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Moose Musings

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Moose Was a DDP & Moose Finds a Toy...

March 27th 2013 9:32 am
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Ewe waz ah Dairy Peak yes-fur-dey! Yayyyy, Meep! Dee hoomins brauted en ah plastics garabagae thingie dhut waz furs blankies. Et waz biggie squarish flatten cube ah clears paz-ticks! Et hadded opin zide, zo Eye calds climbs inzide. Eye hadded funs gooing inzide end luking oot at awl dee hoomins. Mam called et mie Spacie Ship! Dod swung mies aroond leeks eye waz en mie cloth cube tah-oi. Et waz zuch funs! Meep meep!


Narration of Moose's Current Sun Spot Inspired Yoga- Session...

March 21st 2013 11:00 am
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Et bees tyme two rawl in dee sunny spottie and purrs! Breeze inn thrus yer nosie and oot thru yer mouthies. In breathies goes choppy purr nioise, out gooes lower pitchy nioisie. Wit eech in-hail-laty-shun you becalms wider, wit each ewe becalms smuller. Huggie dee Mammy Erp-th. Gnow raises yer front paws up ah little end kneads dee airs. Gnow role leggies left whales ewe luks heed two rite. Gnow switch zides. Go turns buttie dawn end lengthun yer back cyde. Deep brothies whale ewe releese innar corn-hers awe yer eye ballies. Lets yer paws end feats curl end reluxxxxxx..... Purrrrs....


Moose whacks butter off my finger onto the floor to eat it.

March 19th 2013 12:44 pm
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Eye luvs dee butters. Nut dee budder butters, butt dee margareen budder dhat calms en dee tubbies. Et zo greet dhat Eye moose-t calms runnings whan Eye heres Mam opin con-tayn-nurs dhut zounds leek dhey mites bees budders...

Zo Mam mades toost end Eye calds heres dee budder tubbie opins! Eye calms runnings inn dee kitch-none. Shie sawed mie end putted budder awn heir fing-ler. Shie putted et dawn byes mie face. Eye luked at et end satted up propper kitty-leek. Mam feeds dee Capton Moogan frams heir finglers, butt nut dee Moosie! Eye luks at et, luks at her, luks at et. Dhun Eye sneeked oop me paw and quick hit de budder awn dee flour! Dhan Eye purred end eated et. Yum yum, floor-budder!


Moose Adds Photos & Sits on Mom's Lap

March 9th 2013 10:09 am
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Mam end Eyes waz lucking att mie paige end dhen wie seas dhat mie main pict-fur waz frums mie burpdey lest sommer! Meep meep! Sarry fronds fur nut poosting mere picies fur ewe tah seas me love-leigh furs. Hear bees mie inn tree knew pict-purrs.

Eye es gettin's luvs fram Mam reight know. Shie es sittings awn dee compootur end Eye es awn heir lap, purrings. Shie good hooman zometymes. Jest nut whan shie try kisses mie end cuddals mie. Meep, know Mam! Eye jest wants sit awn yer lap! Ewe can massage mie paw ah bit. Butt dhut es et! Meep meep!


Moose Revels in Big Sun Spot.

November 8th 2012 7:32 am
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Eye hases dee biggest sunny spottie in dee kitchun reghts gnow! Meep meep, Purrrrrs! Et es gut dayo fur dee Moosemun. Dee Sparklebutt hes inn dee udder windaw watchuns dee squirrals. Ha ha! Eye guts AWL dee suns warms! Purrrrrrs! Mie thunks et es tymes fur yoga awn dee flawr. Eveykutty lay awn dee beck end extend thru yours head awl weighs duwn zoo yer tale. Gnow relaxes. Gnow dee paw twitch, twutch... End relux.... Purrrrrs


Mom kisses Moose, Moose runs away.

October 21st 2012 3:31 pm
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Eye sawed Mam sutting awn dee chare bye dee compoot-purr. Eye thunks dhut Eye wanted two sut awn heir lapp, end purred end maded bisquited outtah hier gnees... Butt dhan shie kissied mie! Blecks! Awn mie EAR! Eye jemps dewn end runned aweigh stall purrings. Know, Mam! Nut dee kissies!


Moose Caught a Chipmunk by the Rump.

October 15th 2012 10:20 pm
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Oh Mie Bastinet! Mam neve-fur loggied awn end talds everyfury won whatted hapuned two mie des sommer: Eye caghted ah chippiemonk! Bye dee BUTT! Eye runned et ove-fur two Mam end shie wuz awl giggales at mie mitey hunter-biz-ness. Eye hadded dee butt in me mooth end tha frant end awl jest danguled dune end squarmed... Dhan shie talds mie two putted et duwn. Zo eye dids. Et hidded utter ah pyle ah wood. Eye scam-purred aroond et end trys two catched et ageen... Butt dhut barely evefur hapuns two an awld furt leeks mie. Meep meep! Mam sayz eye es zoo auld eye es turn-nung GREY! Meep meep!


Moose Turns TEN!

July 14th 2012 1:09 pm
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Eye es 10!!! And ewe knaws whut?! Eye es havung GREET dey! Dod end Mam gots me biggie cookie burpdey cakes two feeds dee hoomins; end eye guts ah canned cat food. Nummm! Butt sinces Eye knew leeks a luts ah peapoles aroond; Mem end Dod decydes jest haves ah Moosie beby sutter purty twonights. Purrrrrrs! Zo exzyting! Presonts fur dee Moosie: they gotten mie ah carpet fur cutting oop end mucking ah cattie run; end a feather froms ootzide! Purrrs! Dhun Dod putted icecubies in me water dish end dar are fans awn awl ove-fur dee hoose fur me two loungie aroond. Ahhhh! Whan cools offs, Mam says Eye can goes oot end eets awl dee grasses Eye wants! Meep meep! Purrrrrrs!


Moose gets ready to turn 10 on Saturday.

July 12th 2012 4:35 pm
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Eye es havfing gut sommer! Lets ah ootzide tymes end DOD! Dod dod dod dod Purrrrrrrs!
Eye eets grass. Luts end luts ah grass. Purrr, burp!

Mam says eye es terning 10 yeers awld awn satfurdey! Meep! Dhut meens eye guts zoo bee an AWLD FURT!!! Meep meep meep!!! End Eye es zo confused; eye know lucks ah dey ove-fur 7. Meep meep!


Moose tried going outside yesterday, today he'll just sit on- Dad's lap & purr instead.

March 9th 2012 8:52 am
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Eye es havung gut dey. Dod es halm end Eye cans purrs awn hem. Dar bes a thosend burdies att dee feedir. Eye es thunking es gud cattie-tv dey. Eye es loungang awn Dod end purring whan hie petts mie. Yestfurdey Eye wants ootzide. Ets cald end dhat snaw stuffs es watar awn cald paws, burrrrrrrr! Eye sets awns dee staresteps end trys two enjey dee warmies son end froch eir, butt than dee caldies calmed en end Eye waz awl "Meh meh!" Mam calmed ove-fur end eye tried zoo rawl awn dee grund, butt et weres cald, zo eye sets oop end shivfurs. Mam pucked mie oop end maids mie goo enzide. Meep meep! Eye wunts be braive end manliy Mooseman butt dhat nut easliy whan Mam brungs mie enzide... Mooch butter tymes awn Dod's lappie. Purrrrrrrs (Cans ewe heres mie purrin' awn dee weys en troot townies?!)

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