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The cat statuette

October 4th 2011 9:37 pm
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Last year dad painted my portrait, and this year, since he's taking a sculpture class, he's making a wood carving of me. I must say it's very good--so far, he's caught my graceful posture and delicate ears quite well! I do wish he would let me help him, though. Carving is slow work, and with my claws, I'm sure I could make it go faster. But can you believe it? He won't let me help at all, and won't even let me in the room where he is working. He says he doesn't have any safety goggles that would fit me, and he's afraid a wood chip might get in my eye. Nonsense! I'm faster than any wood chip, and would just close my eye if one came near. It's not fair! Last year he wouldn't let me help paint, and now he won't let me help him with sculpture either. How can a cat have any fun? *flips tail disconsolately*


I'm a mighty warrior princess

September 23rd 2011 4:16 am
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I got it! I got it! I got the big moth! I had to chase it all over the bathroom. I first saw it on the wall above the night light--I jumped up onto the counter next to the sink (and unfortunately knocked the soap dish into the sink with my tail; it made a very loud clattering noise that woke up the humans and scared the moth away). The moth hid out while the humans ran around looking for the source of the big noise (it took them a while to discover the soap dish), and when everything was quiet again it came out onto a big white bath towel--foolish move, Mr. Moth, given that you were dark gray! Mom caught sight of you and knocked you onto the floor, but I got you!


Lingering Effects

September 4th 2011 1:59 pm
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It's a week after the nasty storm, and our house is all back to normal. We have electric power; my humans are fine; my food and water dishes are full; my two catnip bananas are lined up on the floor end to end, the way I like them; my litter box is being well-tended by dad--but somehow, I don't feel quite normal yet. I've been spending more and more time supervising my humans and rubbing their legs, or else napping on their bed, even with them in it--something I rarely did before. That storm was so big and scary! It could have blown my palace away, and my humans too. I guess it will take some time before I can forget it and take everything for granted again. . . . *flips tail anxiously*


The Big Storm

September 2nd 2011 4:24 am
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We just got our electric power back after that nasty Hurricane Irene attacked our house and shut the power off. This is what happened.

Mom and dad were so tired from getting our house and garden ready for the big storm, and I was so tired from supervising them, that we all mostly just slept through it when it finally came. There wasn't much to see anyway. It rained and rained! No birdies were flying by for me to look at, and in our pond, the fish stayed down at the bottom, I guess, the way they always do when they sense a commotion going on above. The frog was hiding, and the rabbit who lives somewhere under our magnolia tree stayed hidden too. So, as I said, there was nothing to see, and nothing to listen to, either, except the sound of the wind blowing. I just stayed close to mom and dad.

But when the storm was ending and finally going away, it decided to leave us with a souvenir and shut off our electricity. I guess we should be glad that's all it did--a couple of miles from here, along the seashore, three houses were washed out to sea (luckily, no furs or humans were staying there during the storm). We had no damage to our house, and no water came into our basement either. Outside in the garden everything was fine too--some of the flowers looked a bit bedraggled, but they recovered quickly. But there was no electric power at all, and no prospect for getting it back on, since almost everybody else had the same problem.

The next four days were kind of unpleasant for the humans--they had to throw away a lot of their food and eat human kibble (nuts, dried fruit, and crackers)--though they did make noodle soup on the barbecue grill one day, and after the second day power was back in a neighboring town, so they could go there to eat. But for me, except for not being able to get to Catster and see my furriends, it was actually somewhat nice--the humans were inside almost all the time, attending to me, and of course I see a lot better at night than they do, so I didn't have to carry a flashlight around with me after it got dark. It did seem strange, though, and so I'm glad we have the power back!


A Warrior Princess

August 25th 2011 9:38 pm
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Meow! This evening when I woke up from my nap I was astonished to see a strange cat sitting on my deck, right on the other side of the sliding glass door. He was at least twice my size (and I am not a small kitty!), and he was stretched out there as if he thought he owned the place instead of me. I was horrified! I was afraid he might get in somehow through the glass, and I knew I would have to defend my palace. I ran to the door, my tail thickening up as I went (very impressively, said mom), and began trying to swipe him through the glass. Smack! Smack! He didn't move--he just looked at me. What insolence! Smack, smack, smackety paw again! Just then dad came over to see what was going on, and he banged on the glass and yelled through it for the cat to go away. The cat got up and moved off. Dad and I had done it!

