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Purrrsonal trainer!

October 15th 2013 5:04 pm
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So mom joined a gym and tomorrow she has her first of 4 hour long personal trainer sessions. She has 13 pounds to get to her goal weight. She could loose more but she picked this magic number as it'll be a weight she can maintain. Last night she did the Zumba class! She first tried Zumba a couple months ago when she visited a friend in GA.

The gym is really nice! It has Pilates, yoga, two levels of machines, a pool, hot tub, sauna, spin class, you name it!!

Exercise? Nahhhhhhhh I'll pass! I'm thin now, thanks but no thanks :)


DDP and radiation!!!

October 10th 2013 7:48 pm
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Meow I'm a DDP today!!! Thanks for the concats :)

Yesterday I came home from getting my Radiocat. I have a bald spot on my left shoulder area as the shaved me for my eye-veeeee. I drove mom nuts on the drive to my new home and for the next four hours! I couldn't help it! Mom dropped me off Sunday and I missed her!!! I kept meowing and meowing for four hours :) I have to have limited mommy time for two weeks due to the radiation. Speaking of thigh-roid issues.... My bestest has a thigh-roid problem too!!!! :( Pansy insists my bestie Murrman infected not only me but her! I do hope the meds help her and she doesn't have a bad reaction like me :( thankfully her liver and kid-knee are good. Puurrrrrssssss for her!!!!

I've since calmed down now that I am graced with mom's presence and have had time to adjust. Mom is just about unpacked!! She had to store 9 boxes of Harry Potter stuff 'cause she sold so much furniture but it looks good and less cluttered. Mom is excited to try out the soaking tub and is happy that her closet is larger than the one in the house she sold :)

Time to chillax'


Purrrrs for my Radiocat

October 6th 2013 4:33 pm
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Mom just dropped me off for my Radiocat/Radiation treatment for my thyroid procedure. For the drive to the vet mom gave me 1/4 pill of Acepromazine to lessen the anxiety. Mom was sorta freaking out as our third eyelid covered half my eye ball but the nice lady vet said that's normal. Mom packed me an overnight/weekly care package of my kibble, moist, treats, and a blanket that will have to be tossed when I leave.

Mom said she was gonna be sad being away from me. When I return I have to be separated from Fido for two weeks (we can't share boxes).

Please keep me in your purrrrrs.


Vet woes and girls night!

September 25th 2013 6:56 pm
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So I'm down another pound, I'm 14.3 to be exact. I didn't want to be at the vet and for good reason!!! The vet performed: ECG, rabies/distemper shot, radiograph, LO total health UA CBC 780 and my ears were cleaned!

I had to wait to get the radiograph as I was so stressed out and was panting. The vet said my weight will go up pretty quick when my thigh-roid is in check, heart murmur should go away and my stools will finally firm up. All these issues are associated with the thigh-roid... When I got home i threw up and if you can believe it, didn't want food. I'm better now and relaxed.

I did find out I have a kid-knee stone in my bladder but they said it can be dissolved with meds but for now to worry about the thigh-roid first.

The dog is all mad he didn't get to go for his daily walk. Instead mom went out to dinner with a neighbor and they saw her neighbor as she was waitressing at Longhorn. Mom had steak again! She doesn't eat much meat anymore but she had filet minon yesterday. At least she's caught up with protein. They then went shopping for cake stuff as the neighbor is making a cake for someone on her husband's squad. Good times.


Blood work, EKG, X-rays?

September 21st 2013 7:12 pm
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So Wednesday I get all the tests done needed for Radiocat. I know nurse Pansy is going to be at my side, 24/7, pampering me like I should be, and waiting on me paw and paw, and making sure I eat well. If not, Murrman is on standby and he will see to it that things get done :)

Mom can't believe how thin I am. 15 pounds!! She was looking at old pictures the other day and said, "Boogie your face was sorta chubby, look at you now!"

