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Day in the life of Hondo

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The name game...

August 8th 2006 12:16 am
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So we're trying to pick out a new name for my soon-to-be brother. Glad it won't be a sister! MOL!!! The cat apparently is like my brother Boogers: calm, likes to snuggle, blah blah. I like to keep things mello by staying out of trouble. You do NOT want to hear the wrath of meowmy!! So far we're thinking: Norbert *from Harry Potter* or Cuddles. Hmmm...

On another note, my grandpawrents will be here tomorrow!! YAY!! I might be MIA (even more so than already) for the next few days (they're here for a week)!

((head butts))


I'm an indecisive kitty...

August 6th 2006 1:07 pm
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So, word spread like wildfire today in our house. I got caught sleeping in that blasted stroller!! Now everyone is teasing me by saying how I am jealous and want to go for a stroll... Could it be that they're right? I don't know! When we went for a test ride on the first day in the kitchen, I was shedding so much fur as I was having palpitations from this new experience!!! Hmmmm, should I?? I'm debating, one paw says yes, the other three say NOOOOOOOOO!


Gimme some Paw!!!

August 4th 2006 11:38 pm
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Ok, I'm starting to get a complex here... I know that the "Gimme some Paw" is at random, but being that I'm the prettier cat (IMO), I don't have any paw!!! You mean to tell me, my cranky sister, aka THE DOG has paw but not me? Ok felines, get moving! Keep giving paw until you see ME!! MOL


Most Active Diary???

August 4th 2006 12:36 am
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Meow??? So I was looking at the site features, and viewed the Diary Central, and to my surprise, I was No. 3 on the list! Is it random? Or am I really that active? Well I am happy that I am on that list:) In addition to cat nip, I'm addicted to the 'net. What can I say? I like to surf! But as long as it's not in water!!! I noticed that my fur is finally shiny, so maybe the Vet did perform his magic on me:) Anyway, fellow felines, stay cool and drink that water! ((head butts))


Nope! I do NOT like the stroller!!!

August 3rd 2006 11:59 am
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HISSSSSSSS! My meowmy must be on some good catnip as there's NO WAY I'm sitting in the stroller! Well, I admit, I did set foot in that thing, but once it started to roll? I was OUTTA there!!! Ok, I'm traumatized... I need catnap now...


Happy August!

August 1st 2006 1:41 am
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Meowsas! Can you believe it's August already?? I get to see my grandpawrents really soon! I can't wait for that. They're going to think we're spoiled when they see us, but hey, we are but we're greatful cats:) I had another sneeze attack today and scared the living fur out of my meowmy. But I think it was just a hairball (even though I haven't officially EVER coughed up one THANK YOU). Well, this cat has to get back to sleep. Keep cool fellow friends! ((head butt))


Update on my health

July 30th 2006 5:54 pm
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I think I'm getting better... My pawrents haven't been able to get ahold of me long enough to administer my eye medicine, but the good news is that I haven't sneezed. I think the Vet scared the sneezing out of me! MOL! My hair isn't as clumpy, but my meowmy said she's keeping an eye on me. Let's face it, I can't stand being held for more than 5 seconds. So it makes getting groomed hard. I'm a rough kitty, no need for all that glam. Just give me water and we'll call it even? Stay cool cats!


Got a hairball to pick...

July 29th 2006 10:43 am
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So I gotta vent... Why is my brother the favorite in the family? I mean, I know my pawrents love me, but I swear that brother of mine gets everything he wants... Where as little 'ol me? I don't ask for anything other than pounce treats or nip! What's a cat to do? Well, I guess they DID buy me that huge water fountain last week... Ok, I take that back meowmy!! ((head butts))


I'm OK!!!

July 26th 2006 10:47 am
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So I just got back from an hour long vet appointment. Sure, I got cheese wiz, but that was only to keep me from getting distracted while I was poked and pawwwed. So, my hair loss... All is ok, and the vet said if these fish oil tablets don't fix it, they'll give me new ones in 3 weeks. He thought that since my sacks (SO embarassed) were full, that might have been why there was so much fur down there, and why it fell out in clumps... Then I got my anual shots, the cool ID tag so if I get lost, I'll be returned home. Also me and my bro got Frontline medicine, and for my sneezing problem? Some meds too to help drain my right nostril. So after a nice $400 bill, I'm good! My meowmy is so nice to me... Oh there were a few other things that equate to this large bill, but those are extra personal (and more embarassing).



July 24th 2006 9:53 pm
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First off I just want to say THANKS MEOWMY for buying me this awsome water dish!!! When I heard the UPS man knock on our door, I was a good cat and walked with you to the door to meet him (didn't want anyone stealing my dish or my mom!). But meowsas! It's wonderful and I am so hydrated! I hope this helps my cold/sinus problem that I am trying to fight off. Wow, I'm speechless! More than usual! Ok kitties, view my water fountain on page 1 of my pictures. And again, this was all possible due to our friend *ROCKYANN* who's meowmy told my meowmy about it!

ETA: IGNORE that it says "Big Dog". I'm a big 'ol cat and I'm part camel, so this is puuuurrrrrfect for my water appetite! ((head butt))

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