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Dad back at work last week

September 23rd 2006 10:42 am
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Dad was feeling better, so he did his disappearing act to go to work all last week. But on Thursday and Friday he came back for lunch, which is always fun. We even got to take a little nap together, I always wait a few minutes just to tease him, then curl up by his left shoulder - makes me motorpurrrrr.

But had lots of fun on my own, too. Mostly looking out the window this week because it's been sunny. Makes me nice and warm. Lots of bugs to track, too. I caught lots of bugs. Really, I did. You weren't there, you can't prove me wrong!

It's also fun to leave toys on the stairs for when dad comes home at night.

Meow meow! over and out...


Weekend Cat Blogging

September 17th 2006 2:41 pm
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My dad is hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this week over at
Basically, a lot of people post pictures of their kitties and how wonderful they are (we have them trained quite well). Because my dad is hosting this week, I'm the star of the show!
Come check it out, and leave a comment if you'd like to join in.

In other news, dad's feeling better so he's going "out" to one of his strange places, which leaves me the whole house to myself. I'm mostly just enjoying this nice warm September afternoon on the window sill, makes me all happy and sleepy.


My first post

September 16th 2006 11:06 am
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Meow, this is my new blog.
My dad finally got around to helping me with it. He's been really busy, but he's been sick this week. Forunately I'm around to take care of him, and he had some extra free time to help me write this. He said we'll add more photos along with videos over time.

I remember my first week at catser was so much fun, so many new friends, and meow treats, too! I hope you'll enjoy reading my diary, and maybe we can be friends, too.


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