I guess both me and mom lost weight. A lot of mom's friends say she doesn't need to loose anymore but mom wants to loose 15 lbs by the New Year. She looses a pound a week if that as it's slowing down now. Once I get the Radiocat I won't be so ravenous and will probably gain a little of my hunkyness back.


DDP and Radiocat

September 18th 2013 8:10 pm
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Thank you for the DDP concats and pawmails about your sympathy in regards to Tiskers. Mom is anxiously waiting for his ashes...

Sept 25 I go to the vet for blood work, EKG and x-rays in perpetration for my Radiocat shot October 7. I'll be away from mom for 5 days as the clinic has to watch over me after getting radioactive shots (type of radiation I believe). I won't transmit it to anyone furry or non furry. I just had a terrible reaction to pills and the ear gel. Without the meds I'll continue to loose weight, my liver will fail and more bad stuff.

The shot is a one time deal to fix my thigh-roid issue. I know nurse Pansy will take care of me. My buddie Murrman also has a thigh-roid issue and his parents had thought about the shot, but he's good with the ear gel and doesn't have the reaction I have.

Time to watch a movie with mom as she was in Baltimore with a friend earlier this week.


RIP my brother Tiskers

September 12th 2013 10:04 am
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Mom will write more later but Tiskers made his journey to Rainbow bridge today shortly before noon.

He fought hard after being diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy and took his medicine like a champ! He would purrr often while he was getting his pill and would immediately swallow his medicine once it went into his mouth.

Mom will miss putting her hand over his paw as he would immediately cover her hand with his paw. Or the times when mom would give Tiskers butterfly kisses with her eyelashes and he would sniff her lashes and purrr.

We will have his ashes sometime in the next week or so. Mom just wants to bring her baby back home to her :(


Paging Nurse Pansy!!! BAD reaction to meds :(

August 19th 2013 6:06 pm
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So Methimazole ear ointment is NOT my friend!! I started the ear gel last Monday night instead of the pills. By Wed I had some ear and face wounds and started to get bumps (large) on my ears! The Vet said I was having an allergic reaction to the compound used to make Methimazole into a gel. With pills usually if a cat has a reaction, it happens within a few days. I was fine with the pills just HATED mom shoving them down my cute face.

So I've been on Benadril for 3 days and I'm getting better. Mom is going to do the pills again soon to see if I have a reaction.

She might do the radio cat (radiation more or less) shot for me as it's a one time deal.

EVIL EVIL Methimazole!!! I looked, as mom put it not so gently, "looked like a hot mess".



August 11th 2013 6:51 pm
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So two months ago mom flew to GA to visit a friend she hasn't seen in over three years. She also got to meet Gimmie/Ele/Ambro's mom too! She stayed for a week and had loads of fun.

Mom said the food was amazing there especially Top Chef Richard Blaise's restaurant. Mom said it was the best meal ever!!!!

Mom saw Honey Boo Boo's house which we're not sure if that's a good thing or not... But mom was watching TV and Honey Boo Boo's show was on and then mom's friend who she visited texted her saying she just missed seeing them at Walmart. It was a Honey Boo Boo day!!!

When mom gets more time she'll post pics of the trip as well as her trip to Missouri back in Jan and her MN trip from Christmas.



August 7th 2013 10:15 pm
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So a while back mom brought me to the vet as my stools were continuously loose. While my appetite seemed to be normal, mom noticed I was always hungry to the point of being ravenous, famine!

So she took me to the vet and the first thing they noticed was my weight! I used to be 20 lbs but last month I was 16 pounds. YAY!! Wrong... The loose stools, huge appetite, rapid weight loss meant something was up.

My thigh-roid was 11% which is really high!! It should be (if memory serves) 2-4%.

So I've been on Methimazole 5mg (half a tablet 2x a day) and looks like it worked!

My thigh-roid is now 2% ish and I'm in the n normal range AND I lost some more weight and officially weigh 15 pounds and some odd ounces! Mom's getting an ear type of medicine as I'm difficult to medicate.

Nurse Pansy to the rescue, she took care of me of course :) I'll write more soon as I have some good news!

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