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A good nap

June 20th 2011 12:06 pm
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What a good nap I had yesterday on dad's dirty laundry! Dad came in from working outside in the garden--he was putting in sod to cover a bare area in our lawn where two overgrown juniper bushes had been removed. When he went to take a shower, he dropped his clothes on the floor. A great opportunity! I sniffed his clothes--an interesting mix of dad and garden smells. What they were missing to be purrfect was any scent from me, so I lay down on my back and carefully rolled all over them, up and down, side to side, over and over. Then I went to sleep and didn't get up until it was time for my evening treat!


An Interrupted Nap

June 9th 2011 7:39 pm
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I can't believe how sneaky mom is! She waited for me to lie down and relax on the coffee table and then, just as I was drifting off to a nice nap, she started fooling around with some of the fur near my tail, trying, she said, to "untangle" it! Untangle, indeed! There's nothing wrong with any of my fur. It's purrfect! The only thing tangled around here is her brain, obviously.

I jumped off the table and ran off to the loveseat in the loft, my top choice for an uninterrupted nap. But I had to keep one eye open, in case she tried the same trick again, so it really wasn't as refreshing a nap as I would have liked. Pesty humans!


My DDP Day

April 11th 2011 9:49 pm
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What a lot of fun I had being a Daily Diary Pick today! Riley and Skippy gave me some pretty spring tulips and made a lovely memento picture for me--with lots of pink, of course! Jason Hopper gave me a beautiful blue ribbon, and Hazel Lucy and Tate Cottontail gave me beautiful decorated eggs! Besides that, I got greetings and concatulations from a lot of furriends, including Buddie and his family, Fluffee Bush, Daytona, Gleek, Pigeon, Merlin, Alfie Chinacat, Twix, Felix, Dusty, Ginger, and Mr. Sam. *lies on back and rolls happily from side to side* I'm grateful to you all!

And at home, of course, I got lots of extra treats and attention, especially from dad, who was thrilled to hear that my latest diary entry had been about him! *giggles*


Poor dad!

April 6th 2011 11:17 am
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Poor dad! I had to spend a lot of time comforting him with soothing rubs and purrs yesterday.

When mom and dad were driving on the highway past Ikea, the big department store, dad saw a big sign: "Swedish meat balls - new low price $3.99!" Dad loves the Swedish meatballs at Ikea, so he wanted mom, who was driving, to get off the highway for him to stop and get some. True, he'd just had lunch already, but no time is a bad time for a treat (I should know!). But unfortunately there was a lot of traffic and mom couldn't get to the exit in time. So dad didn't get his Swedish meatballs, and was disappointed; he told me about it when they came home.

I could imagine just how he felt. I don't like missing out on a treat myself! Meow, I wonder if I should offer dad a few of my brunch treats? They look like Swedish meatballs, only smaller. Maybe he would like them. . . .


April 1st 2011 1:27 pm
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Meow! What a great jumper I am! I jumped up to the second shelf of the linen closet all by myself, without any help from mom. There was only a narrow opening at the top of a pile of towels, too--but I zipped right in as I landed, without even hitting my head at all. My judgment of distance and direction were exactly right. I'm so purrfect! *lies on back and rolls happily from side to side*


March 26th 2011 11:42 am
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Last week was my Gotcha Day. I was going to write an entry about it, but I was feeling too sad because it was also the day that our beloved Hazel Lucy died. (We will all miss her so much!) So I didn't.

But I should say something about my Gotcha Day. It was a real "gotcha" for me all right *giggles*, because I got a lot of ribbons, hearts, and other prezzies from lots of furriends on Catster, and that helped to cheer me up. And in addition to giving me some special smoked salmon, my humans got me a new catnip banana! I love catnip bananas, and what made this one really nice is that they have finally learned not to take away old toys right away when they buy me replacements. Yes, I know the old ones, whether mousies or bananas, are often shredded almost beyond recognition, but that just shows how much I love them! So I don't want them removed until the new toys have gotten a few dents and wounds of their own. Seeing the old toys disappear right away makes me nervous. *flips tail anxiously*

The day after my Gotcha day was my humans' Gotcha day (their wedding anniversary). So the whole week was a Gotcha festival for us!


March 7th 2011 5:08 pm
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Mom and dad got takeout food from a local Chinese restaurant for dinner tonight. Along with the food came two fortune cookies--and it was pretty clear that the fortunes in them had nothing to do with mom and dad, but were directed at ME.

The first one said, "Your courage does you honor." Of course! I wasn't the least bit afraid when mom and dad took me to see that silly vet a couple of weeks ago. Angry, yes--afraid, never. As a princess with my own palace and slaves, I do not need to be afraid of ANYTHING.

The second fortune said, "You have an iron will and it's the key to your success." Indeed! Training humans isn't easy, let me tell you. They are inattentive, careless, and just not particularly bright. Success requires, first and foremost, sheer determination--something which, as the cookie noted, I have in abundance!


February 26th 2011 4:16 pm
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Meow, Aunt Sylvia was telling my mom on the phone about how messy Aunt Sylvia's daughter's house is. My mom was upset, because she likes everything to be neat! I decided to make extra efforts at neatness so mom would feel better. So for the past couple of nights I have taken special care with the catnip mousies I bring into the bedroom and sing to while mom and dad are trying to sleep. Instead of scattering them around the room, I've been lining them up in a row near the foot of the bed. What a good kitty I am!


February 7th 2011 10:12 pm
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I've been tagged by Felix to play a new game of tag! I'm supposed to list in my diary the five most annoying things my humans do, and then tag five friends to do the same in their diaries for their humans.

Here's my list:

1. Pick me up when I'm busy! How would they like being interrupted this way?

2. Not let me go into the basement storage room. I'm tired of hearing that I might get my fur dirty or get hurt in there! I want to see the furnace and the big oil tank!

3. Ask me to try new foods from time to time. I would hope that by now I've made my preferences perfectly clear! I don't want any change at all. I don't care what the vet said about my being two pounds overweight. It's nonsense--I'm all muscle!

4. Forget to bring my catnip mousies back to the big loft room in the morning after I've spent the night bringing them into the bedroom one by one, accompanying each with a song. Surely they don't expect me to do this myself? Where's the high standard of service that I naturally expect?

5. Be late with my morning brunch treat! Again, this is a matter of service. I expect the best.

Now, I'm tagging:

Mr. Sam 448437
Autumn Amelia 920640
Skippy 999263
Briana 338402


February 4th 2011 1:06 pm
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What an awful day! They tricked me!

There I was, peacefully enjoying my midday snooze, when suddenly dad grabbed me and picked me up. Behind him came mom, with that me@%*@ow! me@%*@ow! carrier, which she had sneaked out of the closet, and dad stuffed me in! Then they took me OUT OF MY PALACE and into the car, and I was off to the vet, where I was handled all over by strange-smelling humans and given some kind of stupid shot. I don't care about that--it was just an insignificant pinprick--but what a nerve the male human had, saying I should lose two pounds! TWO POUNDS! What an idea! He should feel blessed to live in a world that has two extra pounds of my excellence in it, if indeed those two pounds are extra, which I highly doubt. I AM PURRFECT, just the way I am!

I certainly let mom and dad know my opinion of all this, I can tell you. I meowed as loudly as possible ALL THE WAY TO THE VET, and even ALL THE WAY BACK. Mom said, "But you're on your way home now, and will be there in ten minutes--why complain?"

"That's not good enough!" I yowled. "You should never have taken me out in the first place!"

Meow! Meow! Meow! *flips tail angrily*

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