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The life of Boogers!

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ConCats to my brother Fido!!!!

September 27th 2006 7:37 pm
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HOLY COW!! Mr. Fido aka the rookie is COTW!!! Put your paws in the air!!! I bet he'll be all demanding now that he's COTW. I gotta make this short as he's telling me he has TONS of pawmail to read. Ok, fine... Just this one week you can hog the computer:)

But I'd like to say THANK YOU MEOWY MUCH *EVE* furrr the 2 adorable pictures of you (purrrrrrrrr) and the treats, toy and magnet! I'm going to post pictures soon (provided Fido will let me use the computer)



I have the bestest friends!!!

September 26th 2006 11:05 pm
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MEOW! I'm so happy to see that Rocky Ann, Fido, Hondo, and my group "Best Friends Animal Society" has sponsored 30 cats in one month!!! Can you believe it??? Not only did we sponsor 30 great cats, but we've made new friends.

We're going to throw a pawty very soon to honor and celebrate our new friends. Words cannot express my gratitude towards every cat's supawt and love!!! So throw your paws in the air and have a great day!

YOU FRIENDS MAKE ME SO HAPPY!!! ((head bonks, and whisker kisses))


Belly ache

September 25th 2006 12:14 am
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I, Boogers, have ate too much... So much that I threw up my food. Can't help it if it's so good! I eat fast sometimes, and furrrget to chew sometimes. I didn't mean to scare my pawrents!! Oh boy did I get a lecture...

"BOOGIE!! You gotta chew! Your brothers won't steal your food, so there's no need to inhale it".

In the meantime, I had a blast with my brother Fido the other day as we went on a LONG stroll!!! I finally got to use the bell that my bestest friend *ROCKYANN* gave me! There were these 2 kids with their meowmy and they smiled at us while we passed them. I then made sure I extended my paw to ring the bell. They smiled even bigger:) Tee hee!


Super Strollers are PAWSOME!

September 22nd 2006 9:54 pm
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Wow, I had so much fun tonight as not only did I meow with my girl *OREO*, but I got a chance to meet up with my good friends from one of the BESTEST groups on Catster!! Yup, you guessed it! SUPER STROLLERS!!! My bestie *ROCKYANN* started it:)

AND it gets better... Yeah I know!!! We're going to be exchanging and giving treats furrr Halloween! And we're going to have a Halloween pawty Oct. 30!!! PAWSOME! I KNOW!!! My buddy *RIPLEY* is one smart cat! He thought of the pawsome idea!!! GENIUS! PURRRRR GENIUS!

Ok, now I gotta figure out what to dress up as... I have a few ideas, but the main problem is... How do I get the costume on??? I have never worn clothes, and it was a struggle to get my collar on:)

In the meantime, I got in trouble furrr buying Pounce treats, when I was supposed to get my pawrents dinner while out on my stroll tonight... My bad... But don't worry! I'm in the clear as I gave my pawrents many head bonks and purrred and said with my baby eyes, "Meow? I'm sorry!!! I had too much fun with my friends."

Worked like a charm:)


26 and meowing!

September 21st 2006 10:48 pm
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I'm so happy to announce that my friends and I have helped make 26 cat's lives meowy happy:) In a months time, we, as a group and individually have sponsored 26 cats at Best Friends Animal Society in Utah!!! MEOWSAS!!!

Tomorrow I have a long awaited Stroll pawty to attend. I can't wait to show off my new ride! Fido is coming too:)

Also, I have a date with my girl Oreo:) Purrrr.

Hope my friends all have a happy and safe weekend!!



September 20th 2006 9:30 am
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I was telling my friend *RIPLEY* that I'm glad the purple man she spoke of wasn't an allien!!! Can you imagine??

I'd like to say again, THANK YOU MEOWY MUCH furrr the Boogie mat! I was telling him yesterday, that not only did I love his video (which you should all check out), but it was a "Boogie mat" and well... My name is Boogers, aka Boogie (when I'm extra cute!)

EEEEEEEE SO check out some new pics on page 1!

Btw, this cat has lightening paws... This gift got here fast!! Thank you Thank you Ripley!!!!
((head bonks)))



September 19th 2006 8:57 pm
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That's right! I'm tearin it up with my new ride!!! It holds up to 60 pounds so I've invited *SAMMIE* and *SIMBA* to join!!! Then we can drag race *ROCKYANN* in hers!!!

I can't wait till Christmas to decorate mine with a white boa, as I'll be Santa Claws!!! Heck, I might even put a few Christmas decorations on mine being that it doesn't really snow here. (3 inches will not prevent me from strollin!!!!) Ok, time to VROOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooom outta here!!!!


It came:)

September 19th 2006 11:12 am
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YAY! My new replacement AT3 red stroller came today! The lock on the left side was all broken when it furrrst arrived last week. So when my meowmy gets off work, she's going to assemble it and then we're going to pimp my ride up!! YAYAYAYAY! So friends and fans of me, Boogie, be sure to check out my page late tonight or tomorrow furrrr new pics:)

Hope all my friends have a great day!


I, Boogers, am taking requests...

September 16th 2006 8:45 pm
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So I decided to dedicate a video to Simba to show her how much we love this toy she sent us!!! I shall call it Mr. Butterfly. I love prefix's in front of words, don't you?

So, relax, grab a bowl of catip, and enjoy Simba's video:)


Gifts from my friends!!!

September 16th 2006 1:48 pm
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Meowy Meow Meow! Guess what came!!! I got two pawkages from my two besties!!! *ROCKYANN* and *SIMBA*. Not only did I get two pawkages, but I received such a purrrty pic of Rocky Ann--she works PINK like no cat's buisness!!! Simba also is helping out with Best Friends Animal Society as I received her donation today too!

Check out my pics on page 1!

Also, I had a lot of fun at *SKEEZIX'S* birthday pawty!! I was there for a while, but I think me and my bro's had too much Catmopolitans!! The 20 foot tube was fun!! And he got some very swanky gifts too!!! Well I am going to help myself to more cake and then go back to that pawty!

((head bonks and love to my girls))

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