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The life of Boogers!

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November 27th 2013 4:07 pm
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So mom decided to take a break from the elliptical and stair machine at her gym and ran, non stop, a mile in under 13 min! This was her first mile ever!!! She last ran a mile in 1990, but she said her friends all walked/ran the mile in gym.

Mom said it was a nice change from her usual routine.

I don't run, I trot!!! I'm gaining weight and mom noticed my neck is gone so I'm getting a lil' of my muscle mass back! Poos are still meh, but main thing is my thigh-roid is better! And Pansy seems to be doing well on her meds since Murrman infected her MOL!!!

Happy thanksgiving friends!!! Mom had Chinese takeout 'cause she hates thanksgiving food (she likes turkey but not the other stuff, especially stuffing and cranberry sauce).


DDP again!!!!!

November 19th 2013 2:36 pm
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Again?! Apparently so!!!

Not much to report since my last entry yesterday but I know mom saw Santa Paws 'cause she came home and his gifts!!! See?! I've been a good kitty this year!!

Mom posted a pic of me and Ethan on FB. Lately me and the dog have become buds and if he's laying on the sofa, I'll join and sit next to him :)

Mom also met a friend for lunch, and unfortunately she didn't bring me a kitty-bag :(


DDP again?!

November 18th 2013 7:47 pm
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Yeah I know right??? Thanks to my friends for the paw mails and rosettes :) I got extra snackies today and some of mom's turkey lunch meat to celebrate!

The weather was so nice today!! In the 70's!! Alas, it'll cool down in the next few days. Ethan wanted to go for a long walk but only went for a short one. Mom was pooped 'cause she had worked out hard for an hour prior and wanted to just relax. I don't blame her, excercise sounds terrible!!!


2 months, 5 days

November 17th 2013 4:35 pm
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Mom can't believe that it's been 2 months and 5 days since Tiski went to the bridge... She was throwing out clothes that no longer fit and she would see Tiski furrr on the clothes. Just his way to say "don't forget me". Never, says mom :(

Uh oh, her eyes are leaking...

Moms been working out like a crazy cat lady in hopes to drop 5 lbs before her flight to MN. She's excited to attend Zumba two times while there. She's plateauing still but her trainer said don't worry, she's eating super clean and working out 5x a week. She needs to buy a tape measure!

Hope every cat is doing well. My friend, Buddie, said Tiski is doing well at the bridge and gives him moms messages. Love you Tiskers!!!


Good news and I'm a DDP!!!

November 11th 2013 8:43 am
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First off, I gotta let you know the good news!!!! The Vet called and my thigh-roid is 2.9 and anything below 4.7 is ideal!!! My Radiocat worked!!!! Mom is so relieved!!! My liver/kid-knee levels are good too! Well I'm technically 1% higher than normal but she said it'll more than likely improve :) Weeeee!! Mom is still gonna monitor my diet and I'm going to try and stay 16-17 lbs tops not my previous 20! Amazing how I lost 5 lbs so fast with the thigh roid issue!!

Second I'm a DDP again! I know I know!!! Mom is going to get groceries and probably pick me up some moist to celebrate my thigh-roid success!



DDP again!!!

November 10th 2013 10:13 am
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Meowsas! DDP again? I'll take it!!

Thanks for the continued purrrs for my thigh-roid issue. Hoping that murmur goes away :(

Today in chill in' with mom as she is taking two days off from working out. The past 15/20 days she's been upping her regimen with her trainer and nutritionist. Me? I've lost weight due to the thigh-roid but I wanna maintain 16 lbs. I'm mom's diet buddie :)

Have a great week!!! Murman might stay at my place 'cause he is worried what Pansy might do MOL. He could lessen the blow if he gave her endless whiz!!!! Something to think about :)


Vet update

November 8th 2013 12:13 pm
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So today at 1:00 I saw my new vet Dr. Fauss. I like her!! She said nothing but good things about me :)

So I had my blood tested T4 and creee-ah-teen done and will have the results on Monday. The good news is I gained a pound and a half and am almost 16 pounds (15 and some odd ounces) so that's good! Leading up to my Radiocat surgery I kept loosing.

I unfortunately still have a slight, MINOR, heart murmur. The vet said give it a few months before a recheck 'cause my theigh-roid jugular area is HUGE still. Mom told her that my brother Tiskers had a murmur from HCM so mom knows what to look for.

My poos are getting better and mom is PRAYING I don't need a second round of Radiocat. It's rare that a cat needs a second dose, but my luck I will...

The vet liked my name and kept saying I was a sweet sweet cat :) Duh!! I am! Keep those purrrs up!! Much appreciated!


DDP, whiz, and vet!!

November 7th 2013 10:57 pm
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Thanks for the concats on my DDP!!

My bestest bestie is hyper T like me and while I know she can be crazy at times, I have to wonder if she's right in that Murrman infected not only me, but her too!

He wouldn't, would he????? :O

I hope Pansy takes the pills like a good girl and more importantly doesn't get the allergic reaction I did :( it wasn't fun being itchy with bumps and wounds from scratching!!!!

Tomorrow at 1 I see my new vet and will get a T4 test and another to check my thigh-roid levels after having what I hope to be, successful Radiocat treatment from last month.... Puuuuurrrrsss please!


Mom's new toy (and mine)

November 4th 2013 7:14 pm
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So almost a year ago (actually maybe a year exactly) mom bought an iPad 4th gen with the lightening cord. She bought the 32gb thinking it would be enough... wrong!!

November furrrst the iPad Air was released and mom decided to upgrade! Grandpaw is buying her old one as she will have tomorrow a 128 gb Air!!! She doesn't have many apps but the movies take up a lot of space.

My favorite app is the cat painting one :) Mom selects a color pallet and when I try and catch the mouse I paint and create paw prints and swirls! Have your mom get you that app :)

All the stores in our area where sold out or not available for a few days. Mom had no idea the Air was released! So she ordered one at the apple online store yesterday and it'll be here tomorrow! Can't wait!!

Friday I have a followup vet appointment and would love purrrrs! I'm fattening up I believe but my poos, while better, aren't firm firm...



October 24th 2013 7:34 pm
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Unfortunaetly not me :(

After mom returned home from her Zumba class she decided to take a bath. Mom's been working out 5 days a week for an hour each time and her body was in need of R&R!!!

Our old house didn't have a soaking tub but the new place does! Also our kitchen is larger than the old house too which mom likes, especially the island/bar.

While mom was soaking in the tub I kept her company. I sooooo wanted to join her but she said no 'cause the tub was really deep. I protested and jumped on the rim of the tub and mom said again no!! Hmph!!! Instead I kept her company and sat on the edge. When she was done the water was going away!!! When it wasn't so deep looking guess what I did :) yup!!! I went into the tub only to be disappointed that there wasn't water in the tub!!! Ugh!! I loveeeee baths!! Say/ so in my profile!!!!

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