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Moose Musings

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Moose is happy to be a Dreamboat, but confused.

February 17th 2012 6:00 pm
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Eye es ah Dreemboot! Whut awn ert es ah dreemboot?! Dhat zounds leek zomethun Captun Moogan wood bee daydreeming aboot! Hie leeks shippies and botes. Meep! Dhat kul! Eye thunks moose-t be honar cauz Captun Moogan woked mie oop fram nappie shooting "Ewe bees ah Dreemboot, Moosie!!!" Zo thunk ewes Samoa frum mie buddam ah heert fur des greet honar! Eye es hoppy zoo bee ah dreemboot, jest know puts mie inn dee wat-tar peas! Meep meep!


Moose Excited That His Cousin Cats Send Catnip In a- Christmas Card!

December 20th 2011 9:22 am
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Meepy Moosemas, eve-fur-kutty-cattie! Mie bruders end Eye sended oot catmas cardies end wie gots back so many lovelies from fronds! Tanks me fronds!! Than mie couzin catties thay stawl dee shew: dhey sunded oos ah catmas card fulled wit CATMIP! Purrrrrs! Mam waz tries two opun et end Eye waz awl "MOOSE CARD! Gives et two zee Mooose!" Dhan shie note-hissed dee green-stoffs en dar end letted mie run off wit dee envelope end Eye swatted dee cardie outtah hier hund. Dhan we awl takened turn rawling awn et end purringly eatun dee catnap. Purrrrrs! Gnow dar es peaces ah evelopes eve-fur-wear! Mam say shie gnow whose putted et en dee watfur dish. Whaaaa?! Note ME! Meep meep! Purrrrrrs!


Moose Bats an Ornament Off the Tree & Drinks Tree Water.

December 15th 2011 1:29 pm
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Dod hunged ah ordemunt almooset awn dee flawr. Eye thunks he dids et jest fur me two pleys wit. Eye runed at et end batted att ets fur owers! End whans eye kneaded ah breek, dhar waz treas weter two drunkie! Et waz ah Moosie pleys grund!! Dhan Eye knacked dee ordemunt awn dee grund. Meep! Mam calmed bye end shie rew-end mie funs. Shie zo meenie. Shie tucked dee ordeemunt end putted upp en dee trie wheres Eye cans no mahrs bat at et. Pout, meep. Mam zoooo meaniehud! Dhut waz funnnns!


Moose gets an ear plug!

November 23rd 2011 7:42 am
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Dod calmed halm frem werk twodey end hie tris putts hes eer plog endee garabagae, butt than hie seys "WHOOPS!" End drooped et awn mie noggen. Eye wents MEEP! OOOOOoooooooo! Ah EER PLOG! End dhan Eye chaised et awl ove-fur dee flar end putted et en mie weter dush end pleyed zome mahr... Oh cows Eye luvs dee EER PLOGS!!! Tanx Dod, Eye wuvs ewe two! Meep meep!


Moose Went Outside & Purred!

August 14th 2011 6:57 pm
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Twodey waz dee furst tyme sincie dee doogie incidint dhat Eye wents intah dah froont yard wit Mam agean. I wentedin dee beck yerd wit her yetfurdey, butt Eye steyed awn dee deck near back door. Butt twodey Captun Moogan end PurrC wants go inn frunt yerd, Zo Eye trys itt oot! Mam knews Eye'd bee scarydcattie zo shie satted awn dee frunt stares end petts mie. Eye sats awn her lap fur ah wheel end snuffs dee frosh ehr. Dhen Eye welks zo be bottum ah stares end snuffs flowurs. End dhun end duhn Eye climbs beck beehynd Mam end set neice bezides her end purred. Et waz funs.


MOOSE IS OKAY, But He Was Attacked By a Dog Yesterday.

August 12th 2011 9:46 am
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Eye hadded baddie dey yestfurdey. Eye waz ootzide wit Dod halping hem werk awn gararage whan a doggie came ootah knowwheres! Et bited mie end eye gots scaryed end got offs mie leesh (dee doggie waznut awn hes leesh end hes awner wazed evan awn oor block watchung et!). Eye wents zoo hyde whale Dod chaised aweigh doogie end Mam runned ootzide two gets us awl en... Butt Eye waz scared end awf me leesh, zo shie calds know funds mie. Aftur a wheel ah heering Mam, Dod & nicey neighbars cawlin fur mie eye calmed oot end waz stunding bye dee basemint windaws luking inn. Mam sawed me end yalls "MOOSIE!" Shie calmed running end Eye guts scared ageen end ran awntah porchie. Shie caughted me, gaved mis ton o huggies end than shie end Dod trucked mie awf two dee VET! Dhaut waz scarie two! Thuy lufts me thar fur Vet two poke end prod end examines mie... Turn oot Eye okay. Jest haves sore on footie from runing awn pavemint, end maybe Vettie seys eye cauld have bruises fram dee doggie. Eye fealing gud, jest know wants goo ootzide twodey. Eye es doing Moosie Yoga wit Mam. Dod seyz wie kneads fencie fur two keaps doggies aweigh fram oos.

