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January 27th 2011 10:26 pm
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Meow, this is the fifth anniversary of the death of my brofur Apollo. I never knew him, since he died before I came to live at the Cat Mahal, but I know he was a very good kitty and my humans loved him very much and still miss him. He was only seven years old when he died of lymphoma despite receiving the best possible treatment and chemotherapy. So young! *flips tail sadly* I will have to be extra nice to my humans today. . . .


January 22nd 2011 9:14 pm
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What a happy kitty I am!
I love to lie on my back and roll from side to side.
I love to get belly rubs and chest rubs.
I love to get neck scratches.
I love to play with my toys, especially my catnip mousies, bizzy balls, and catnip banana.
I love to rub my mom's legs and sniff my dad's hair.
I love to patrol my palace.
I love to watch birdies through the window.
I love to take naps, the more the better.
I love to get treats.
I love to have the humans watch me while I eat.
Purrrrr. . . .purrrrrrr. . . . . .purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. . . . .


January 19th 2011 9:56 pm
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The humans never let me go into the storage room that's next to my basement playroom. They say it isn't safe for me because the furnace and oil tank are there, and also a lot of tools and junk. I did manage to sneak in once, and frankly, I didn't see anything that looked particularly dangerous, but that's what they say.

Well, if it isn't safe for me, how can it be safe for clumsy mom? I wouldn't trip over the furnace, but I bet she might!

This evening I was peacefully napping on the second floor when suddenly I heard the storage room door open and close. I immediately ran down to investigate and could hear mom moving around on the other side.

Meow! I called. Meow! Meow! You come out of there! Meow!

But no matter how many times I called, she wouldn't come out--she said she was looking for a brass screw, or something. Of all the nerve! I can't spend even one minute in that room, but she was there for almost half an hour, with me meowing my head off while she paid no attention at all!

Finally she did come out, and she even thanked me for worrying about her, but it just doesn't seem fair. . . .


January 13th 2011 9:04 am
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Meow! I don't know why dad is outside on our driveway, making a lot of noise shoveling snow and scaring the birdies away from my bird feeder. He ought to stay inside with me! I don't need him to clear the driveway! I need him to come in and scratch my head! *flips tail with annoyance*


January 5th 2011 10:59 am
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Meow, I'm so excited to be a DDP today! Thank you, Catster! And thanks to Hazel Lucy; Buddie and Gunnarr T and their furmilies; Riley and Skippy; Pigeon; Kerstin K; Chai Latte; Ishtar; Dusty the Puppycat; Twinkle; Mr. Sam; Squirrel; Opie; Felix; Jason Hopper; Vanessa, and Coopurr for their greetings and gifts!

*lies on back and rolls happily from side to side*

Mom--where are my extra treats? You'd better start getting them out now. Is there any salmon left? *giggles*


December 28th 2010 10:06 am
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I love the sound of mom's voice. When I hear her talking--especially if she's speaking at length--I run to wherever she is so I can hear her better. (As a result, I am always present for phone calls!) Even if I am in the basement and she is on the second floor, I dash up and am with her in a second. And mom loves the sound of my voice, too. She is always attentive to my nightly concerts, even when they wake her up. And during the day, she always responds to my meow!


December 23rd 2010 10:33 am
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I was very busy this morning helping mom organize her sock drawer. So many socks! I wonder why she needs so many. And of course they ran out all over the floor when she took out the drawer and accidentally tipped it, and I had to bat a lot of them into submission so they would stay quiet and wait for her to come and pick them up. While the drawer was out of the dresser I took advantage of the opportunity to check out the space underneath it (it's a bottom drawer) and warn mom that there was some dust down there that she really needs to remove. Mom and dad are really not the neatest housekeepers. They need all my help! "A kitty's work is never done"--it was an exhausting morning, and I think I'm going to need a longer than usual midday nap.


December 15th 2010 1:13 pm
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Today is my birthday, and I'm so very grateful to all the kitties who sent greetings or gifts! It was wonderful to hear from all of them. My boyfurriend Copy sent flowers and a huge cake. But the best part of his gift was hearing from him again--he's been away for quite a while, taking care of his family.

The humans got me a catnip banana and some new catnip mousies. They also bought a new kind of food for me to try (we'll see about that!). But I really don't need anything for my birthday because I already have everything I could possibly want--a comfortable palace (it's bitterly cold outside); devoted humans; plenty of food, toys, and nap spots; and my Catster furriends. So I told the humans that instead of spending a lot of money on presents for me, they should buy a case of catfood and take it to the shelter I used to live in for the kitties there who are still awaiting their furever homes. So that's what they did!


December 13th 2010 5:10 pm
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Meow, it's so cold outside my palace now that even the humans, who refuse to be house humans no matter how much I try to train them, are staying inside! We just keep watching different versions of the Nutcracker ballet on TV. The procedure goes like this--first we watch a pas de deux, and then during the commercial I perform a paw de deux with mom or dad (a petting session). Then we watch another pas de deux, and then there's another paw de deux. I hope this goes on all week!


December 4th 2010 9:04 pm
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I had a long conversation with my dad today, while he was taking a bath. I sat next to the bathtub and meowed at him, and he meowed back at me, and we took turns meowing at each other for quite a while.

(No, I did NOT climb up on the side of the bathtub. I haven't done that since the time I fell in while mom was taking a bath and she had to rescue me--what an embarrassment!)

Dad was telling me about Maslow's hierarchy, which tries to explain some aspects of human behavior, and I was asking him questions to make sure I understood. It seems that in Maslow's hierarchy, the idea is that humans have needs at different levels, and they don't pay much attention to higher needs, like self-actualization, until lower needs, like food and safety, and intermediate needs, like social approval, have been met. When dad told me about this, I immediately saw its relevance to feline life. When I was living on the street, I had to give all my attention to finding food and being safe--I didn't have time to think about having fun. But now it's different. My food and safety are taken care of by the humans, so I don't have to worry about them at all. I can attend to my own higher needs.

A good example is yesterday. In the morning mom set out my brunch treat, as usual, but instead of running right away to eat it, as I usually do, I stayed in the living room watching a big bug that had somehow gotten into the house from outside (very unusual, especially at this time of year). It scooted back and forth, trying, no doubt, to stay away from me, and I watched and watched, and poked at it with my paw. Fun! I didn't stop until mom came and saw what I was doing and screamed for dad to come and get rid of the bug, which he did.

Isn't this kind of an example of Maslow's hierarchy in action? I didn't want to eat the bug; there wasn't much on it to eat and it wouldn't have been as tasty as my brunch treat, which was sitting there waiting for me to give it my attention. I just wanted to play with it--a higher need. And because I'm well-fed and safe, I had the leisure to amuse myself this way.

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