Actually, dad said that mostly the cat had been scared off by me--he was just the assistant who held the heroine's coat, so to speak. He said I was a real warrior princess!


An unwelcome visit

July 31st 2011 6:18 pm
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Meow, meow, a very unpleasant day today! Aunt Susane, who I hardly know, was here for a visit, and she wanted to pet me--I was absolutely scandalized by her audacity! (I made sure to stay at least six feet away from her at all times.) And she said I was overweight! (Nonsense!) And mom and dad spent hours talking to her instead of paying attention to me! When it was time for me to dine, I had to meow and meow to get mom to attend me to my food dish. And afterwards I meowed myself hoarse to get dad to get up and open the basement door for me. What a nuisance! I'm so glad she's gone! I hope mom and dad will ask my permission before inviting anyone here again for a lunch visit. And my permission will not be forthcoming. It's so nice when the three of us are here in my palace by ourselves--why ruin perfection?



July 5th 2011 8:03 pm
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I keep trying to train my humans to be house humans and not to roam around outside my palace, but it's a difficult job. They do stay home a lot, but sometimes they break out and go away on a day trip. I want them to understand how much I worry about them when they're away, though, so I always scold them severely when they return! Today, when they came back from a day trip to Block Island, I wasn't shy about letting them know how I felt. But I didn't have the heart to scold mom too much because I could see she was sad. She told me that there's a street near the ferry terminal on Block Island that's called "Aldo's Way," and when she saw the street sign she remembered my Catster furriend Aldo, whose poor mom, Laurel, died a couple of years ago. We spent some time remembering together--how Aldo was rescued, along with a doggie sibling, but how his kitty sisfur disappeared. We wonder if she was ever found--it's so sad. . . .


A good nap

June 20th 2011 12:06 pm
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What a good nap I had yesterday on dad's dirty laundry! Dad came in from working outside in the garden--he was putting in sod to cover a bare area in our lawn where two overgrown juniper bushes had been removed. When he went to take a shower, he dropped his clothes on the floor. A great opportunity! I sniffed his clothes--an interesting mix of dad and garden smells. What they were missing to be purrfect was any scent from me, so I lay down on my back and carefully rolled all over them, up and down, side to side, over and over. Then I went to sleep and didn't get up until it was time for my evening treat!


An Interrupted Nap

June 9th 2011 7:39 pm
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I can't believe how sneaky mom is! She waited for me to lie down and relax on the coffee table and then, just as I was drifting off to a nice nap, she started fooling around with some of the fur near my tail, trying, she said, to "untangle" it! Untangle, indeed! There's nothing wrong with any of my fur. It's purrfect! The only thing tangled around here is her brain, obviously.

I jumped off the table and ran off to the loveseat in the loft, my top choice for an uninterrupted nap. But I had to keep one eye open, in case she tried the same trick again, so it really wasn't as refreshing a nap as I would have liked. Pesty humans!


My DDP Day

April 11th 2011 9:49 pm
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What a lot of fun I had being a Daily Diary Pick today! Riley and Skippy gave me some pretty spring tulips and made a lovely memento picture for me--with lots of pink, of course! Jason Hopper gave me a beautiful blue ribbon, and Hazel Lucy and Tate Cottontail gave me beautiful decorated eggs! Besides that, I got greetings and concatulations from a lot of furriends, including Buddie and his family, Fluffee Bush, Daytona, Gleek, Pigeon, Merlin, Alfie Chinacat, Twix, Felix, Dusty, Ginger, and Mr. Sam. *lies on back and rolls happily from side to side* I'm grateful to you all!

And at home, of course, I got lots of extra treats and attention, especially from dad, who was thrilled to hear that my latest diary entry had been about him! *giggles*

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