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The Compassion Club

February 25th 2012 4:05 pm
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I don't really remember my life before I was rescued by the Branford Compassion Club. All I remember is that I was on the street, and it was cold, and I was scared. . . .

But everything changed when those people found me. They took care of me and then sent me to the special showroom where kitties go to look over visiting humans in need of feline supervision and see if there are any they'd like to adopt. I selected my humans there, and took up my current life at the Cat Mahal, as supervisory Cat in Charge of Everything. *giggles* I have nothing to complain about!

Today was the first anniversary of the club in their new headquarters in North Branford, and they held a big party. I didn't go, but I sent mom and dad with a photo of me fur their bulletin board and two big bags of dry food fur the kitties in residence. (I'm such a generous kitty!) There were so many people attending that there was no place fur mom and dad to park their car; mom had to stay outside in the car while dad ran in with my gifts. He says it was very nice.

I hope they rescue lots more cats in the coming year. So many humans need kitties to take care of them!


Valentine's Day

February 14th 2012 8:39 pm
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Today is Valentine's Day, and I got lots of extra treats. But I'm angry over one treat I didn't get.

Dad took mom out to a fancy restaurant fur dinner, but he didn't take me! Why couldn't I go too? *flips tail disconsolately* What do restaurants have against kitties? I would behave perfectly well! I would just sit on mom and dad's table and not run around and bother the other diners. And I would try very hard not to knock anything off the table with my tail!

I gave them a big angry meow when they left, and a few more when they came home. I don't think it's at all fair. . . .


A green mousie

January 5th 2012 5:15 am
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It was a green catnip mousie, practically new—I’d only had it for about a week, and it hadn’t even lost its tail yet. And I’d only carried it into the bedroom a couple of times for my nightly concerts—after all, there were also the pink, orange, and blue mousies to consider. I don’t like any mousie to feel neglected.

But now it’s gone! So quickly. And all because I bit off its head—dad said he was afraid I might swallow one of the pieces by accident, so he picked them up and threw them away.

But why did the head come off so easily, after just one bite? Or series of bites? It seems that they just don’t make catnip mousies the way they used to!


Thank you

December 4th 2011 6:08 pm
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Thank you to all the kitties who congratulated me today for being a Daily Diary Pick, and thank you to Catster for picking me! I can't believe I've been lucky this way three times in a month!

*lies on back and rolls happily from side to side*



November 24th 2011 8:58 pm
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What a nice, nap-filled day I've had with my family! In the morning we got up early to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV. Mom started to doze off halfway through, right after we saw the Spongebob Squarepants balloon (our favorite), but that's okay, because I was dozing too, right next to her, on the arm of the loveseat. Then we went downstairs and while I had my brunch treat, mom and dad began to set everything up for Thanksgiving dinner. While the food was cooking I supervised while they took out the fancy china and set the table. Then we ate, and after that we spent the rest of the afternoon listening to music and dozing on the sofa in front of the fireplace. The fire was nice and warm! Then came dinner (leftovers--yum!) and after that more napping--we dozed our way through an old holiday movie, "Miracle on 34th Street." What a purrfect day! I think I could go for another nap, though. *yawns* Like right now.



November 17th 2011 5:44 pm
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What a fun day I've had today as a DDP! Thanks to Catster, and to all the nice kitties who sent me concatulations or presents! It has really been wonderpurr!

*lies on back and rolls happily from side to side*


A suprise fur mom

November 14th 2011 6:51 pm
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I gave mom a big surprise this morning. Yesterday she gave me some new catnip mousies to play with because, frankly, the old ones were getting kind of chewed up. *giggles* I decided to be a nice kitty and share them with her, so I left one in her slipper overnight. Meow, was she surprised when she got up and couldn't put the slipper on because mousie was stuck in the toe! *giggles*


A Busy Day

October 24th 2011 9:58 am
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It's only one o'clock, but I've already had a busy day--waking up the humans so they could give me my important Morning Attention, supervising their breakfast (a well-fed human is a healthy human who has lots of energy to scratch a kitty's neck), getting my brunch treat, and helping mom water the indoor plants. (I find that she moves more efficiently if I rub her legs while she is carrying the watering can--she has to be careful not to trip over me and spill it.) I also spent more than an hour on guard at the sliding glass door in the basement, making sure that birdies and rabbits kept well away from the house.

Now, I'm completely exhausted. I just saw dad off to his sculpture class. It's definitely time for me to settle down for a wash and my midday snooze, which I think I'll take upstairs on my Hazel Lucy blankie today. Mom can supervise herself fur awhile--I'm sleepy!



October 18th 2011 3:03 pm
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I'm so thrilled with the wood carving my dad made of me--he's really caught my likeness, don't you think? My beautiful face, my dignified demeanor, my lovely coloring--it's a real masterpiece, and I'm sure his sculpture professor will give him an A grade. *giggles* Mom and dad are going to set it up on a special table. I have to say that I am 100% in favor of idol worship--as long as the idol being worshiped is. . . ME!


I'm So Helpful!

October 9th 2011 10:04 pm
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I'm such a big help to the humans! Really, it's hard to imagine how they ever got along without me.

In the morning, I meow and bat my catnip mousies around noisily to help them wake up. When they eat breakfast, I sit on the edge of the table and encourage them to eat. When they read the newspaper, I sit on top of it to help hold it down and keep it from blowing away. Meow, and did I mention making the bed? How could they possibly accomplish this task unless I jumped up to help them? I walk around to each corner (preferably while they are working on it) to make sure everything is in place.

Most household tasks require my participation to be successful. For laundry, my job is to roll on the dirty laundry to flatten it so it fits into the machine, and then when it comes out I have to shed hair on it so it looks and smells as good as it did before washing. For dusting, I have to swipe the duster to make sure it goes into all the corners. This requires a lot of running around on my part and tends to be exhausting!

My humans' "artistic" endeavors also require my help. What would dad paint or sculpt without me to inspire him and serve as his muse? How could mom play her violin without me nearby to keep an eye on her bow and make sure it stays on the strings?

Just writing about all these activities is making me kind of tired. If the humans can manage without me for an hour or so, I think I'll take a little nap. . . .

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