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Moose is taunted daily by mouse in his bird feeder.

January 22nd 2011 7:38 am
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Dod gaived mie aw burdie feader fer dee windlow bye dee scratchie pust four chrestmass. Et hazes suctun calp two stickie two dee wondgo. Eye luvs weighting fer dee burdies two calm! Butt lattely eye es bean haveing utter visater: ah MOUSIE! Hie calm, set en dee feedler, end eaties awl dee burdie fuds. Eye gooes CRAZLIE whan eye seas hem. Eye hoops aroond, cherps end screamies, end eye digs at dee glass-windlow-pain. Mam herds mie doing dhat en dee muddle awve dee nitey end shie talls Dod know shie knuws jest whan dhat mousie es en dar, eye es alarmie cattie! Oh, purrlease lets mie ootzide, Mam! Eye knews eye cann catchie dhat FATtie moosie! Meep meep!

Efs ewe wents sea dee mousie, Mam caughted et wit dee camrah: go zoo Purrs-z-oos-es paige!


Moose Is a Diary Pic!!!

December 23rd 2010 7:47 pm
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Yehs! Eye es ah die-airy peak awe dee dey! End Arnald Pea haded hes Mam cahl mie Mam zo dhat Eye wood know muss et leek Purr-C-ous dided. Ha ha hee! Eye es zo hoppy twodey. Dod end eye fa-hilled dee trea's wuter booket. Hie poored end Eye tastie testad. Et tasted a loot leek dee watur oot awe dee faw-zit, butt butter cauze et wased froom dee trie booket! Meep meep!

Tank ewes frond fur dee well-wishies! End tanks fur celebrateing mie DeeDeePea wit mie! Purrrrs & Meeps!


Moose Tries to Save Dad While He's Outside Shoveling... Does- Not Get Far.

December 21st 2010 9:53 am
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Et bees CALD ootzide, evefury kittuy! Whetch oot fer dhat whute staffs, et cald awn dee pawpaws! Dod wered ootzide en et end Eye was gunna halps hem, butt Eye know coulded gets pussed dee steppies. BURRRRRRrrrrs! Mam talked pucktures awe mie. Eye kapts runing oot, end en, end oot, end enn... Shis thunked Eye waz funnies, butt Eye waz triing two seives Dod! Dhen hie stupped end calmed enzide. Hie end beddie bye know nepping. Eye es nappings two, butt awn dee radigator... Eye no hie saves gnow. Know werries! Meeps!


Moose Being Locked Away From Plumber And Pouting.

December 14th 2010 7:56 am
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Dod end Mam hazes looked ous op en dee beddiebyerome. Dee ploomer es ove-fur end es instelling knew thingie inn dee batrome. Dod es oot dar end Eye es leying bye doar, pawing utterneeth end cryings at hem. Dooood, luts mie oot two halp! Hie seys dhat dee ploomer es mooving stoffs aroond end dar es big whole inn dee flour dhat eye coolds fells dewn. Oooow neatoes! Eye wents lookie!!! Butt dhey's mucking mie be guds. Pouts. Meeps. Eye goo naw awn me bruder's heed ensted.


Moose Has a Play Pen.

October 20th 2010 8:10 pm
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Eye hazes ah pley pan. Et es ah cardboord bex dhat calmed in dee male. Et hases ripped cooner end Mam putted awl awr toyes en et whan shie vaccuummeedd. Zo gnaw Eye gooes en dar end pleys. Es mie pley pan! Caton Moogan end Purr-z-os pleys swattie thru dee riped parts, dhat funs. Butt mooset awve awl Eye jest leeks haveing a hangs oot, pley ralm awe me awn. Meep meep! Purrrs


Moose Narrates a Mighty Moth Hunt.

October 10th 2010 5:13 am
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Oh!!!! Eye werd en dee hawlweigh, end Eye sewed ah BIGGIE mawth! Eye sturted bero/churping att et. Mam calmed ove-fur end seys "Oh, Mooz, ewe kneads halp?" Shie lufted mie oop, end Eye caughted et awn me ferst trie! Et waz flying thru dee airie end Eye jest claped mie pawz togeter end whamo! Eye hadded et! Eye putted et in me moot, end dee wingie waz stucking oot. Mam putted mie awn dee grund. Purrseeless end Capietun Moogan calmed ove-fur two hases aw lukie. Eye opuned moot two talls awl, whan dee mawth gotted oot! Eye bounced aft-fur et, butt et guts aweigh. Mam kept punting two heir shurt, seyz dhat et weres thar butt Eye know seaed et. Dhan Eye seas et flutterling aweigh frum her two dee celung agean. Dhes tymes she halps Captun Moogan. Hie know cann seas et thou. Nuxt waz Purrsllbutt's tern. Hie sewed et end snucked et en hes toofies. Dhan hie eated et befer Malm putted hem awn dee grunds! Wie sats end gived hem bathie aft-fur dhat. Whoa dhat excitling marning! Meep meep!


Moose Doing Driveway Yoga With Purrseus.

September 12th 2010 4:49 pm
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Mam end awl me brudders bees ootzide weighting fur Dod calm halm froom werk. Eyes gunna zurprize hem bye beeing awn dee drivesweigh dewing mie Yogi! Sparklebutt seyz waz gud idee-ah. End Purr-sees-ouse es wit mie caz hie en treining two lerns mie yoga-secraties! Oh, bey! Ohe Bey!

**************************************************** *****************
(Note from Mom: I won't let him get run over, no worries!)


Moose Has a Great Day.

August 17th 2010 7:42 pm
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Eye es haded gurr-ate dey. Dod gaved mie awl serts ah huggles end Eye gots goes ootzide witout me brudders twices! End whun dee hoomins ated loonch awn dee perch, thay luts mie hungs oot dar wit em! Eye guts two cruwls utter dee plantlers end naps! Purrrrrrrs! Et wazes zo peas-ful. Gnow Eye es leying awn dee flur, doling mie yogie end guting me tubby rubed froom Mam. Purrrrrs!


No More Baths!

August 10th 2010 5:18 am
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Mam seyz know mere bathies fur gnow! Shie seys dhat Captun Moogan's cut heeled oop, end know luks leek ring-aroond-dee-wermie two heir know mere. Zo oonless dee cultare calmed beck poseteve, we know gets mere bathies fur des gnaw mere. Yeehs, Mam! Eye thunks meybee shie leeks mie aft-fur awl! Purrs!

Right gnaw Eye es weiting awn dee perch, jest in cases Dod decideds gnot werk twodey, end calm halm two huggie deee Moosie. Meep! Pauws croosed! Whan es Takies Yer Moose Two Werk Dey? Eye wents go wit Dod everywear!


Captain Might Have Ring Worm! Moose Wishes It Were From- Arnold P., Not Purrseus.

August 3rd 2010 12:41 pm
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Mam seyz dhat captun Moogan mite habs ringling werms! Dee Vettie sey dhey know likely calmed fram Arnald Pea (Durn!) butt frum dhat PURRS-T-OOS guy! Yuckoes! Eye knew wents ring-aroond-dee-wermis fram hems! Eye wents dhem foorm Arnald Pea! Hmpf.

Than thay bathed mie. Eye meeped wonce dhan Eye jest glaired mie Is end tuk et leek ah man-moose. Eye es braives, Dod sed zo. Meep meep!

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