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The life of Boogers!

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Homage to Speedy Gonzales!

September 16th 2006 12:46 am
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Purrrrr I'm on to you... Meep meep!!! Thanks furrr the Rosette. Meep meep!!! Wait, that would be the RoadRunner no? Ehh, it's my diary, I can do what ever I want!! :) ::sniff:: MEEP MEEP!!!!

I'd like to wish my friend *SKEEZIX* the bestest BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!

I can't wait to attend his pawty today!!! Fun, food, games, friends, a chance to pin the tail on Mao's butt, I get to finally open my pawty pawk from him (meowmy made us wait till his birthday). Skeezix you ROCK!!!


Best Friends Animal Society Unites!!

September 15th 2006 7:16 pm
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MEOW! I'm on such a high and it's not from catnip!!! I'd like to thank a few of my friends furrrr helping make 3 cat's lives extra special!!

Rocky Ann, Yoshi, Jasmine, Casper, Sock, Ashlye, Cinderella, Simi, Ele', Gimmie, Sammi, KiKi, Dexter, Molly, Alice, River, and my brothers Fido and Hondo.

We have sponsored, as a group: Jessica, Lil Mister, and Lois!!! This makes me so happy that I have friends who believe in such a great organization! And Kudos to Rocky Ann as she brought this group to our attention!!

Also thank you furrr the rosette mysterious friend:)

((head bonks))


Pawmail, new friends, and rosettes?? OH MY!

September 14th 2006 6:05 pm
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Ok, what started off as a bad day turned out great!!!

First the bad news... My new stroller was BUSTED!!! AGAIN!!! (This happened when I got my furrrst one, the blue one). So when I got my AT3 one today, the folding lock thingie was broken!! ::cries::

But thankfully I have friends here on Catster... They made my day so much better! I received TONS of new friend invites (which I of course accepted them ALL), as mentioned before, a couple rosettes from my friends (Sock, Spot and Atlas), and TONS of pawmail!!!

Whisker kisses and head bonks back to you all!! Thanks furrr making me a happy cat!


I love my friends!!!!

September 14th 2006 9:38 am
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Meow!! On behalf of Fido, Hondo and I, we'd like to pawsonally say how much your friendship means to us!! We woke up to a lot of pawmail from our friends in reguards to our video being featured on Catster!!! Then we received two rosettes from our friends Sock and Spot!!! THANK YOU again! And if that wasn't enough to make a cat happy, our friends from our favorite groups: Best Friends Animal Society, Black/White Ankle Bitters, Monkey Buisness, Super Strollers all sent such nice wishes our way.


My meowy good friend, Rocky Ann is one of the Diary Picks of the day!! Does it get any better than this???


How cool that a Super Stroller has been featured on Catster almost every day!!! MEOWY MEOW MEOW!!!!!!!!
((head bonks, whisker kisses from Boogie, Fido, and Hondo))

Even my sis is being all nice!!!


WOOPIE! I'm famous???

September 13th 2006 8:56 pm
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My bestest friend *SIMBA* pawmailed me and let us know that my video is on the home page of Catster!! That's fantastic!!! Woopie!!!! Could my week get any better?

First I get a cute lil' blue bell (pics to come this weend) from my meowy good friend *ROCKYANN* furrr my stroller and then I am expecting my new stroller tomorrow! And the fact that our group "Best Friends Society" is about to sponsor 2 cats thanks to my friends who were able to donate $. The money helps make new friend's lives easier!!! It's such a great cause! WOOOPIE! I'm on a high and I'm not even eatin' nip!!!


Purrrty pictures!

September 12th 2006 6:42 pm
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Ok, after my sister pawed out to me that I shameless called the D-O-G of *SAMOA*, Violet and Calvin by their last name, I will apawlogies publically as well as the pawmail we sent... SORRY Autumn!!!!

My my, they surprised me with the most beautiful work of art, a picture of their entire family!!! Gosh, such an artisitic family! I still can't get over Samoa's sand art masterpieces!! THANK YOU!!!


Donating my stuff to Fido is not a paw-me-down!

September 11th 2006 5:50 pm
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So our Red stroller will be here Thursday! Even though blue is my signature color, why get another blue one right? So come Christmas I'll be "Super Stroller Santa Claws!!!" Meow Meow Meow!!

I hope Fido doesn't feel like he gets my old stroller and look at it as a "paw me down", I'm just giving it to him as he won't bend the frame as he's not as muscular as me:) Yup, I'm all muscle and fur, not fat!

Ignore his diary entry about how the new one is HIS stroller... It's OURS!!!


Hondo's a survivor, WHA!!

September 10th 2006 12:16 pm
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Great, now I have Destiny's Cat song in my head... But alas, Hondo DID survive the night after his big 'ol mean Mr. Bath.... Please, what a wimp!! MOL ...KIDDING! (he's threatening me with the D-O-G)

I'd like to thank Orca the killer cat furrr sending me a Rosette!!! No, not because I smell... I LOVE BATHS, but furrr being the "Black and White ankle bitter of the 2nd week of September!" My dad had his co-workers vote furrr me!

Meanwhile, we're racking our kittie brains trying to think of a cool hat furrr Skeezix's bday this week!! He's throwing the pawty of the year I believe!!!!

Well I gotta brain storm and get to my groups!! MEOW' ALL!


Work in pawgress...

September 9th 2006 9:39 pm
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Are you a famous cat? If so, you should be on my cat wall which is a work in pawgress! If you're not? Don't worry, you're still a cool cat, but paw to it!! I have a few of my friends on my cat wall and/or cards I received:) WOOPIE!

Also, my meowmy just purchased me... a new brother! No kidding!!! She bought me a new AT3 stroller... I know, I know... You're all thinking and meowing, "Boogie, you JUST got your blue one!!"

Ok here's the deal... The Happy Trails Stroller has a weight limit of 30lbs. Being that I'm all muscles (it weighs more than fat!!), if I combine my weight with Fido? We're nearing the MAX limit... SO, yesterday my pawrents put us in together and we went furrr a stroll down our long hallway in our living room. Fido liked it! So, they upgraded to the one where it holds 60 lbs...

(I mean that muscular)

We got the RED one!!! So come Christmas, I'll be Santa Paws!!


Why does Hondo hate baths?

September 9th 2006 2:41 pm
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MEOW! You should have heard all the ruckus here about 15 minutes ago!! Hondo got his furrrst bath! It was NOT purrrty!! When my pawrents furrrst put him in the tub, he ran out. Then we found him and proceeded with the luxerious bath... BUT he got away again... So the third time it was a sucess. After a few minor war wounds, and me filming him while he got his furrrst bath (check his video's), he survived and has been rewarded with tons of treats...

I think he'll be even more so "M.I.A." now... Meanwhile, I loved the bath!! Purrrrrr, give them to me anyday!!!

And a big shot out to *SKEEZIX* furrr his birthday gift pawkage. I'm so there fur his pawty a week from today... I'm working on my hat now!! THANK YOU!!

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