Mam seyz, "Please keep your pets on a leash if you live in a city! Irresponsible pet owners endanger everyone and everything around them. I'm glad this story ends well with Moose purring & happy today. But it really infuriates me that he had to go through all of that yesterday. Love you, Moose."


Moose Raising Purrseus.

July 30th 2011 7:43 am
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Eye es tries two keaps dee carput trall en leen. Butt PurrSeaOos es jest zo crazie zometymes! Des marning thar es quack sommer thudderstarm poss thru end hie es jest CRAZIE! Et takies ah hole luttah byting two reises a bruder. Zo mooch wrasling... Wased mie utter bruders des mooch werk, er es Eye gutting ald?! Meep meep!


Hoppy Burdey two Mie!!

July 14th 2011 5:59 pm
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Hoppy Burpdey two Mie! Hoppy Burpdey two Mie!!!! Eye es aulder end weiser twodey! Eye nut no cow butt Captun Moogan says zo. End Sparklebutt seys Eye es gnow alder then durt. End PurrCdose seyz dhat wie ez fusey purrrrrs! Meep meep! Eye luvs dhut guy... End Dod, dids Eye mentun Dods?!

Lest nitey Eye trysed two seves Mam froom dee bathtab. Eye trysed drunks awl dee tubbieweter, butt et waz HUT weters! Eye tucked a few lickies end than lucked oop et Mam wit BIGGIE I's, end mie tong waz hunging oot, end Eye waz thunkeding "Dhut es HUT!" Eye runed oot ah ralm than. Mam know drawned, know werrries.

End thun Eye was ootzide eatuns chivies whan Dod calmed droved oop. Eye guts purrs end luvs end gnow we es gunna go mucks mie a cakie pie. Et well tastie grut wit mie chive-breeth. Dod seyz hie luvs mie chivies broth! Purrrs, Meep meep!


Moose is a DDP! And He Falls Down, Goes Boom.

May 15th 2011 6:02 am
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Eye es ah Die-airy Peek?! Oooo dhut es axe-sighting! Eye hoops et envalls mie gutting mere wat cattie fud end ah role awn dee sea-mint ootzide! Meep meep! Thunk ewe, HQ Die-garry Ludie!

Mie snaffles seams es goon. Eye hoops thay know calms beck.

Thus marning Eye trys zoo hawp uppie awn dee radigator en dee batroom. Eye missled! End dhan eye lunded ouchie awn dee magazin wreck end maid horriball squeak/boon! Mam jest scooped mie oop end trie two comfart mie. Eye seas "KNOW Maaaaaawwww!" Zo shie putted mie awn de radigator. Eye satted dawn end dhawn seas dhut Sparklebutt he's down wit dee battub weter faw-sit trick-all. Zo Eye joomp dawn end gows guts weter drunkie. Mam seyz Eye mucks her nerve-us. Meep meep!


Moose Sneezing Again.

May 10th 2011 6:06 pm
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Ahhhh CHOOOO! Eye hases dee (AH CHOO!) sneefles! Mam end Dud keaps yawling et mie whens Eye sneazes. Dhey seys zometimg dhut zound leek "Best Gew, Moz!" oar "Gefundziet!"? Huh?! Dhut nut "Mooz wie luvs ew!" Eye know utterstend. Ahhh CHOOO! Butt Eye es guts luts end luts ah lecks end cuddals froom mie bruders. Sparklebutt end PurrC luvs dee lecks letely. End whan Eye sneazes, thuy boot calm ove-fur end geves mie ah few lecks awn dee facie. Captun Moogan jemps oop whan Eye sneales, butt dhan hie sniffies ett mie end thunks "Es ew OKey dhar, Matey Mooz?!" Dhut Eye purrs. Mie bruders luvs mie, butt Mam end Dod jest yalls et mie! Ah-CHOOOoooo!

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