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The life of Boogers!

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February 15th 2013 8:19 pm
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Thank you to the cat or cats who filled up my treat jar!

I'm beat! Yesterday was Valentine's Day and me and Pansy had a wonderful (as always) Valentine's Day. I picked her up in my tux... Wait... I'm always in a tux :)

Let me just say she looked stunning as always. And if Newman is wondering, no, she did not have a zit!! :) MOL!!

Mom got a huge HUGE surprise when she came home today. I won't meow about it yet, but if you are EXTRA nice to my Pansy, she may tell you (after I tell her). So you better bribe her well!



February 12th 2013 12:21 pm
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Now the world knows that mom left me. But as mentioned, she's back and I forgive her. For now.

I'm a DDP!! I got some of mom's turkey from her sub sandwich. Mmmmmmmmm I love deli meat! But not as much as I love my Pansy!!! I have big plans for our Valentine Date!

I just hope Princess doesn't show up!


Mom's home!

February 7th 2013 8:45 pm
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She left me and my siblings for 36 hours! WHAT?!?! Don't worry, grandpaw babysat us.

Mom had a fun packed day February 6. She got some nummy Mexican food with her best friend, and then they went to Fulton, MD for a facial. It was 75 minutes long at "The Pearl". Mom couldn't believe how amazing it was! Then they drove home and got Jerry's subs (literally 5x more meat that subway and tenfolds better). And mom spent the night.

The next day, today, the fun continued and they got Sushi (shrimp tempura, and CA roll), and then mom's friend treated mine to a pedi!

Hello??? What about me? Oh don't you worry! Mom came home 36 hours later as she had to do some errands before going home. I was like MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! WHERE ARE YOU!! She brought home subway for dinner and I got some of her turkey. She also apparently went to a pet boutique in MD and brought us cats home some peacock feathers to play with! Oooooooooooo she spoiled me! I mean, us!! Even got the stinky dog something.



February 4th 2013 11:25 am
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Meowsas! DDP today!

Mom left me in charge of the house while she and her friend went shopping and out to lunch. I smelled the chicken on her hands!! I know she got the southwest chicken salad at Chili's but she did not bring me some back :( hmph...

Instead she left me in charge of two doggies! My sibling Ethan and Toby, Ethan's best buddie.

Since I'm a DDP and had to dogsit the least she could do was bring me chicken!!

And she got new bed linens and I was the first to test them out. And did I get praised?! Of course not!!! Cats are so under appreciated...


Vday is coming up!

February 2nd 2013 6:04 pm
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Dang mom! She is slacking! I told her she must do an errand for me 'cause stores don't allow cats inside. I mean, really. I'm paying my mom with love and she ought to deliver the goods!

I can't wait for Valentine's Day with my bestest ever!! Pansy is smokin' hot, and girl has curves! As Newman would say, she used to be phat, and had zits, but really... I don't see that :) She's purrrrfect to me!



My pretty Valentine!!

January 26th 2013 9:52 pm
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So Catster is acting up and won't show new pictures :(

But if you go to my page, and click on the heart rosette, you can see my mystery Valentine Date!

Oh she is SO SO SO cute!! And I really should kick Newman's tail for saying this beautiful gal has a zit. But I am a gentlecat and won't stoop to such behavior!

Anyway, I accepted and am very happy and honored to have her as my bestest! I will do something low key for Valentine's Day but I think the most important thing is that she has my heart :)


Got myself the hottest Valentine!

January 25th 2013 6:59 pm
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MEOW!! Do you see? Do you see? NO!!!!!!! You don't! I uploaded the picture of me and my 2013 Valentine and it's a small green box :( It's a jpeg so not sure what the problem is.

Anyway, until the picture is revealed, you won't know who my BEAUTIFUL Valentine is!! I accept! I accept!

I really wanted to ask her as I have in the past, but she beat me to it! I haven't been on Catster as much but once things get straightened out, I will be back :)

Ooooooooooo I'm all giddy!!!


Vet visit and mom fainting

January 21st 2013 3:02 pm
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So today at 3pm I had a vet appointment as I still have squishy poos! My poo checked out good, and I lost a pound! So I'm now on 250 mg of metronidazole, which is supposed to be a bitter pill! Mom gave me a half pill and I took it like a baby. Yes I did! I faught her but she won.

So while mom was at the vet, and the vet was explaining things before she left, mom had to sit down. Her ears were ringing, she was sweating, and her vision was blurred like she was seeing stars. She sat down before she fainted and the vet gave mom a wet towel and opened the doors. The rooms get a bit stuffy but mom wasn't hot. She called Grandpaw to come to the vet and follow her home. Mom took her bp at home and it was 85/56!! It's now in the 90s but still that's low considering it's usually 118/72. So mom made an appontment. Scary huh? This is the 3rd time in a few months that mom felt dizzy and/or fainted.

I'm going to look over mom in the next few days.


Happy Birthday Fido!

January 15th 2013 12:47 am
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I'd like to give a meow out to my brother Fido who is 7 years handsome!!

In fact, as I tell my secretary what to type, he's licking me now! How sweet :) Although you know how that ends...

So we're all on a paste called Fortaflora or something. I hate it and mom has to put it on the roof of my mouth so I eat it. Tiski of course likes it.

We're also to increase our moist food and less dry. Our good vet thought the same as us (dry would stiffen up our poos) but he said he has a friend who specializes in food and the contents, or something like that. And said more moist will help. But it varies of course. Worth a try in my book!!! I like Hill's C/D!



January 11th 2013 12:12 pm
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So we are now BACK (yes back) to Hills C/D Diet!! Gahhhhhhhh

So mom went to the vet to get the script to buy Royal Canin SO dry/moist and when she went to PetSmart to pick up the food, the vet guy said it's a good food as long as you don't have pets with a heart condition.


Tiskers does!! And this is the reason WHY we hate talking/going to a vet that isn't our MAIN FAVORITE vet! The vet must not have read Tiskers' file as he has a heart condition! Royal Canin has more sodium and with a heart condition, Tiskers doesn't need that. So mom called the Cardiologist to verify this, and it's true. So mom re-purchased the Hills C/D Dry AGAIN.... Ughhhhhh

Seriously folks, very annoying.!

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