idol", and was posted by Spiderhog73. The video had been posted in December, and despite countless "flags" of the video and complaints filed with YouTube, the video remained posted in direct violation of YouTube's own written policies. It took the efforts and comments of Catsters and Dogsters to basically scare this kid into removing the video. However, the kid has been tracked down due to contact info on his MySpace account, and contact has been made with his family.

But that's only the first step. YouTube, which is owned by Google, needs to be held responsible for their lack of action. This video should have never been allowed to be posted, and should have been removed by YouTube when the very first "flag" was submitted. This is unacceptable. Catsters and Dogsters are pursuing this through various organizations, in hopes that legal action will be taken against YouTube. In the meantime, fellow Catster Nikki has begun a petition that you can sign if you agree that YouTube needs to be more accountable for the content on their site. Just follow the link below to help!!


A HYOOGE thank you to all of the Catsters and Dogsters who have helped with this very disturbing issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hits and Kisses

March 1st 2007 6:28 am
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I've been hit!! I've been hit!! **looks around, in a half-duck stance**

Okay, here's the clue that they left for me in my rosette:
"You have been hit by the BWAB 3 MusKATeers. A popular show is located in one of the MusKATeer's states on ABC. Spread the word and try to figure us out!"

I need to check out the ABC lineup! Oh, this is soooo exciting!!

**waves to Oly and blows her a kiss**


Life is Good!

February 17th 2007 5:50 pm
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Oh look!!! I FINALLY get to update my diary!!! **gives mama the stink eye...feels bad for giving mama the stink eye, runs over to rub on her hand and then chomps down on it, purring all the while**

So much has happened in the two months since my last entry, I don't even know where to begin! We had pawsome holidays, with presents, presents, and more presents - many of which came from our Catster friends. Catster is so neat! Not only have I never had lots of presents, but I've never received packages in the mail until now. Like for Valentine's, we had little cards and presents arrive from several of our friends.

OH! And also for Valentine's...I got me a Valentine!! Not a card...a REAL Valentine! Her name is OLY and she is a fellow torti kitty, and she's sweet and smart and beautiful! **sighs**

So life here with my new family is good. Gimme still gives me some grief once in a while, just to make sure that I know my place(?). But I have lots of toys, lots of beds, I'm finally starting to realize that I don't have to gorge myself all the time because mama keeps plenty of food on hand (I'm a "tad" heftier than when I arrived here!). Mama is really nice and I like hanging out with her even if it means getting a beating from Gimme, my coat is all soft and shiny, and my paw pads are all healed. The hairballs are less frequent, and we're working on my litterbox manners. Yeah...**sighs and pats belly** life is good.


December 18th 2006 2:58 pm
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Wow. I don't know what to say **sniffs a little** but wow. **turns away for a second, wipes tear away** I know Gimme and Ele' are kinda used to all this Christmas stuff, but this year it's even been overwhelming to them, what with all the Catsters exchanging gifts, and the Secret Santys...Imagine how overwhelming it is for me!!!! I've never even received mail before, and now every day I have envelopes and packages coming with my name on them!!!! **sniffles** Like today for instance, we had two packages.

We had a package from our friends BOOGERS, FIDO, and HONDO.
Inside was a Kitty Hoots toy (which Gimme has claimed), a mousie, a catnip sock(which Gimme has claimed), a wand with this crazy beast on the end, a Cat Dancer, and a big pouch of Whisker Lickin's(which Gimme is trying to claim, but he's gonna have to share these)!!!!

And then we had another package from PHOEBE, MILES, MURRAY II, ALLIE, and KRAMER. They sent us some Kitty Kaviar , which Ele' says she's heard all about but has never had, some colorful fur balls (not like the kind I hack up), some poms poms which are apparently for Gimme, and a big pouch of primo nip!!

We are just three little kitties, and we have so much! We have really good Catster friends, which is most important!!!!


Secret Santy from the South

December 13th 2006 3:36 pm
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Wow!!!!! This whole Christmas thing with my new family and with Catster is pawsome!!! Today I got a package from my Black and White Ankle Biters Secret Santy. I'm not sure who it is, but this Santy hails from the South...even further South than us!! Well, my package was filled with catnip toys, and little toy balls of every kind (I'm still thinking about trying to make it in the NFL), AND...DELI SLICES!!!!!!!! OMC!!!!!!! Do I LOVE the DELI SLICES!!!!! Mam says I'm a treat monger anyway, whatever that is, but I do love those soft little slices!!!!!!! Thank you so much, Secret Santy! From the bottom of my tummy!!!!


December 12th 2006 6:44 pm
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Wowie!!!!!! I've had a package from my Super Strollers Secret Santy sitting under the tree for a while now, and mama didn't want me to open it until Ele' and Gimme got their's, too. So I FINALLY got to open it!!! Soooo many great things!! There's a blue blanket to go with our blue stroller, some mousies, some greenies, a big catnip mousie, and a package of balls for any sport I want to take up!!!! Now I can play football or basketball or soccer or any sport with a ball!!! Maybe I can make it into the NFL....


Back to the Drawing Board!

December 10th 2006 5:36 am
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I thought I had the purrfect plan! Mama and dad have learned to really keep an eye on me since I like to sneak outside so much. But I figured out yesterday that if I could collaborate with Gimme, I could get out undetected. I figured he help me get out, since he's mad at me right now anyway for scoring cuddle time with mama. He's waaaaaaaaaaaaaay possessive of her! Sheesh. Anyway, how could I know that he would plot even further on my own scheme?!?!? Mama and dad had gone out through the side doors of the house, and I could see them doing stuff in our front yard. I knew if I could get Gimme to open the side doors for me, that I could make it outside to explore for the afternoon. That's all I wanted to do. Just as I thought, he was happy at the idea of getting rid of me. But apparently he decided to use the idea to get rid of the Ugly Kitty, too!!!! So I'm waiting for Gimme to open the doors, and here comes Geely, waiting with me. Wha?????? Well, Gimme gets the last door open, and Geely goes strolling through the Big Smelly Room, out the Huge Door and just stands there. Gimme was trying to convince me to come on out, as he strolls through the Big Smelly Room. But I knew as long as Geely just stood there in plain view that we were bound to get busted. So I waited. And sure enough, here comes mama, and she sees Geely right away. She tells Geely to come in with her, sees Gimme and tells him to come inside, Gimme panics 'cause he's busted and comes barreling back through the door pushing me inside with him. Mama comes in and just looks at the three of us. Oh no, will she send me back to the cage place??? She says nothing to me. She quietly scolds Gimme for opening the doors. SHE GIVES THE UGLY KITTY A TREAT!!!!! Explain that one to me!! Then that was it. She just says we better remember that Santy Claws is watching us. RATS!!!! I forgot about that !!!!! Santy, I swear I was gonna come back in anyway!!!!!

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