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Fido the sweetie cat!

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Move over Boogers!! This stroller ain't big enough furrr the- both of us!!!

September 9th 2006 12:57 am
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Purrrr, so last night, when Boogers decided to sleep with my pawrents, I sat in his coveted "STROLLER"!! Yup, it was a gamble, but well worth it!! Now our duo stroll tonight got littered as it started to rain at 6:30 :(


My pawrents took us furrr a spin indoors down our long hallway:)


There was still one problem... Ever watch the movie "Tommy Boy?" You know, "Fat guy in a little coat?" Try this: "Fat cat in a little stroller!!!"

We SO need a new stroller... We're about to exceed the maximum weight in our Happy Stroller:( So please, do this furrr me... Pawmail my mom so she can see that we "NEED" a bigger stroller!!! It's the only way I'll convince her I thinkie... Also, maybe start up a pawtition???

Now, what color??? Blue or Red??



September 6th 2006 10:46 pm
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MOL!!! I just got done chasing meowmy around our home!!! Woah, she's whinded! MOL

Anyway, that's my newest talent!! She ran and I followed her furrr about 3 minutes non stop! That got my heart pumpin!!!

And Boogers came out of NO WHERE and scared me!! My tail poofed up of course... It was SO FLUFFY! Let's put it this way... When Booger's or Hondo's tail puffs up? That's what mine looks like NORMALLY!! Yeah my tail is insanely fluffy!!!


I heart my friends!!!

September 6th 2006 10:29 pm
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MEOW!! I think I finally got through all my pawmail!! Thank you to ALL my friends who sent me pawmails, treats, love, friendship, hugs, whisker kisses, sandpaper kisses, head bonks, Rosettes, head butts, etc.!

We celebrated as I got to be the head cat in charge! I even bossed my sister around (the D-O-G) and she knew better than to give me lip!!

What's cool is our good friend *ROCKYANN* is Cat of the Day AND our friend *GITTA* is Cat of the Week!!!

Three times IS the charm!! Thanks again Catster and to all my friends who gave me props!! MEOWWWWWWWWW!


Wha??? Me Daily Diary Pick???

September 6th 2006 12:15 am
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WOOPIE!!! You have NO idea how excited my pawrents were to find out that theirs, truly, ME, am a Daily Diary Pick!! WOW!!!

I can already hear my brother Hondo in the background complaining... "That Fido... WHO does he think he is? The new cat in the family and he's already Diary of the Day?" MOL

Wow, I'm so thrilled!! Furrr those of you who have been following my diary since my arrival 3 weeks ago, know that I have been a pain in the tail!! I'll admit, it took a few days furrr me to warm up to my 2 brothers. The dog was actually easier than my brothers! But in all fairness, I was a brat, especially to Boogers... But my excuse was that I thought I was chasing my shadow (a fat shadow I might add). Now we're bestest friends!!

But anyway.... I, Fido, will take this honor with pride and continue to bite my pawrents ankles in the name of all cats to celebrate this day:)



Boogers, I know where you live!!!

September 1st 2006 7:31 pm
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Just got back from my brother's pawty he held today in honor of the Humane Society and his friend Toulouse's meowmy as it's her birthday today!!!

Low and behold, I was stuck cleaning up... It's ok... One of these days I'll prove to my brother that I can 'roll with him... That's ok, I got to dance with a few kitties: Eve, and Cleo!!! Purrrrr...

So Boogers, if you're reading this... I know where you live!! MOL


I, Fido, am addicted to Cat Nip.

August 31st 2006 12:06 am
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So here's the story... I once was a little nieve cat, and declared my hatered furrrr Cat Nip. I mean, c'mon! It's dry, it smells minty, YUCK! Well after carefull consideration, I, Fido have changed my mind and am a full fledge lover of this stuff they call CAT NIP!!! What was I thinking??? MEOW! I wasn't!!! My pawrents say that I love Cat Nip now as it's addicting and I'm dependant on the stuff... They're just jealous me thinkie!

And THANKS to my friend Skeezix furrr the Rosette! I needed that as the D-O-G tried to lick me (after I smacked her) and that stunk up my furrr! Ok, toooo much info purrrhaps...


Me hate catnip? I take it back!

August 29th 2006 12:05 pm
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So a few days ago I declared my hatred furrr Cat Nip... Well, I take that back!! So I tried it again, and gosh darnit! It's FABULOUS!!! Boogers tried to eat my nip but I showed him who's boss!! Time to do the Whiskers 500!


WOOPIE! 5 Paws!

August 27th 2006 3:35 pm
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MEOW!! I just checked my pawmail today and to my surrrprise, I have one voter who gave me 5 paws!! Gosh, I wish I knew who as I'd give them tons of treats! Thank you MEOWY much!! *ahem, fluffs up hair* I'd like to paw out that I received my paw nomination while only being apawrt of this family furrr 2 weeks. You have NO idea how much Hondo is hating me right now :) MOL!!

Again, thank you!!



August 26th 2006 6:46 pm
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HOLY KITTEN KABOODLES!!! Me and Boogers just got back from *MONKEY(Blue)* pawty in honor of him being Cat of the Week!!! It was wicked!! He even provided us with a limo!!! Met a few friends furrr the first time, and danced with a cutie patootie *SIMBA* That girl is wild!!

Also, prior I went and auditioned at my friend *COLLEEN'S* band as lead bass of her band! I hope I win!

I'd like furrr everyone to visit my friend *ORCA (the killer cat)* site and vote furrr my brother at:

PS I was their 100 member!! WOOHOOO!!!!


Ok, ok... I admit I love my brother Boogers:)

August 26th 2006 12:06 am
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So, I finally gave in and befriended Boogers. Today was the furrrst day since my arrival that I didn't torment Boogers. Well, I did chase him, but I'm learning that he doesn't like me biting him. Imagine that! So to make matters worse, my meowmy caught me groomin' Boogers! I don't know what came over me... Here I was minding my own buisness when all of a sudden I walk up to him, sat next to him, and started to groom him...

I suppose since we are related, I want to be seen in public with him, so if I must groom him, I shall... Takin' one for the team...

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