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Day in the life of Hondo

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August 13th 2012 10:42 pm
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The highlight of mom's day (other than getting out of the house) was attending a tupperwear party. It wasn't one of those attend a hostess' party at someone's house. It was a bi monthly meeting, where guests (mom) and the sellers can win stuff!

Since mom was a guest, she got 4 plates, and a few small goodies. But at the end, guests go into a room, hear a short speech about how this woman went from the CIA to doing Tupperwear and making more.

They also did the last raffle. Mom won one of the 3! She won a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and I mean, HUGE, bag of goodies. That put a much needed smile on her face.

Mom went with our neighbor Vangie and she had fun. It's good for mom to get out considering. Thanks again for the purrrs and comments on our diaries. As mentioned, we haven't been around much but think about our friends daily. The catster community is just amazing.


My bad

July 10th 2012 2:05 am
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Yup, Tiskers is right... I'm probably the one who got my 3 siblings all sick with a cold. Luckily Boogs, Fido and Tiski have the mild version. I hope my sneezes stop soon 'cause mom isn't happy that I'm leaving boogers all over the wall :)



Waste of water!

June 8th 2012 8:06 pm
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When I hear the tap running, even for dishes, I come running into the kitchen! I've always liked water minus this "bath" thing.

We haven't had rain in a while so mom turned on the sprinkler and I watched from the storm door (which I know mom had installed just for ME).

It's torture I tell you!! Seeing mom waste the water on the GRASS!! It should be dripping endlessly into my dry, parched mouth! Ok, sure we have our own water, but this water looks yummier!

What a waste...


Happy Gotcha and 9th Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeee!!

May 25th 2012 9:26 am
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568 cats including me celebrate their birthday today!!! 8 years ago I came home and while everyone calls me "Geezer" (mind you, Boogie is only a few months younger!) I'm still kickin' it :)

I'm mom's first cat. Dad picked me out at PetSmart as they were having the Rescue Team, "Fancy Cats" of Herndon, VA show off all the pets who needed homes.

My pawrents had just moved to VA a few days ago and wanted to get acquainted with the new neighborhood and stopped by PetSmart :) I'm glad they did!!!

My pawrents got me a cool Sock Monkey Bed but Fido is hogging it. Tis ok, I might do retail damage later as I love to shop and often keep mom company while she does that too! :) Concats to Boogie for his DDP honor too.

Thanks for the pawmails and come on over and enjoy the HUGE CAKE Colleen, one of my first Catster pals, sent me!!

UPDATED: Thanks for the pawmails everyone! I'd like to thank the following cats too:

-Colleen for the HUGE cake! I licked the pink frosting!
-Mocha for the yummy cupcake
-Pansy for the Birthday Hat (I look good in blue)
-Murrman for the spiffy Hat
-Albus and family (best headmaster!!!) for the hat
-Beepers for the ladybug! ooooooooo
-Karisma for the baseball (I own a pink NY Yankees cap!)
-Smiley Cassanova for the pretty USA Flag
-My in-laws Tessa and family for the baseball (They too love the Yankees)
-Teebo and family the yummy PINK Shrimp
-Big Harry and family for the Shrimpie
-My family for the Emerald which is my Birthstone :)


Hello Mr. Sock Monkey!

May 16th 2012 8:25 pm
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So my 9th Birthday is May 25!! But apparently my birthday gift came super early so mom decided to let me open it.

OF COURSE, my siblings had a test drive before me 'cause I'm not spoiled and have to investigate things ASAP like ALL my siblings. Heck, even the dog wanted to test drive my gift but mom said, "NOOOOOOOO" 'cause he's so big and would stretch it out :)

I got a Sock Monkey bed!!! Ooooooo! Mom has a weakness for buying pet beds. She can't "help it". :) Once they all tried it out, mom scooped me up and put me in it. I ran of course! But a few minutes later I tried it out and I quite like it!

I have an old bed, the "Hondo bed" that my nephew and nieces got me for Catmas about 4 years ago. It looks like me but the twins steal it. So now I'm claiming this as MINE. Check out my picture!



May 2nd 2012 9:01 pm
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So I think I'm getting a kitty cold as I'm sniffling. Mom said all of us cats are driving her nuts!! Sick, tons of vet visits, and Tiski needs a blood panel as he has to see the Cardiologist again for a 9 month recheck. Those are pricey $600 visits.

I hope to get Clavamox 'cause while I sneeze all the time in general, I sounds stuffy and snotty.

On the plus side, Boogie is looking better so that's good. Mom was worried after he finished the meds, but it seems to have worked ::knock on wood::

Mittens is also going in for a recheck with the GOOD vet.

Mom will be turning gray like me at this rate MOL :)


I'm a piece of artwork!!

April 7th 2012 11:08 am
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So a while back mom had the talented Jill Jones paint Tiskers and Boogie. Since mom's birthday is this month, she had wanted the rest of us painted. So while there was a waiting list, mom stood in line, patiently waiting. Well MY portrait and Fido's are done! She's almost done with Porkers, Mittens, and yes, even the doggy Ethan!

Speaking of... I'm going to post a picture of him SLEEPING and resting his head on my bum!! I don't mind the dog, I sorta like him :)

Check out my profile pic for my new portrait!



March 17th 2012 5:40 pm
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I got an email today (well mom did) that I was a DDP but I don't see my handsome self on the diary central page.

Flees!! Better not be from my doggy!


Vet followup!

March 12th 2012 7:07 pm
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Thursday at 2pm I'm going to the VET with (of all siblings) Ethan. I'm going in for my monthly re-check. So far I haven't had an accident! Mom is loving the Dr. Elsy's litter (no dust!!) and she thinks the combo of the new boxes, litter, feliway, AND my herbs are helping. Again, she wishes she knew WHAT one was the biggest help but oh well.

Mom is also going to ask WHAT is in the herbs that make my coat no longer dandruffy/greasy! Unlike Boogie, I HATE HATE HATE baths! But I needed one each year as my back got all greasy and my dander is BIG BIG chunks. That's something the Holistic vet noticed. Since the herbs? My coat is NO longer greasy, and the dander is gone! PLUS my bad mistakes are gone? *knock on wood*

Ethan goes in for a nail clipping. Mom tries to cut his black nails but is afraid of cutting his quick. When she cuts his nails, she takes of like .00000000000000001 off MOL!!!


Many Thank You's!!!

February 20th 2012 3:42 pm
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Gosh, you all know how to make a cat feel special! My brothers haven't picked on me all day, I'm dreamboat #71b, and now COTD!! 2012 has been a good year!

Many thanks for the comments, filling up my treat jar, friend requests, pawmails, and big thank you to Rory, Tundra, Manytoes, Lynzee (family) and Pansy for my photos!! I love them!!

Thank you for the gifties that decorated my page to look fancy schmancy:

Ethan my dog bro: Sushi, Mmmmmmmm
Bella and family: Fleur-De Lis
Alfie: Shrimpie
Gimli: Shrimpie
Miss Minerva Lucille: Red rosette
Tessa: Fleur-De Lis
Murrman: Trophy
Teebo and fam: Sushi, Mmmmmmm
Bruce (The Boss): Party Hat
Albus and family: Cupcake
Oly and family: Shiny golden heart
Pansy (so not evil): Golden star
Enzo: Shrimp
Smiley Cassanova: Red rosette
Truffles and family: Trophy
Muppet: Shiny crown
Family: Shiny golden heart
Hunter and family: Champagne glasses
Beepers: Blue rosette

After dad brings home take out, they're going to PetSmart as our food is on sale and I'll get a bag of treats!! MINE!! *bonks*

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