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The life of Boogers!

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New food

January 9th 2013 6:50 pm
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So when mom returned from seeing her friend, Grandpaw informed her that, quote, "The cats DESTROYED the box, it looked like they had soft stools".


So mom called the vet and they suggested instead of Hills C/D Dry, to try Royal Canin S/O. There's still some squishies 'cause mom can't mix our old food as we're out, but she THINKS it's settling better with us. We're on day 2 of the RC S/O Dry.

Also since Tiskers REFUSED to get a recheck at the vet (threw a tantrum in the crate) mom has this plastic litter to try and get an urine sample. Yeah, that'll be fun... He finished his last pill tonight (10 days 2x a day) so here's hoping. Mom saw him make a normal pee spot in the box but then he went back in 2x. *sigh* He appears fine, drinks a lot, etc., but maybe he wasn't done?



December 30th 2012 7:19 pm
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So now that we're on new food, and you all know how I LOVE food? Well it's giving me runny loose stinkies!!! Mom did mix our old food w/ the new food and we will be eating this dry concoction for the next week or two and then onto the Hills C/D Dry. Tiskers doesn't have loose stinkies...

Meowing of Tiski, he did finally produce a larger pee, but with multiple cats it's very hard to keep an eye on our box habbits. Mom said she thinks he's using the box a lil' less and hopefully that means the urgency associated with an UTI is diminishing.


Christmas and Bday Update!

December 25th 2012 8:22 pm
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Meow! Meowy Catmas to my friends!!! I was SO excited to see mommy as she left me and my brothers at home while she was in MN for a week visiting friends and family!

She felt bad that she wasn't home with me during my birthday but she made it up! She made certain Grandpaw gave me a can of Tiki!!! Mmmmmm (NO SARDINES!!) and came home with a Yeowww banana she bought at the mall for me! The lady also gave mom 2 free doggy/chew rope things.

For Catmas we all got 3 bags of treats (we go through those fast), and a scratching board that we've gotten the past 3 Christmas'!

The best gift was seeing mom :) I know, I'm a mushy cat :) Hope everyone had a Pawsome Catmas!!!


Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee!!!!

December 23rd 2012 6:33 am
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Meow! Today me and 176 cats celebrate our Birthday!!! 8 years ago I came into mom's life and was thought to be 1 year old. So today I'm 9 years handsome!!! I will be eating a can of tiki food tonight! Grandpaw has been instructed to :)

I wonder what mom got me for my Birthday!! Do you know? Do you?

Thank you for the pawmails and gifties :)



December 21st 2012 11:02 pm
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Meow! I've done it again :) I'm a DDP!!! Thanks to my friends for the pawmails and rosettes :) Because I'm a DDP the end of the world won't happen 'cause I said so!

Today mom spent an entire day with a friend. She's known this friend since Elementary school. They went out to eat at the Cadillac Grill, went shopping for 4 hours at the Mall of America, dinner at Eagle Street Grill with same friend and another friend from High School and then they saw the last Twilight movie! Fun filled day! I was there in spirit :)



December 17th 2012 7:22 pm
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Grrrrrr the past few days we've been getting spam comments from diaries we posted wayyyyyyy back in 2008!!!

Sorry folks, I don't care about your knock off purses, I am a cat and don't wear such things.

People must have a lot of free time on their paws! Wishing all my friends a Meowy Catmas! And you better be good or else Ms. Clause, aka Pansy, might give you doggie biscuits in your stocking!!


Package and goodies for me!!

December 14th 2012 3:45 pm
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I mean, goodies for US...

First my homeboy Murrman sent me a package for my upcoming 9th Birthday! Dude sent me two packages of treats (Party mix and Temptations Blue bags), and 2 cans of Tiki and 2 other cans of moist! Thank you dude!!! The package must have came yesterday and usually our mail lady rings the doorbell so we know there's a package on the porch.

She didn't.

So today mom's friend came over and when mom opened the door, there was a package from Murrman! Now you may think, "Is this TODAY'S mail sweet Boogie?" NO!!! Mail doesn't come at 9:30 am! :)

So back to mom's friend, who used to be our neighbor. Mom and her friend exchanged Christmas gifts and her friend, Traci, spoiled us!! 3 pack of mousies, 1 pink catnip bag of treats, a boa wand toy, and a 3 pack of balls that have noisy things inside when we play with them!

And she got the STINKY DOG 4 toys, plus a HUGE beef flavored raw hide! Mom got a lot of goodies too but they didn't look as cool as my mousies :)

Thanks Murrman and Traci!! Do I really have to share with my siblings?



December 7th 2012 3:14 pm
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My family is on a roll!!! First Fido was a DDP, next day Ethan, now me today!!! Thanks for the Comcast and rosettes and pawmails!!!

Mom did errands today and visited a friend. She then got a nice meal as instructed by Nurse Pansy. Mom got a good burger and fries at Five Guys. Best burgers! Then mom swung by McDonalds to get Ethan a plain burger.

Mom will post pics on his page in a few. Since I'm a DDP mom gave me some bacon off of her burger. It was delish!!! Have a great weekend friends!!!


Christmas Tree!

December 4th 2012 8:46 pm
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So mom put up a Christmas tree as her BFF helped her decorate the tree and house!

Speaking of Christmas, I believe Ethan is going to see Santa Paws at PetSmart this weekend or next. Hmph. I don't have to see Santa Paws as I AM Santa Paws and Pans is Ms. Santa Paws! Therefore, if Ethan wants anything he better be on my good side :)

And right now he's itching to be on my BAD side as he's going to get his $1 plain McDonalds hamburger AGAIN!! UGH!!! No fair! Sure I don't have the ability to eat a lot of human food or large quantities, but it's just, not, fair!!


December is my Birthday month!

December 1st 2012 12:53 pm
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December 23 I'll be 9 years adorable!!! And guess who remembered that! Yup! My bestest ever Pansy!! She sent me and my siblings a massive package! Wanna know what she sent me?

Tough, it's all MINE and it's GONE! Nah, I got:

My favorite Temptation chicken flavor treats, All Natural Temptations Range Chicken Flavor, (In Canada they spell flavor as flavour), Friskies Gourmet Crunch Party Mix, Beef flavor Temptations, Fancy Feast Flaked Tuna Appetizer, Tiki Cat Ahi Tuna and Ahi Tuna with Crab in Tuna Consomme, a 6 pack of mousies, a huge jar of catnip, a feather mousie toy, a Catmas and a Birthday Card! Oh and a partridge in a pear tree :)

I posted a few pictures and you will see Tiskers got all up in my cute face! I totally shared my goods with him but he's a brat. Time to let my doggy get some computer time as Pansy sent HIM stuff too! Wait a minute, that dog is SO SPOILED!

Thank you so much Pansy!!!!

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