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Fido the sweetie cat!

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Pink is the new Purple!

February 16th 2010 4:23 pm
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Oh my!! Crazy day at our place! Mom got a facial, and as she was going out again for her haircut (and then dinner with daddy) the FedEx dude came and brought ME mail!!! Of course mom said, "We can't open it now Fidey! We gotta go!"

I pouted of course, and wouldn't you know?!?! 2 hours later and some, they come back home!!!

Finally I got to open the package!! OMC!!! Allie's been meowing about a new toy they got and she knew I'd like one too! So she ordered me a pink turbo scratcher but apparently it lights up!! OMC!! I gotta try this!! And then take pictures of course!

Thank you so much Allie for my Vday gift!! I "might" let Hondo play with it... MAYBE :) hehe!! Weeeeeeeeee I love my Allie!!!


Valentine's Day=I heart Allie!!!

February 14th 2010 11:17 am
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Oh it's that time of year again!! I have the best looking wifey in the world!! And she treats me like a king!

I just checked out her diary and also saw some new pics of my BEAUTIFUL wife!! YAY! Her Vday gifty arrived!! And she guessed the reason why I picked THAT collar for her :) Wanna know why? She's all about pink and girly things and I love LOVE purple and green. Green+Pink=Yuck, but Purple+Pink=FAB!

I know she doesn't care for clothes but MAN she's SMOKIN' in her collar!! MROOOOOW!!!! *purrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

Unfortunately her Vday card is waiting to be sent along w/ Tessa's! MOL!! Daddy did NOT go to USPS yesterday.... Hisssssssssssssss

LOVE YOU ALLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH!! Update! I just read her pawmail and she said the evil snow is delaying my gifty! Oooooo!! And it's PINK! HONDO? BACK OFF! MINE!! Poor Allie has snow!! And they don't usually get snow!!


Yacked in mom's hand...

February 7th 2010 6:30 am
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I was on the PINK HONDO CONDO today and I started to yack. You know, the hairball sound, with my pink tongue sticking out. Mom figured it was a hairball but you never know! So while she waited for me to do my thing, she held her right hand under my mouth, and daddy got paper towels stat!

Sure enough about 10 seconds later I yacked in her hand. Now THAT is love :) She wasn't extremely happy and said the yack was very warm! Gotta love mommies!



February 5th 2010 7:51 pm
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Well we currently have 4.5 inches of snow, where as 25 min away in Arlington they have 8. Where we're moving in May they have 9 inches and the worst is yet to come!

So far, the December storm is tenfolds worse than what we're getting. It's weird, DC takes us 30 min to drive to going the speed limit and assuming traffic is normal. They're getting hammered!

I'm VERY happy my daddy is home this weekend!! Seems his squad is always working on the snowy days. YAY!!!

They're saying we're going to get 20-30 inches of snow. Boogie can't figure out why Pansy, land of CAN has had less snow than us! See? She is EVIL!!! Be safe friends!

*snuggles in his Allie blanket*


That's my wife!!!!

January 29th 2010 3:06 pm
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*sniffs a big bag of Allie's furrrrrrrrrr, feels faint and dizzy* :)

HOLY KITTENS!! Guess what I got today in the mail!!! My BEAUTIFUL wifey Allie and my wonderful MIL sent me the most beautiful blanket in da world!! It's so amazing!! What a pawsome bday giftie!!

The color is a purple/darkblue color crocheted (or knitted?) blanket! Super soft and super big for me and ONLY me :) I'm going to "allow" mom to remove me from this pawsome blanket for a photo shoot.

The bag of furrr was intoxicating! WOW such soft furrr (as expected). I let mom open the bag and let the others smell my wifey and they all went nuts, but I said, "PAWS OFF!! SHE IS MY WIFE!!" :)

Can you blame them for going nuts over her scent? Thank you so much Allie!!!


Laptop fan

January 27th 2010 12:43 am
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Any other cat out there like to sit on the side where the lappytop blows out warm air? I'm not going to confirm why, but lately I have been sitting next to mom more and she thinks it's due to the warm air. Most cats love bakin' in the sun or warm areas, especially if it's chilly outside!

We haven't had our fireplace on for about 2 weeks but today it was kneaded as mom was freezing. I don't like the flames too much but I do sit near it.

Daddy is still a bit jealous that I no longer ignore mom :) And he has photographic evidence that I DO in fact LOVE mom!! *gasp* He posted it on my wifey's FB page as proof!! Oh the shame!


Gifties! Party Mix! MINE!

January 19th 2010 12:43 pm
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Can you believe it? "I" got treats!! NOT the others, but ME!!!!!!! The family of Cocoa and Co, sent me a big package of my favorite treats in da world!! In fact, our entire family is a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of the Party Mix!

They were super duper kind and sent me one of EACH of the 5 flavors!! YES YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY!!! I can't read well, but the colors were: Brown, blue, orange, green and redish!! OMC!

Thank you so much Cocoa and Co for the yummy nom noms for my birthday! I pawmiss Boogers will NOT get any!! NONE! ZERO!!!

Pics to be posted later as mom has been up for almost 18 hours (went to bed today at 3am, up at 6 am, she's tired!)


Thank You's!

January 15th 2010 8:41 pm
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Oh wow! Everyone has made my 4th birthday so pawsome!!! I feel so lucky to have amazing friends and a LOVING wifey!!! *Still beaming that his wife was COTD*

Thank you for the pawmails and gifties everyone!! *Hugs to*

Kibbles and family, Cocoa and family, my family, Allie and family, Violet, Nike, Teebo and Callie, Freddie Mac and family, Albus and family, Angel Sammie and family, Pansy, Nikko and Scooter, Colleen, Sugar and family, Murray in NY and family, Hunter and family!!!

I got some extra nip tonight!! Daddy is working this weekend so I won't get my bday dinner until Monday. That's ok, I like extending my birthday week :) Feels great to be 4!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeee

January 15th 2010 12:13 am
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Guess what?!?! Today I'm officially 4 years old!! OMC! I'm getting old :) I'm told a few gifties are en route to my place. Hopefully Mail Lady Pansy delivers the goods untouched!! Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeee, Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeee!! I celebrate this day with 329 other cats :)

And guess what!!!

My BEAUTIFUL wife Allie is *drum roll* CAT OF THE DAY today!!! OMC!! How exciting is this?!?! I'm so happy to see her honored as COTD as she deserves it! She treats me so well! Besides, she's GORGEOUS!!!

This is the bestest birthday ever!!!


Fudgesicle sticks!

January 12th 2010 4:42 pm
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FUN FUN FUN!! So mom is still taking care of her cold. Her nose is runny/stuffed, she has a cough, and feels hot although her temp is 99.4 still... So she's been on a fudgesicle diet and oh how I loveeeee playing with the sticks when she's done eating!! She'll bop me gently on the nose with the stick, I bat at it, chew the stick, oh such fun!

I'm becoming more and more in love with meowmy each day. I especially like sitting to the left of the lappy 'cause it blows warm air. Dad isn't too jealous (yet) MOL

I can't wait to celebrate my 4th birthday this week!!! Weeeeeeeeee

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