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Fido the sweetie cat!

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January 16th 2013 7:37 pm
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Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes, pawmails and gifties :) You all know how to make a guy feel special! Mom gave me an extra large portion of moist, and I got way more treats than my brothers!

And the best part was that mom did in fact let me knead on her all day. I love my mommy! As I've said before, the past few years I've really taken a liking to her. Now I'm a momma's boy!

Today was all rainy and yucky so mom slept in 'cause it was so gloomy out. I slept with her as well :)


It's my Birthday!!

January 15th 2013 12:42 am
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Happy Birthday to me and 417 other Catsters who share my special day :) I wonder what my mom has planned for me??

Maybe she booked a flight so I could see Allie?? Hmmmmm

Mom said I will get extra treats for my birthday. I swear me and Boogie get shafted in the gift department as our Bday's are so close to Catmas. But gifts don't really matter as I have my mom and family who I love :)

I think I'll knead on mom later. At least she won't be wearing a sweater as I snagged hers yesterday kneading... And my nails were clipped!!



January 14th 2013 5:56 am
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I'm a DDP today! Thanks Angel Buddie for always sending email notifications. There was a time when notifications weren't working and had it not been for him, I'd never know I was a DDP :) They should hire Buddie don'tcha think?

Today mom's friend is coming over and they will probably go out for lunch.

The weather was nice over the weekend but no stroll. Mom thought it was a little too cool for a stroll... That and she was busy with things :)



January 9th 2013 6:56 pm
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So word is it's supposed to get in the lower 70's by this weekend? How can that be? It has been in the 30-40's and mom is freezing!

If it is that warm, I will certainly be in line to stroll with mom! NO SIBLINGS INSIDE WITH ME!

Not much is new here other than I'll be another year handsome soon! Jan 15 is my 7th Birthday!!! Wow! Am I officially a senior then?


Cat of the Day?!

December 28th 2012 10:23 am
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Holy kittens! Is that ME on the front page of Catster? Why yes it is! I am the first and only in my family to have been COTW and COTD!! Take that Boogie *sticks tongue out*

Thank you everyone for the friend requests, pawmails and gifties!

Mom said she was sorry she coudn't write me a diary entry sooner but my brother Tiski isn't doing well. He had to go into the vet today and they tried to get a sample of his your-in, but his bladder is extra small and they can't use a certain needle. So because he has a heart condition he only got 100 ml of fluids instead of 200 or so to help generate urine. He went into the Emergancy Hospital December 26 and they wanted a follow up. So he's still at our regular vet until they can get a sample. In the meantime, in case, mom got some Hills C/D moist food. Poor guy :(

I will be hissing up a storm as I always do when my siblings come home from the vet. Doesn't matter, it's MY day right? :)


Allie spoiled me again!!!

December 25th 2012 8:34 pm
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So my Allie Girl, aka my HOT WIFEY! Sent me a huge gift for Catmas! I got to open it today as mom returned from a week in MN. Thank you Allie!!

I waited IMPATIENTLY but it was worth it! She got me a HUGE YEOWWWW giftset! I got a fishy which is one of my favorites so far, and a bag containing a Yeowww Apple, Lemon, Banana, AND small bag of Yeowww catnip! OMC!

I've had the cigars and banana's before, even a fish I believe, but I've never had the apple and lemon!

Dang brothers of mine trying to eat my goodies. I swatted at Boogie when he was eating my lemon, but sneaky Tiski stole the apple! That dang dog better not touch ANYTHING! I unfortunately didn't send Allie anything yet, but mark my word, I'll make it up to her soon! MEOW!!! *wink* Mom was hoping to find her something at the Mall of America, but there were only DOGGY boutiques! :(

For Catmas from my mom, she got us a scratching board that we've gotten the past 3 Catmas', and 3 bags of treats! We also got a can of Tiki for dinner :) Mmmmmmmmmmm

Were you a GOOD cat? If so, what'dya get?



December 7th 2012 3:24 pm
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Last night mom and grandpaw had a pepperoni pizza for dinner. Usually when it comes to human food I could care less. However I love pepperoni!!! Grandpaw gave me a tiny piece and I ate that right up! In fact, I wanted more!!! So when he was talking with mom, I snuck a bite and took an entire pepperoni off with my teeth and ate it!!! Mom was in shock and grandpaw just laughed!!!

Mmmmmm I like pepperoni!!!!



December 2nd 2012 9:15 am
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Oh I bet Boogie is jealous that I'm a DDP :)

Wow! Thanks for the paw mails and gifties on my page friends! What a way to wake up! I'm currently celebrating by helping mom eat her tuna sandwich and will be resting in her lap soon so Boogie can't. I'm good like that :)

Hope all my friends have a pawsome week!!!


Hey Share!

December 1st 2012 1:08 pm
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So Boogie got a huge package in the mail today from his bestest ever Pansy for his upcoming 9th Birthday Dec 23.

While I enjoy picking on him, he is a good brother as he shared his goodies with all of us! What a guy.

I was all over the nip and the mousies! Is it bad that if I had received this package that I wouldn't share with my siblings? MWHAHAHAHAHA :)


Happy Birthday Allie!!

November 26th 2012 6:04 am
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SWOON! My beautiful wifey is 7 years HOT and YOUNG today!!!! Yup, Allie and her brother Murray 2 share the same Birthday :)

If I had thumbs, I'd bake her a catnip cake but sadly I don't and I'm not very domestic. It's the thought that counts.

Like every Birthday and major holiday I try to ship myself to her only to get caught and told I'm grounded for a day. One of these days I'll prevail!!!

Happy Birthday my sweet Allie Girl!!! Fidey loves you and will still try and pack myself to your house :)

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