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Day in the life of Hondo

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An upset Divo=bad combo!

October 22nd 2010 10:32 am
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That's me! I don't like the ugly kitty much. He is BIG and I along with mom agree that he's getting BIGGER!

What is mom feeding him? I think she kneads to feed him different food 'cause he's GROWING!

Seriously, a divo's life is never easy!


Will I get fat?

October 14th 2010 3:16 pm
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I think I'm going to start gaining ounces soon if I don't get my daily exercise up and down the stairs!

Dang dog is STILL here and I'm staying upstairs! Word is he'll be learning stairs soon and then he will be all up in my handsome face!

Man, that dog is crazy! I've lived with a dog once, yes, but this dog is BIGGER. And he has a scary cone on his head...



My pink bed!

October 8th 2010 6:51 am
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Ugh, that doggy SURE likes MY pink bed! You know, the bed I'm often on when dad's grilling. HORROR!!! And I don't like the doggie much yet. I've been downstairs as have all of us but I'm not diggin' him yet.

I don't know how the others can stand him! He's like a GIANT version of Boogie! Yet he weighs as much as Mittens and Boogie?!?! MOL


At your service!

September 25th 2010 11:48 am
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In 15 minutes the wedding of my brother Mittens and his soon-to-be-wife Tessa will take place!

I should be a wedding planner. I mean, seriously, I honestly help mom make decisions when it comes to shopping online. I sit next to her and tell her yes or no.

I helped her pick out some Harry Potter things last night. Too bad we didn't live near FL 'cause mom would be at the HP theme park 24/7 and buying tons of stuff!

They thought about going to the UK or Orlando for the HP stuff but she's thinking if they did FL, they'd HAVE to drive to accommodate all the stuff mom would buy!!!



Catnip part deux!

September 14th 2010 6:30 pm
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So we just finished a photoshoot with our NEW Halloween Costumes. Thankfully we were rewarded with a new catnip plant since 90% of our plant died (10% sorta came back). Mom hopefully won't kill this one!!!

We also got Laxatone as we couldn't find Petramalt for our hairballs. Fido and Mittens seem to be holding back the ones in their system so mom said we needed something in addition to our RC Hairball food.

I'm just trying to recover from the embarrassment from the photoshoot!


Shopping for Christian Louboutins!

September 10th 2010 1:57 pm
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MOL! Ok, for once, the adds on Catster hit home! I saw the lovely shoe add and ironically mom was bad last night and ordered a pair of CL's Mistica 60 Pumps in Black. You know, the shoes with the red soles? Mom's been buying those before they became super vogue w/ celebs.


'Cause I told her too and the rest is history!

Maybe Catster does listen!? Have a great weekend!


UK Goodies

September 1st 2010 2:34 pm
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Aside from mom SOMEHOW bringing our catnip plant back to life, I did notice we received some new nom noms. These nom noms came from Smudge and her family from the UK!! They sent mom and dad a "New Home" card along with cat treats for us!

So far we've only tried the duck strips! Those were delish! There are 2 more kinds of imported food, but mom can't remember the names of them. She's too lazy to go down stairs and check. Thanks Smudge and fam!!!

The weather has been hot here and mom is staying cool and trying to keep our new grass seed stuff moist and alive. We do have germination and that's a huge thing in our home. Remember mom does kill catnip plants and cactus'.

Ok time to get my zzzzzzzzzz's on. Dad is back on nights so mom is alone tonight. Just her and us furrry ones :)


Cat Murial? YIKES!!

August 24th 2010 3:34 am
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Ok folks!!! Mom is going to attempt to paint our cat room ala Cat Murial/Lady Bug-esq today!!

She bought a gallon of a sky blue color, and then 7 small cans. She said it'll be out of love. Don't tell mom but we're all taking bets on the outcome MWHAHAHAHAHA

Mom is a bit worried. We shall see and will hopefully post pics today!!! I however, am bummed she didn't go the pink route... :(



August 22nd 2010 7:15 am
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So mom and dad went to a craw-fish get together at our friend's house. Mom left a little before 2pm and the last time she was in the Master Bathroom/Linen closet was after she dried her hair and put away the hairdryer.

They get home around 6, and then 10pm rolls around. My moist-food-eating brothers get it, and normally I come down for my treats. I didn't.

So mom was like, "Where's Hondo? Have you seen him?"

They start looking, mom goes into the bathroom, hears a faint, "mewww" and looks in the cabinets. NOTHING. Then she hears "mew" and she opens the bathroom linen closet.




August 9th 2010 8:39 am
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Oooooooooo I'm a DDP today!!! Holy cats!! And that's not all!

I got some friend requests, nice pawmails, comments and rosettes from my friends! And that's STILL not all!

I got this honor today which is 8/9/10 MOL Cool no?

Thanks for making a pink lovin' guy feel so special! Tomorrow Grandpaw flies in for 10 days! I can hardly wait! He says I'm so handsome :) And he knows that I have a sweet spot for treats (I only eat about 3 brands of moist, I'm picky and a Divo) so he always gives me extra :) Don't tell mom!!!

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