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January 15th 2007 8:10 pm
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It's been really cold here. makes me go brrrrrrrrrrrr instead of purrrrrrrr.
Dad says that some of my kitty friends live in places that are even colder, but they're used to it. I have only lived in Cali-fur-nia and never felt the cold like this.
The only things that work to keep warm are curl up next to a nice warm daddy, or curl up next to an even warm heater. my favorite place has become the glass table next to the heater in our main room. there is a picture of me here (I think) resting on the heater, and another that dad posted at CatSynth.

Hoping all my kitty are staying warm.



Meow New Yearz!

January 3rd 2007 2:12 pm
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Happy New Yearz to all my kitty friends!

It's been happy, but also a little sad, because dad had to go back to work yesterday after new yearz. It was fun having him around a lot last week, lots of naps together and kitty love, made me feel happy and safe. Plus I got to keep and I on him and make sure he's safe and well groomed. Seems like he gets sad sometimes so I give him extra grooming and head butts and nosies.

I wonder what he does at work all day without me?



Happy Holidays!

December 24th 2006 8:55 pm
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Wishing a meow happy holiday to all my kitty friends.
We had some Channukah fun here, though I stayed far away from the candles. You can see some nice pictures, though.

Of course, there were presents. But I think I'm starting to get a little bored with all these new toys. Plus everyone knows the boxes and bags are just as much fun.



birthday pics!

December 3rd 2006 9:46 pm
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Dad put up some meow burfday pics over at CatSynth. Got to play with my new meow toys, and today we even had a special weekend-after-burfday dinner with crab cakes that dad cooked. It was tasty but really big, I could only eat a little bit. Now I'm all sleepy, but that's OK.



December 1st 2006 8:00 am
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blogshare listed
Not quite sure what that means, all I know is that it's some silly game that dad plays on the computer. Can't possibly be as much fun as chasing my mousey toys!


Meow Birthday!

November 30th 2006 3:26 pm
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Today is my meow burfday. I'm two years old, and dad says that I'm "all growed up but I'm still his kitten."

Got lots of presents, including this blue mousey that I kicked around and hid and then found again and it was lots of fun. Dad promises to put up some photos soon here and on We also got a book with tasty treats that both dad and I can eat - it's good that they have food that's safe for humans, they usually eat weird stuff.

It's been a fun month, with pet sitter and turkey day and now burfday, too. Life is good.



Meow Turkey Day

November 21st 2006 10:28 pm
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Hi there. I'm wishing a happy meow thanksgiving to all my kitty friends!

Dad had a thanksgiving party at his office the other day, and he brought home some meow yummy turkey for me!

You can see a photo of me with my turkey just above this diary. And here's a video of me enjoying my meow holiday treat

It's a big piece, so it was tricky and I had to use my sharp teeth. But in the end I ate it all up!

Dad is going away for a few days to see family people in a place called New York. But I'm going to have fun here with all my toys and looking at the window and the meow pet sitter will come and pet me and play with me. So it's going to be a fun holiday.



Furry encounter

October 21st 2006 10:54 am
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I was sitting downstairs in the studio with dad, looking out of my window. I see lots of critters, bugs, birdies, sometimes meow lizards. But this morning there was another kitty, looking in the window at me. Dad says they like to look in the window 'cause I'm such a pretty kitty, but I'm still not so sure about them. I have a special way of talking to other cats, as you can see and hear on this video, and it expresses my mixed feelings about such encounters.

Click here to see my meow video.

Eventually, he understood my point and wandered away from my view.



October 11th 2006 10:05 pm
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Wednesday's are dad's busiest days at work, he leaves early and comes home late. I always see him off from the top of the stairs, to let him know that I expect him to come home soon.

I'm really good at making him feel guilty. He usually leaves me some catnip and other treats, and keeps the radio on for me. I get to listen to Democracy Now - I think it's furry important to hear news not covered by the mainstream media. Also lots of fun music. I like the mid-day program, even though dad calls it a "hoedown."

After it gets dark, I hear the loud rumble outside and then from the floor, it lets me know that dad has come home, and I run back to the top of the stairs so he'll see me when he turns on the lights. Sometimes I hide instead, and then we play "where's the kitty?". Then we go and lie on the couch and purr, and all is right with the world.

meow meow


The Big Scary Red Machine

September 30th 2006 3:41 pm
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Dad said we might have visitors this weekend, so he brought out the big scary red machine. It's really loud, and has this long snout that sucks things up. I don't like it at all, and hide under the bed whenever it comes out. Fortunately, it goes away quickly - and sometimes it's the visitors that end up being more scary. Dad assures me it's people I've already met, so it should be OK.

On a happier note, we're doing Weekend Cat Blogging over at catsynth again.

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