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Fido the sweetie cat!

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Diet coke war!

April 11th 2010 2:00 pm
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So mom is waiting for dad to return from work... 'Cause dad can use the 'puter, he gets mom's messages better that way instead of the phone. So they've been bantering on FB about who gets the last diet coke.

Mom claimed it 'cause she's older and she "kneads" it... But dad said he kneads it...

Being he's my dad I say HE gets it! Mom thinks they should get more to solve the problem but then dad hates warm pop... MOL

Yeah not much new on my end... Hondo's poutin' 'cause he gets a bath tomorrow. Weird how he gets really REALLY bad dander! LIKE BAD BAD!!!!! Glad it's not me :)


Bad daddy!

April 4th 2010 9:26 am
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He broke a small part on our Dyson!! The attachment hose area? When we put the attachments onto the hose, one of the 2 black "click" thingies are missing. Dad's the only one who uses the hose... BAD DADDY!

It's under warrenty but we can't get it fixed till after we move in case the part doesn't arrive on time. It probably would arrive on time, but we're not taking chances.


Hoping everyone is having a pawsome Easter!! We all got extra rations of our moist food!! I was very happy about this!



March 29th 2010 8:40 pm
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OMC!!! Mom had dad weigh us all and I gained 1.5 pounds!!! I'm officially 15.6 or something pounds!!

I've been pumpin' iron as I want to impress my Allie!! Boogie and Mittens surprisingly didn't gain, Hondo hates getting weighed (furrr real) and ran away... Porkers is still 10.5 pounds, aka runty MOL!!!

OMC!!! I'm a few ounces heavier than Tiski!!!



March 28th 2010 5:37 pm
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MEOW!! We're all catching up on catster now. I did manage to meow with my beautiful wifey Allie yesterday as we met up for our weekly Harry Potter Meow. There's been some confoooosion with the time changes as we gotta coordinate various countries but we'll figure it out.

Next week my parents get to visit their house as daddy is off this weekend. We're also going to (maybe) attend an Easter dinner at our future neighbor's house/dad's co-workers home. We can't go 'cause they're allergic to cats MOL. The raggies are hypo allergenic but mom said it'd be a pain to travel with us. FINE by me :)

Mom found some old toys that she hid while packing. She hid them 'cause we would often keep them up at night if we played with these toys... "Da Bird" emerged the other day and we're all getting into shape again. Gotta flaunt our summer muscles :)


Boxes and more boxes!

March 21st 2010 10:38 am
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As Porkers meowed, mom has been packing for a week straight! She's very picky and as some would say, "O.C." about things so it takes her longer to pack as things must be 100% cleaned prior to going into the box.

Naturally us cats are "helping" her pack and mom has to put all the fragile boxes in the guest room 'cause CERTAIN big boys in our family like to squish the boxes as they're heavy!!!!

Mom also got around to getting homeowners insurance and was surprised that it was cheaper to get that than renters insurance!!!!

They did however, move our Hondo Condo out in the dinning area as it was in the spare room, which is now full of boxes...

We were all crying at the door as we missed it!! Mind you, we had 4 others in the living and bedroom but Hondo was crying like a girl about it MOL!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am NOT a dog!!!!

March 13th 2010 3:11 pm
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While at the HP meowathon tonight, my lovely wife Allie pawed out that in the group pages, they have a swiffer ad and the ad was of a dachshund or something, aka DOG!!! Buy the swiffer jet 'cause the doggy is a piggy!!

I took a screen shot and will post it on my page of pictures.




March 9th 2010 10:42 pm
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Why is it that my BEAUTIFUL wife Allie can conjure up bagsssss full of fur (even if it is undercoat) while I can get brushed and at best, manage about 20 pieces of fur...

I remember when Allie and I were dating, I wanted to send her my fur... Problem was I couldn't get enough out of me!! So mom cut the tip of my tail's fur and for about 6 months I had a SQUARE tipped tail :) The things I do for love...


Talented Pansy

March 4th 2010 1:58 pm
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I will give her props 'cause she made our entire family St. Patty's pics! I love the one of me and my wifey Allie!

And I especially love St. Patty's 'cause it incorporates one of my favorite colors! GREEN!!!

Did you know that my eyes are sorta yellow and not green like Boogie and Hondo's? Yup it's true!

Time to get some nom noms! Mom just woke up and I want some nip! Which, by the way is green :)



February 26th 2010 10:25 am
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It's super windy here! It started mid yesterday and is continuing today! It's SO windy that mom swears the roof will collapse as it's CRAZY windy! Some reports say the wind gusts are 60 mph! I don't know how fast that is, but it must be fast as it sounds fast!

We're not too scared but mom has the heat and fireplace cranked in case we loose power like Arlington, VA did...

I don't think we'll blow away, especially Boogers as he's an anchor...


Never gonna gain weight!

February 22nd 2010 8:05 am
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*sigh* I've finally accepted the fact that I won't be heavier than my current 14 pounds... I eat dry and moist AND treats and no matter what, I don't gain... Naturally Boogie and Mittens continue to gain the weight that I should be gaining...

I don't share food either! When we get treats and since I don't INHALE my food like the others, if they try and sneak a treat of mine? I'll whap them w/ my power paw and sometimes try and nip at their ears! :)

My goal is to be 15 pounds one day... I'm super tall and lean like dad. Again mom, Boogie and Mittens are jealous of us :)

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